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  1. Texasjamie

    Pouch stretching?? Can I shrink it?

    I lost 200+ but I have never gotten a full message. The only message I get is when the pain comes in my chest and then sometimes it's to last. I have caught myself become a social eater when others are around. I just am worried I stretched my pouch. Since I seem too feel it in my chest sooner. Drinks have never made me full not even protein shakes.
  2. I had a gastric bypass 10 plus years ago and had a DS on June 3rd of last year and now if I eat or drink a protein shake, not all at once, I can eat alot more. My surgeon said he made my pouch the size of a golf ball, but it is way larger than that now I think. So would I need to go back into surgery for a pouch reconstruction or could I do something else. I can't go back to my first surgeon, because my husband is a truck driver and we up and moved states. I know bad idea, but I was happy I could take care of myself. So any ideas?
  3. I had my ds surgery on June 3rd 2020 and still have nausea. My surgeon still prescribes me Zofran 8mg under tongue. Hope this helps.
  4. Texasjamie

    1 year out DS and going crazy

    Thank you so much for the suggestions and kind words they do help and encourage me.
  5. Texasjamie

    1 year out DS and going crazy

    Thank you so much! I will keep in mind for sure of everything I eat and thank you for being proud of me. Most of my family could care less. Basically the only support I had was my husband. Everyone else was like that's good or didn't say a dang word at all. All I wanted was one wow after Everyone saw me. Now my goal is to hit 299 then 250 and so on. I am doing it for me and my kids.
  6. I had my revision DS surgery last June 3 20201. Had a blockage from surgery on June 4th stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks. Just had another blockage 2 months ago and had surgery again. This time he removed the blockage and a ton of scar tissue. Well, my big problem is I have lost 215lbs. I started at 565lbs and am down to 350lbs. I am going nuts, I can't loose another pound to save my life. I tried the whole Krispy Kreme thing it was a no go. I am doing premier protein shakes. They told me to do 80mg of protein a day, but I cut back. I don't feel like I have lost a thing. I had plans by now. Skin removal, boob job, and neck fixed. Now I am a failure. I feel like my family looks at me as if I wasted my chance, like I did with the gastric bypass 10 years ago. I haven't. I take my vitamins and do everything right. Is there a diet pill or something someone recommends? The only weight I lost was a month ago when I got direaha for 4 days straight. 😪 thanks Jamie
  7. When I had my duodenal switch on June 3 I was supposed to be in the hospital overnight and go home the next day. Well around 1am I started having horrible pains in my stomach. They rushed me to MRI and then to emergency surgery and had to have a section of my intestines removed. So I was in the hospital for 3 weeks with no visitors due to the covid19 numbers rising. Well now I am home and got all 50 of my staples out of my stomach. I got cut from my sternum to my belly button and on top of that I had 5 2 inch cuts from the laparoscopic surgery. It was all a me. Now to my paranoid questions. Do you poop alot when you poop? Seems like everytime I poop I go alot! I only take in a Premier Protein at Breakfast, 2 oz of Tomato Soup at lunch, a premier Protein for in between, and a premier protein for supper. All day long I of course I dring Water. I take all my chewable vitamins during the day. Also, my poop is almost a black green, is this normal? Also, since the hospital I have had diarrhea and lastnight all of a sudden my poop was stuck and would not come out. 4 enemas later still nothing I took 4 stool softeners and finally at 5 this morning it relived. Any help would be great! Thanks

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