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  1. This cheesecake is the bomb. Tastes amazing, is gluten free, and only 5g net carbs per serving. https://www.savorytooth.com/instant-pot-cheesecake/
  2. minimamaz00m

    Jealous Spouse

    Wow that is an awesome outfit. I might be able to wear that this summer! Where did you get that? I haven't seen halter tops in ages. (another child of the 70's here LOL)
  3. At my bariatric surgeon's, they put everyone on vitamins and tell them it's lifelong - with roux en y you definitely need to take them forever but sleeve it depends on how your labs come back.
  4. minimamaz00m

    Binder - any recommendations?

    V Welcome! Also it doesn't roll up unless I've been wearing it for >24 hrs. It's about 5 weeks out from my surgery date and I'm still wearing them. (incisions were totally healed after 2 wks) They are like spanx lite. I am also hoping that it's going to make me look less like a deflated balloon in general as I lose more, 🤞
  5. minimamaz00m

    How do you know when you are full of soup?

    I measure everything too, but since I used this dinnerware, I don't have to get my scale out all the time because the measurements are on the actual plates/bowls. https://livligahome.com/shop-all/bariatric/ I also love the small fork/spoons they have which are the biggest help.
  6. minimamaz00m

    Binder - any recommendations?

    I got one from Amazon, was not impressed, and then found these. I bought 2 so I could wash one while I wore the other. Comfortable enough to sleep in or wear all day. I wore them under my underwear so they wouldn’t get in the way when I needed to go to the bathroom. My incisions healed up so fast and it doesn’t feel like I’m flopping around. https://incrediwear.com/collections/upper-body/products/incrediwear-body-sleeve
  7. I hear it used to be common to remove gallbladder during weight loss surgery. I’d ask your surgeon’s advice on it.
  8. minimamaz00m

    January 2021 sleeve

    I had my surgery on the 11th, I was doing so good. Since Saturday I have started being nauseous all the time, and the nausea medicine doesn’t touch it. It’s causing me to not be even close to my 80g protein and 64 oz liquids. I messaged my provider and they got me a better antinausea med but they also want me to go back to liquids 😢 I’m so disappointed. I thought I’d never have buyer’s remorse but I’m finding a lot this minute.
  9. minimamaz00m


    10 yrs ago I lost 40 lbs, got a lot of “you look great!” comments, but it was because I almost died. I don’t make comments on someone else’s weight loss unless they ask for encouragement. I don’t like to make comments on other people’s bodies to prevent “foot in mouth” disease
  10. minimamaz00m


    Yeah, I dated a nurse once... when she went into a huge tirade about how the only people “allowed” to not eat gluten “better have diagnosed celiac” I knew it was our last date 🤣😂🤣😂 ... this nurse also had WLS surgery done relatively recently. There is a variety of people out there and I get to discern which ones I want in my inner circle....
  11. I love my instant pot. I bought it when my crock pot died. It’s a crock pot and so much more. My favorite easy dish is chicken tacos, throw 1 jar of salsa and frozen chicken breasts in there, add about a cup of chicken broth, and put it on high for 20 minutes. After it’s done I take my hand mixer and use that to tear it apart to make it suitable for tacos. I love being able to take meat straight out if the freezer, I waste so much less food that way.
  12. minimamaz00m


    I lost my 18 month old many years ago. My husband was all stoic, and it hurt me to see him like that. I needed to feel him grieve with me, to talk to me. We almost divorced because of it. Please talk to her, be with her, go to counseling. My heart is with you. You are not alone.
  13. minimamaz00m

    Surgery postponed due to Covid

    Just got the call, I'm Jan 11! Happy Dance!
  14. minimamaz00m

    January 2021 sleeve

    I just got called today, my surgery will be the 11th barring any surge in COVID cases that take up hospital beds. Crossing fingers! My pre-op diet is whatever I want, not to exceed 20 net carbs per day (and keeping up with the 80g protein per day and 64 oz or more water per day). Now to find a notary public for my medical power of attorney and stuff, and get all my medications ready for when I get home!
  15. minimamaz00m

    Anthem denied claim after surgery completed

    Did they approve "inpatient" or outpatient? I have BCBS and was approved inpatient but haven't had surgery yet.
  16. minimamaz00m

    Surgery postponed due to Covid

    Well yesterday I got a call from the scheduler, that they are starting up scheduling surgeries again because the hospital did not get as slammed as they thought it would. There is a tiny chance that I will be able to fit in at the end of December. I'm 4th on their list with a possible date of Dec 28 or 29. It just depends on how fast the schedule fills up with people that are higher on the list. Glad I didn't start up my pain medication again, and restarted my liver shrinking diet. Crossing fingers! (P.S. this liver shrinking diet isn't for sissies ... 20 carbs per day? bleh. Now I remember why I hated Atkins...)
  17. minimamaz00m

