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  1. Guru in training-I love your doctor! The advice she gave you is something I've never heard a doctor say. Is she HAES informed? I wish someone like her had told me that in my 20s before I did so much dieting. Congratulations on your success! It is lifelong and it is a rediscovery of befriending our bodies.
  2. Thank you for your replies! I've worked a lot on my hunger/fullness cues with mindful eating. Does anyone practice intuitive eating or it is more likely to be on a low-carb diet for the rest of our lives?
  3. Hi everyone! I went for my first appointment with the dietician and mental health provider today. I am wondering how you experience hunger after surgery. I have read some people don't experience it for quite some time. When it does come back, is the sensation different? Do cravings feel the same? And how does fullness feel?
  4. I read another of Michelle May's book and found it to be helpful. I also participated in an MB-EAT program byJean Kristeller and Andrea Lieberstein. That offered some experiential learning that filled some gaps for me. I know this post is older and I hope you are doing well!
  5. It made a big difference finding the right therapist. I have seen some very knowledgeable ED providers and appreciated their help. However, it wasn't until I found one that works through an embodied lens, that I felt I was making true progress. I needed to learn to feel and label emotions as well as feel safe in my body (I hope that makes sense). Good luck in your journey!
  6. This is a random question, but I signed up for an informational meeting through zoom with a local doctor. When the invite was sent, it included everyone's e-mail address. I was very surprised. Is this normal protocol? I've never been to one of these meetings before.
  7. Thank you, everyone, for your honest responses. I am considering gastric bypass and know it is a big life decision. Is there a best place to post questions about the mental/emotional piece?
  8. Hi everyone! What do you wish someone had told you about before you had surgery that you didn't learn until after?