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  1. minimamaz00m

    Is dating a thing anymore?

    I am forever hopeful that the universe sends me someone who has also had WLS.
  2. minimamaz00m

    Last Dr visit

    I did years of research before even coming to the surgeon and was dead set on sleeve and thought nobody could sway me. But then I got all my doctors' opinions (yeah lots of comorbidities), and a few suggested RnY and had good reasons. I went a bit nuts on the internet looking at studies and thinking about how my weight likes to creep up silently because of menopause and decided that RnY would help more with that "creep" than the sleeve, I also like how I might "dump" to discourage me from overindulging when I lose my willpower. I also don't want to get sleeve and then get GERD and have to get a revision. I had the "pill stuck in my throat" feeling when I was taking an antibiotic a few months ago and I HATED IT SO MUCH. I want to do this once. Who knows what my insurance will be like in a few years. But... you do you! My good friend got sleeve 5 years ago and is so successful.
  3. minimamaz00m

    Hit a rough patch

    I got into MMORGs with EQ, then WoW, and now SWTOR. Really like SWTOR 🙂 if you want to play with me message me and make a character on Star Forge 🙂
  4. minimamaz00m

    Back and Forth, Very Nervous

    Every time I got pregnant, I gained 60 and lost 30 lbs after the baby was born. Each time I thought I couldn't weigh any more than this. BMI was about 30. Then perimenopause hit. I crept up about 1-5 lbs per month. 5 years ago I was at BMI 33. Then I got a divorce, laid off, one of my kids was in and out of the hospital, and full menopause - BMI 42. Is my life going to get easier? Maybe. But I need help. Even if I could lose 10 lbs a year steadily like that I would be dead before I could even get back down to BMI 30 from one of my comorbidities. I wanted to get a sleeve gastrectomy done when I was at BMI 33 but my insurance wouldn't cover it and I couldn't afford it. I went to a few dieticians and I couldn't lose an ounce. I wished that I would have changed employers right then and there so I could have gotten one and my life would be much different now and I wouldn't be wearing 3x and 4x clothes. This blob of a body does not feel like me, it feels like an alien has grown around me. So that's a bunch of personal stuff and your life is hopefully going to be much happier than mine was but, if I were you, while your insurance covers it, I would do it. Find a reputable surgeon in a center of excellence so that you have a very low chance of something awful happening, who will have great dieticians to help you along your journey, and do it. Don't cry in your protein shakes like I am.
  5. I am also appalled that she made you purchase it during your appointment ... very unprofessional. I use Celebrate Vitamins protein and they are whey protein isolate also.
  6. minimamaz00m

    Hair Loss!

    I used Collagen Peptides to help my hair after mine was falling out in the handfuls after a different health issue. It is the shock to the system that is making your hair fall out and it will start growing back once your body is back to equilibrium. Mine just got thinner, didn't leave in clumps or anything - but it was concerning seeing a ferret in the bottom of my shower every time I washed my hair!
  7. minimamaz00m

    2 week before sleeve sugery and just stopped smokinh

    Even if you tell her you don't smoke, my surgeon does a lab to check if you've been smoking just before surgery, and will not operate if it's detected. Every surgeon is different though. It's worth asking the question and getting a straight answer, including how long it would take to get out of your system, and if they would let you be on a patch and weaning down.
  8. minimamaz00m

    Protein powder

    I use Naked Whey to put extra protein in my drinks. Or are you looking for an unflavored clear protein? I just ordered Celebrate Vitamins' Unflavored Protein with probiotics and hoping that it works well for adding protein to yogurt/etc.
  9. Wow 5 years! That is a lot. I thought it was after the sleeve healed. Good to know!
  10. If you want to get a DS to start with, do they do it all in one procedure or do they do a sleeve first, wait x amount of time, and then do the DS? How long is the period between?
  11. It's only 2 weeks out!!!!! I'm so excited for you! I am still waiting for my surgery date.
  12. I will not miss going to the doctor, no matter what my ailment, and being told "you have to lose weight first" I will not miss being unable to tie my shoes I will not miss getting rid of my "fat clothes" and all of my multiple-sized clothes in my closet (skinny clothes, skinny + 20 lbs clothes, skinny + 40 lbs clothes, etc) I will not miss having to shop online for bras (and paying $75-$100 each!) because department stores don't carry my size I will not miss the back and hip pain from just standing up I will not miss having to get a seat belt extender on planes - and not being able to reach under the seat in front of me for my bag I will not miss having an extremely hard time finding cute clothes that fit I will not miss being dependent on other people for simple things I used to be able to do myself I will not miss my back scrubber in the shower, because I'll be able to bend down and wash my feet without it
  13. minimamaz00m

