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  1. I would have been fine alone, however my wife was with me. Just don't over due it the first couple of days.
  2. mattk53

    New to the forum

    Good luck, mine was cancelled twice. Stick with it, it will be well worth it in the end.
  3. mattk53

    I can’t stop crying!!!

    Congratulations alissajs, coincidentally I did the same thing today. I dropped my first hundred as of this morning. I'm not trying to piggy back on your post, just had to share. Love the shirt and you look great.-Matt
  4. mattk53

    The nerves are setting in

    Yes, I felt the same way. It was a 15 month process with me from my first consultation to my surgery. Even the day before I was thinking "this is nuts, why am I doing this" but I'm so glad I went through with it. YOU WON"T BE SORRY STAY THE COURSE!
  5. Yes, I do too. I make sure I take my walk before I eat because I won't do it if I wait until after my meal.
  6. mattk53

    Remembering foods you can’t eat now

    Apple fritters and Garlic bread. Dam they sound good right now!
  7. mattk53

    Food during weeks 1 & 2?

    I was given some strait forward guidelines. Day 1-2 clear liquid diet, Day 3-14 full liquid diet. Day 15-week 6 to 8, Pureed and soft foods. It was very clear and very spelled out. Well, in the hospital that all went out the window. Day 2 the nurse brought me pureed chicken noodle soap. At my "two week" Zoom meeting (which was actually on day 12) they told me to eat ground meat, flaky fish and basically anything but tight grained meat. (steak, pork, etc.) They just seemed to rush me along on that aspect of recovery. Everything is fine, but they have been so meticulous in every other direction it was just a little surprising.
  8. Nope, They drugged me up pretty good so very little pain.
  9. Yeah, mine also required it. He said it will shirk the liver down to about 40% of it's original size which gives him more room to work in there. I'm not going to pretend to know more than my surgeon. He tells me to do something so I do it. I've seen so many people on 600lb life think they know more then Dr. Now. I told myself I wouldn't be one of those people.
  10. mattk53

    Paying for WLS

    It's definitely a process! Mine took a total of 15 months and tons of tests! But I didn't have $11,500 burning a hole in my pocket.
  11. mattk53

    Paying for WLS

    I have good insurance so I didn't have to deal with this, but I know Mexico is very popular among the self-pay crowd. I would search for info on the left top hand corner of this page. Good luck!
  12. I have to admit it's also a guilty pleasure of mine too. Luckily I started watching it after my surgery. I don't think I would've gotten my sleeve if I watched this show first. Something about them showing pulling the stomach through the hole in the abdomen makes me queasy.
  13. It must be a fairly popular option this thread is already on page 4 .
  14. Is it that much more $ in Western Europe? I personally would rather pay a little more and be sure it's a safe, clean hospital with qualified doctors. Best of luck you all I guess I'm just very fortunate to have good insurance. I'm not criticizing anyone's choices or decisions, I just find this very interesting. Good Luck!
  15. If you get the Okay from the surgeon and insurance company, go for it. It will eliminate most of your "physical" problems. At least it did with me and I had alot of the same issues.
  16. I use way to much salt. I put garlic salt and pepper on everything. I shouldn't because I have high blood pressure but it's a habit.
  17. Mine was a liquid diet which was protein shakes, broth and jello for two weeks before my surgery. I was told my liver shrunk down to about 40% of what it used to be.
  18. mattk53

    Intermittent fasting

    The first one.
  19. mattk53

    Intermittent fasting

    I'm sleeved and I do it. I don't have my first meal until 10 am (protein shake), a small meal at noon, a jello cup at 2 pm, another shake at 4 pm and my dinner @ 6 pm. Then I really don't have anything after six. Sometimes a 15 calorie sugar free popsicle or two as needed.
  20. mattk53


    I really don't eat anything "sugary" anymore, But I do get some dumping if I eat fatty stuff. I had an old fashion hot dog the other night (no Bun) and man it tore me up, both that night and the next morning.
  21. mattk53

    Sleeve Me

    All right, good luck!

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