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  1. For all the sleevers, when were you able to get back into exercise? I want to avoid saggy skin. When did you heal fully where you could walk/run? When did you add in cardio?
  2. So I've been consistently moving the scale everyday. I'm on day 20 and went from 249 surgery date to 228.2. Thing is, I've been that weight for the last four days. How long does it last? I'm sooo close to weighing less than my husband, I need 5 more pounds!
  3. jennyhenny0330

    Swimming after sleeve

    I'm not a Dr. but when I had my two week checkup, I was given the okay to swim, take a hot bath, swim in the beach, lift any amount of lbs. Again, that was after she saw my incisions.
  4. jennyhenny0330

    How did you pick your doctor?

    My husband had his lapband done by the same office about 10 years ago.
  5. jennyhenny0330

    Favorite Grocery Products

    Wholly Guacamole individual packets, Shrimp, Flounder, Mushrooms (sauteed)...nothing sweet has pleased these new taste buds.
  6. jennyhenny0330


    Thanks for the heads up! I started the day after surgery and it was regular. So I should be starting in a week, kinda nervous now!
  7. jennyhenny0330

    Out of surgery

    I left the same day, too! Surgery at 11, left at 6! Couldn't drive with the narcotics.
  8. jennyhenny0330

    I’ve always wanted??!! What are yours?

    I can do most things. But... Sit in a students desk comfortable, (I'm a teacher) Be able to get on those smaller carnival rides with my little kids.
  9. jennyhenny0330


    I just made an awesome blackened flounder using 8 seasonings. Onion and Garlic Powder, Cayenne, Oregano, Thyme (good for soups), Paprika, Black Pepper, Salt....
  10. jennyhenny0330

    How long out of you or for Sleevers?

    I purposely had my surgery in the summer which allowed me to recover in a month. But I remember asking my nurses how do other teachers do it? To which they replied, they take two weeks for Christmas Break or an additional week off during Thanksgiving/Spring Break so 14 days.
  11. jennyhenny0330

    Eating little and lots

    I think we should be working on appropriate portion sizes or we can easily gain it all back. What is that? I'm not sure, a a half cup for me at 3 weeks. Many people own a scale, ask your nutritionist what is your portion size in Oz's and eat that for b, l and d. Best of Luck to you.
  12. Same happened to me. We bought the Peach and like 5 cases of different Premier Proteins. We got through 3.5 of the cases but can't finish. It is too sweet, and I can only force myself to drink half.
  13. You should be okay, but please avoid the fast food.
  14. jennyhenny0330

    Soft Food Suggestions

    I'm two weeks post-op and I pretty much got the ok to explore moist foods. I've had refried beans, deli meat dipped in wholly guacamole, riccotta baked, finger length piece of flounder. I have yet to have eat my cauliflower mash/rice,
  15. jennyhenny0330

    Soft Food Suggestions

    I'm two weeks post-op and I pretty much got the ok to explore moist foods. I've had refried beans, deli meat dipped in wholly guacamole, riccotta baked, finger length piece of flounder. I have yet to have eat my cauliflower mash/rice,
  16. jennyhenny0330

    Soft food help

    I'm on day 16 and I read my grocery list to my dietitian and she was pretty okay with it. Mix it up. I try to buy things I can easy mix in my Genepro. I bought Wholly Guacamole, Applesauce, Yogurt, Deli Meat. I also agree, baby spoon is something I want to buy. The only time I felt stomach pain was with my diet lemonade, stay away from citrus. Sorry to hear you are going through this.
  17. jennyhenny0330

    Nausea from protein shakes/powder

    I am two weeks plus post op and I had my first case of nausea. It was after my shake. I can't stand the taste anymore. I drink those Protein Premiers. So done, curious about self made shakes, I have the powder.
  18. jennyhenny0330

    Pre op diet

    For the sleeve, two weeks prior, two protein shakes and one meal for dinner. A 4oz protein and up to 2 cups of non starchy veggies. Day before surgery all liquids. I don't know how I did it but I did!
  19. I won't miss sharing clothes with my 2x husband. I won't miss shopping in the plus size section. I won't miss huffing and puffing every time I go up a flight of stairs! I won't miss being shy and not giving people eye contact because I'm not confident. I won't missing always trying to find a place to sit midway through shopping. I won't miss weighing more than my husband through most of our marriage. I won't miss trying to find those Wide shoes.
  20. jennyhenny0330

    Concerned about vegetables and fruit

    I had my 2 week post-op and was told I can eat anything right now, just to make sure it's not raw. You're stomach will work harder to break it down. In time, of course.
  21. jennyhenny0330

    Still Winded

    I'm about two weeks post op and was just wondering if it's normal not to have energy. I have some but not 100%. I don't feel like doing housework, I went to a couple stores and I had to sit a few times. When I get my walking in or force myself to do the chores, oh my, do I break a sweat quick! I'm eating broths and soups right now. I'm drinking every chance I get, take a protein shake in the am, soup for lunch and something blended in the pm. I take my vitamins and 2 pills, too. I guess I can tell my Dr. tomorrow when I see him. I go back to work in 2.5 weeks, so I hope this gets better. When do we feel back to normal energy wise?
  22. jennyhenny0330

    Still Winded

    Well I might have got an answer. I had my first post op and they told me I am pretty low on B12. That I need to take a pill in addition to my bariatric multivitamin.
  23. jennyhenny0330

    Still Winded

    This is great news! Glad to hear it's normal.
  24. jennyhenny0330

    Clear protein stage after surgery

    I purchased on Amazon Protein Premier Clear. I couldn't find Clear in the stores so I tried my luck online. I purchased Peach flavor, it's okay. There is another flavor but for whatever reason I chose peach. You can also have water with flavor drops. Honestly, I don't know how I survived that first week, it was this and pretty much broth. That is the hardest week!
  25. jennyhenny0330

    Weight Loss Tracking Forms

    Cool Thanks! I was curious about how people do this.

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