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  1. Bunbunisdonedone

    I want to succeed

    I need to try it but I’ve spent so much on the stuff I had if they could make a protein pill I would Kickstarter that project anyway! 😊
  2. Bunbunisdonedone

    I want to succeed

    Hello welcome to the forum! I’m new as well I made an account after google searching older topics out of curiosity and yes I’d like to have a team that is there for me but I realized he was only in it for the money he’s commercialized in my city I never noticed it until after I consulted with him. But I’m here on day 10 kinda of improving just not eating or drinking in fear of damage that could happen. I hope that you are ready and research this! I researched everything from top to toe and I still have some reservations after having the surgery. Good luck!
  3. Bunbunisdonedone

    I want to succeed

    Thank you and yes I have my post op appointment today.
  4. Bunbunisdonedone

    I want to succeed

    Thank you and yes I knew for it to be expected but I never thought my body would just freak out on me so I have been trying to take charge despite my fears and anxiety. I am glad your cured from what was ailing you.
  5. Bunbunisdonedone

    I want to succeed

    Thank you and yes I don’t want to keep relying on the doctor after the experiences I’ve had and yes I have I got to suck up the flavor somehow to get my nutrients I need. I honestly stopped using it because I was breathing fine and also the nurse expecting more because of my age.
  6. Bunbunisdonedone

    I want to succeed

    Hi thank you for replying! It’s telling me that something is wrong or I shouldn’t be this weak or feeling this nausea go about a or the gas from drinking.
  7. Please I need no judgement or I told you so or anything that comes off as a micro-aggressive. Hello I’m Halle I’m 22 HW: 381 CW:358 GW: Healthy - Sleeved: June 15, 2020 TX I have depression, anxiety, 420 friendly, anime lover, etc wanna know not up here you can ask! I feel like I’m in crisis, for one I know that this is not a easy fix, takes times etc. I don’t need a lecture I just need someone to vent or ask questions. I have been doing ok at first but I’ve hit a painful stop the gas pains are debilitating and nausea has me throwing the towel I have a phobia of vomiting just pretty much a hypochondriac when it comes to health. I am on the full liquid diet but all forms of protein won’t settle and lactose feels like land mines as soon as they are in my stomach. My question is does it get better? Did you bend the rules and do what your gut says? My surgeon and nurses have been dismissive and lack of emotional it’s like as soon as they got paid I’m my own problem no access to immediate help, support or nothing. My family and friends had made it hard these first week by being unsupportive and insensitive but that’s another story. I would love to have some people to chat with and get real with. Thanks for reading and sorry for coming off rude but after reading a ton of post it’s been a headache.