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  1. mattk53

    Protein Shakes

    They are my favorite too. I order mine on costco.com. I think they have them at wallmart.com too.
  2. mattk53

    Feeling weak/rubber legs

    I agree it's your H2O. I use EnduroPacks Liquid Electrolytes spray in my H2O. I was getting bad leg cramps at night when I was first out of surgery. This knocked them out. It's a small bottle and you put 10 squirts in your water. Good stuff. You can get it on Amazon.
  3. mattk53

    I GOT A DATE!!!

    Awesome! Good luck, you're almost there.
  4. Well here's the story, I've been doing good but my weight loss has stalled for the past couple of weeks. Pretty consistently staying the same. We had to go out of town for a weekend. So friday I was good until dinner then I ate some BBQ ribs, coleshow, mac and cheese and two margaritas at Applebee's. In the hotel the next morning I ate two danishes for breakfast (basically all sugar and carbs) For lunch we ate at KFC. I had two wings and two biscuits and for dinner that night I eat the 2nd half of my ribs and the other two wings from lunch. Sunday I was afraid to step on the scale, so I didn't and I was good all day Sunday. This morning I got on the scale expecting the worse and WOW! I lost 4.5 pounds! Any Idea what the heck Happened???? Is there a phenomenon I don't know about??? Or Did I just get lucky and dodge a bullet.
  5. It definitely jumped started something I dropped two move pounds this morningCRAZY!
  6. Don't forget the KFC
  7. No! Please don't I don't really want to be that guy.
  8. Yes, exactly! Like I said I think I was on a 17 day stall. Crazy!
  9. Yes, That was exactly my thinking. It just shocked the system into starting back up.
  10. mattk53

    Pureed diet

    I just blended up Soups of all kinds after my sleeve. Light clam Chowder, Turkey chili, Minestrone,, even some jambalaya. If it's totally liquefied it tastes great and does the job!
  11. mattk53

    Puréed Meal Ideas

    I just blended up soups of all kinds after my sleeve. Light clam Chowder, Turkey chili, Minestrone,, even some jambalaya. If it's totally liquefied it tastes great and does the job!
  12. Yeah I would, I also take a handful everyday and like I mentioned in a earlier post my Dr. was very admit that I crush my pills for the first three months. They even gave me two pill crushers. It was a total drag but I got through it. When I posted on here about it not many people said that was in their instructions. I don't know, I just followed their instructions.
  13. I drink the sugar-free Wyler's Island Punch (Walgreens knock-off of sugar-free Hawaiian punch) everyday. I love the stuff. I even like it better than the original sugar version.
  14. mattk53

    3 days post op !

    My Doctor put me on Omeprazole from day one. I haven't had any heartburn.
  15. mattk53

    Keeping food warm/cold

    I don't want to sound condescending, but how about a microwave? Also, the thing I had to get used to after surgery was chewing each bite 20* times. The old me would chew 4 or 5 times then swallow. I did that about two weeks out while eating a piece of chicken and it was the only time I vomited since the surgery. Make sure you chew up everything to excess.
  16. mattk53

    Egg Question

    Yes, I could eat a whole egg at that point, but it did fill me up.
  17. mattk53

    Day 2 post-op

    I had my surgery on Friday morning. I took the whole next week off, but I think I could have been to work on monday if I had to. I'm behind a desk so not real physical work. If I was logging or working construction it would have been a different story.
  18. mattk53


    I had a lot of soup pureed. Minestrone, turkey noodle, light clam chowder, even some turkey chilli. All blended up good and tasted great..
  19. mattk53

    Day 2 post-op

    What you are describing sounds about what I went through. Small sips of liquids and make sure you drink plenty of protein (shakes and broth mainly). Your body will tell you to stop, listen to it. Your head will tell you "that's not enough, eat a little more", but it's wrong. Enjoy your new life Hannah!
  20. mattk53


    Best of luck, There is a lot of good information on this site. Either ask the group or search by keywords if you too shy.
  21. I bought the ProCare Health bariatric multivitamin chewables (3 big bottles) so I'm stuck with them. They're not great, but I'm used to them now. I believe they are a berry flavored. I won't get those again.
  22. mattk53

    5 week post op

    My first meal out was also mexican food. I ate some chorizo and eggs and a few spoonfuls of refried beans. Didn't touch the rice. I think that was about week four.
  23. Wow, that sucks. My psychology assessment seemed like just a formality. I did however go into it with the "tell them what they want to hear" mentality. Best of luck.....
  24. mattk53

    2.5 Years out!

    Thanks for the update.