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    Skinny people problems

    OMG. I came here exactly for THIS. I've lost almost 100lbs and I still have about 37lbs left. I'm kinda worried about losing more because I am SOO bony now it hurts to sleep cause my hips have no cushion and they dig into my MEMORY FOAM mattress. I can't even contemplate laying down on the hard ground. My collar bones stick out and are very prominent, and I have to be careful when sitting on a toilet seat cause my tailbone whacks the back of the seat if I don't sit a bit forward. I'm freezing ALL the time. I was always cold even at 300lbs, but now it's intolerable. (My thyroid has been tested & is fine.) Let me be clear, I am in no way already skinny. I still have heavy rolls (not just skin) on my belly and significant back and thigh fat still. But all my joints are extremely bony. My question is this: is this normal for thinner people or do I just genetically have a big frame bone structure? OR... is that we really do get "big bones" from being obese for so long? I know the concept of big bones is mostly a myth, "I'm not fat, I'm big boned" but I'm wondering if our bone structure adapts to our extreme weight. I've been morbidly obese since I was 12 so I honestly don't know what my bone structure should be like and if this is normal. (My mom & both grandmas are/were also morbidly obese their whole lives.) Highest weight: 2010, 320lbs PSW: 2019, 287lbs Current Wt: 192lbs, Goal Wt: 155lbs