    STEP TRACKER for Android

    So @over65 what app is it? I’m sure people want to know 🙂
  14. minimamaz00m

    Weight gain.....

    Due to COVID 19 I am as courteous and supportive to others as I can possibly muster because this time is hard as f**k. I don't know what you are going through, and I don't want to get into a contest about who has it worse, because there is always someone out there that has it worse than me - everybody loses in those contests 😞 So whether you are gaining or losing please accept this virtual hug - you are more than your weight, you matter, and you are loved.
  15. minimamaz00m

    Clear protein stage after surgery

    Weird - my nutritionist says whey is fine as long as it doesn't upset my tummy. Unjury is a medical-recommended brand so maybe that's why she doesn't care that there is whey in it?
  16. minimamaz00m

    PS Costs

    Agreed! 18 year old skin is much more elastic than us old ladies at menopause and later! If you want to help it along, strength training in the areas where it's loose and collagen peptides... and take pictures now. In a year compare them. Then tell us how that loose skin is doing ! My GF who got sleeve gastrectomy 5 years ago had awful loose skin, but didn't have money for PS. She is 5 yrs older than me. Now the only skin that is loose on her is her "batwings" and that isn't so bad anymore that she wants PS anymore. She used to say that she "rolled up" her boobs to put in her bra. She walks and does pilates for strength training. She's my role model.
  17. If you feel good in your own skin and are healthy at 150 then rock 150 🙂 nobody gets to tell you what weight you should be (except your doctor within reason)
  18. minimamaz00m

    *THC & Drug Screening*

    I hope so LOL! I will be so pissed if this is what keeps me off the operating table!
  19. minimamaz00m

    *THC & Drug Screening*

    I haven't had any THC since last summer - however I have neighbors that smoke weed on their porch and in their bathroom and the smell gets into my apartment pretty strongly... I am wondering if this is going to show up in my drug screening before surgery and make me look like a liar 😞 I mean, it is every.single.day that I walk through my hallway and it's like someone is smoking in the next room with the door open. When they are smoking on their porch and I'm on mine, I have to go inside it's so strong.
  20. minimamaz00m

    November 2019 to Now

    You look so amazing! Except your pants are just hanging on you. Get thyself to a thrift store or department store and get some pants that fit 🙂 Congratulations on your transformation!
  21. minimamaz00m

    Clear protein stage after surgery

    Would Unjury Chicken Stock qualify? https://unjury.com/products/unjury-protein/chicken-soup-flavor.html
  22. I don't know the answer to your question, but you have my permission to tell this person who said that to you to f*ck right off. They don't live in your body, you do, and if you feel good at that weight, then you don't need their opinion. Opinions are like a$$holes... everyone has one and some are stinkier than others.
  23. minimamaz00m

    STEP TRACKER for Android

    @over65 what app is that? Is it Fit Bit?
  24. I do agree with you here for sure - everyone's picture of health comes at a different weight. She might be trying to decide between surgeries though and I know I pored over different statistics seeing which surgery would bring me closer to the weight I wanted to be at without too many risks and the best chance of long term success.
  25. You're close - 300 - 145 = 155 . 60% of 155 is 93, putting the end weight at 207. The desired weight is not what is used in this equation though. It is bone and muscle mass. That is determined usually by a special scale at the dr's office. If 145 was the weight of the bone and muscle mass then this equation would be correct. For example, I weighed 260 at the doctor's at my initial visit - the scale found 130 of that to be bone and muscle and the other 130 to be excess weight. So using the same formula, I'd lose 60% of 130, so 78 lbs, putting my "success" weight at 182. Does this help?