    Surgery postponed due to Covid

    If I am ever in that boat I'll have to ask you who this is! 🙂
  18. minimamaz00m

    Surgery postponed due to Covid

    Spitfireash, your insurance will pay for skin surgery? Lucky!!
  19. minimamaz00m

    Surgery postponed due to Covid

    I am right there with you. I have wanted surgery since 2008 and at the beginning of 2020 finally got insurance that would cover it. Jan 2 I called the doctors office about starting up the process, and I have spent the last 11 months jumping through all the hoops. I was approved the weekend before Thanksgiving. I stopped the medicines she told me I'd need to stop for 2 weeks before surgery (including my pain management meds for my joints) and started on my pre-op liver shrinking diet. I had been told that once insurance approves, you should be ready as fast as you can because surgery is generally 2 weeks max 1 month out after that. I eagerly awaited my phone call to schedule surgery, and planned on having a last Thanksgiving meal with stuffing (my favorite! just lower portion sizes). Thanksgiving came and went and the phone call never came. After checking in with the surgeon's office, apparently due to COVID, there will be no surgeries scheduled for at least 30 days. This puts my surgery date into next year. This screwed up the time off I've been saving for this all year, my finances because I'll be dealing with a brand new out of pocket amount starting Jan 1. I'm angry at all the people who are traveling for the holidays, who don't wear masks, and who aren't taking this seriously. I'm angry at my doctor for delaying me 3 months in the summer because my A1C was 7.1 instead of 7.0 (!!!!!) I'm just angry and sad. Right now, mostly angry and feeling hopeless, which is a new combo for me. I've stopped caring what I'm eating and logging my food. I'm eating maybe one meal a day of junk and binging on diet soda. I'm not exercising. I'm really wondering what the hell is the point here. I feel like I've been waiting forever and like I'm never going to get this tool and maybe I should just do like a teenager and just get an eating disorder like normal people.
  20. minimamaz00m

    November 2020 sleevers

    I'm so disappointed you guys! I am in Seattle. I finally got my insurance approval on Saturday. I called the surgeon's office yesterday and asked about getting a date, and they called back this morning. Due to COVID they aren't scheduling anyone right now. I wish everyone would wear masks and social distance so I can get my surgery!!!
  21. minimamaz00m

    November 2020 sleevers

    My surgeon just sent the preauth letter to insurance last week and I'm biting my nails! Hoping that they answer her quick! My PTO is use it or lose it by the end of the year and I saved up 3 weeks for this... if they don't get me in before the end of the year I will be so pissed! When I saw her at the first appt, she said that she'd do the RnY or Sleeve, my choice - but when I had my final appointment before she sent off the letter she was pretty adamant on wanting to do sleeve on me - I'm feeling a little conflicted about that. But at this point I'm just wanting to get it done!
  22. minimamaz00m

    WLS prep

    Hi All, I'm trying to figure out what I'll need after surgery and in the life thereafter so I can prepare myself. So far I have: gotten bariatric sized flatware and plates (livliga.com and little ceramic crocks) gotten a mug warmer for keeping my food warm while I take forever to eat it figured out my favorite protein shakes and have a good supply of my favorites gotten unflavored protein and chicken broth protein sampled vitamins and worked with my dietician to figure out the best regimen for at least the first 2 months Can you think of anything else you would do to prepare? Do you think I'll need a shower seat for showering after surgery or will it only last a few days and I can stink that long? Maybe will I need one of those wedge pillows for sleeping upright to prevent pain/nausea? Thanks!
  23. minimamaz00m

    WLS prep

    In the meantime, I'm shedding weight very slowly but surely, about 5 lbs a month, and walking almost every day. I'm starting to really feel healthier because my normal flat walk is starting to feel too easy. I look in the mirror expecting to see a new skinny me and I don't know who that fat chick is looking back at me.
  24. minimamaz00m

    WLS prep

    I'm not thrilled - 7.1 was my value when I went into the surgeon for the first appointment, and she seemed to think the number was fine, as long as it didn't go up before surgery... now we're at the point where I need to meet with her for the last time before she submits the packet to insurance. Her nurse emailed and said that it wasn't low enough. I looked at the ADA webpage and it looks like they recommend 7.0 or lower for any surgery in general. I tried to gently remind the nurse that I'm a type 1 diabetic not a type 2, but I really don't know what good that did because nobody is calling/emailing me to go to the next step. Based on my most recent blood sugars I think I'm going to be more like 6.6 at my next bloodwork, so I made my next quarterly appointment and I'm going to get my blood drawn next week instead of the 2nd week of October so I can show them I'm going down. If that doesn't get me some movement, then I'm not sure what I'll do. My immediate reaction is to go and be the squeaky wheel but I don't want to piss them off at me. I really need to do the surgery/recovery before the end of the year because of the way time off works at my company.
  25. The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men... I have a great plan with my surgeon for afterward that involves protein shakes, but if I would be gagging at the thought of them, I'd need to make a plan B pretty quick... and when surgeons are busy and dieticians are scheduling 2 months out we need a little help from our friends.

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