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  1. Today is my 4th day on my preop liquid diet and I'm STRUGGLINGGGGG....especially today, I cheated and ate bbq food. Now I feel so bad mentally and physically. I'm beating myself up about it but tomorrow I'm back on it. I have been tempted so bad and now I feel like once again food wins again. I just want to get rid of the hold that food has over me, mentally I'm in a constant battle. But I'm not going to give up, I have to overcome this.
  2. Tripledblessed

    Feeling Guilty(as I should)

    I'm trying. I'm really trying. And I figured the surgery would be somewhat of a help but I don't want to rely on it completely. I feel bad because this is only for two weeks and I fell off the wagon already. But your right I got this and I definitely won't mess up again. Thank you.
  3. Tripledblessed

    Sleeve Me

    I have my surgery on the 16th of July. Best wishes to you all. I'm so excited and nervous.
  4. Tripledblessed


    My surgery date has been set on July 16. I also have to start my liquid diet and I wanted to know what protein drinks did you guys use and what else did you do to maintain being on the liquid diet? I'm super excited and nervous but I'm ready for a change!
  5. Tripledblessed

    Newbie here

    Hello Community, Well I'm new here, I came from reddit. I have completed all steps leading up to my approval from my insurance. They sent a letter in the mail with a date. Is this date accurate or does my doctor schedule my date?
  6. Tripledblessed

    Newbie here

    Thank you guys. I was a little worried at first because it was scheduled for July 6 and I was freaking out because I wasn't told to do my pre op liquid diet lol. It makes a ton of sense now. Anyone here had RNY yet? What was the experience like from coming out of surgery?