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  1. mattk53

    Driving post op

    I drove 5 days after post op. Just be sure to don't drive after taking pain meds. I could have driven probably a day or two earlier, I just didn't have to. I have a desk job so I would have been ok to go back to work 3 days after surgery. Also I've always been a fast healer.
  2. Listen to your Doctor. They know best. Don't think you know more than the experts. They want what's best for you. I've seen a lot of differing instructions and opinions on this site good to know not gospel.
  3. mattk53


    What catwoman7 said way too early for that. Stay liquid!!!
  4. mattk53

    change surgery date

    Yes, they postponed mine twice, First it was scheduled last February and the Doctor cancelled it a week before. NO REASON GIVEN. Then it was rescheduled for April and well Covid happened, so they put it on hold. I finally got to do it June 5th on my third date. Really was better for me in the long run but there was a 15 month wait between my first appointment and surgery. Also I was past my window my insurance company gave me, but UCSF called them and they gave me an extension.
  5. mattk53


    I did it about 10-12 years ago. I lost 70 pounds and loved it. I tried it again about 5 years later doing the same dam program and didn't lose jack! I don't know why it worked so well one time then not at all the next. I guess because I was five years older. Metabolism and all.
  6. Patience, it will come off. Trust the process.
  7. Actually now I think about it the knock-off Walgreens brand Wyler's light Island Punch is usually cheaper and in my opinion has a little better taste to it then regular sugar free Hawaiian Punch.
  8. As far as H2O I use crystal light lemonade with a shot of lemon juice or sugar free Hawaiian punch I also put 10 squirts of EnduroPacks Liquid electrolytes (on Amazon) in it. I was having some leg cramps and that took care of them. I just really like the cafe latte Premier Protein. I don't ad a thing. It's great.
  9. mattk53

    Bubble guts post-op?

    I'm 3.5 months out and I still get the guts bubbling. Especially when I drink my protein drinks.
  10. mattk53

    UCSF Bariatric Center

    I see this is 12 years late but Stanley Rodgers did my sleeve in 2020.
  11. I've lost 63 pounds and I'm at 3 months out so I guess 21 pounds a month. I did lose 66 before my surgery. for a total of 129
  12. mattk53

    Stomach spasms post op

    Mine still does that on occasion and I'm 3 months out.
  13. mattk53

    Chinese food

    Vegetables and meat....... right isn't that still the plan? It would be hard for me to give up the carbs like fried rice, wontons or noodles. That's why I haven't been to chinese food and yes a egg roll would be a no no. I think I would get a broccoli beef dish or something along those lines . Also watch the sauces with lots of sugar too. Enjoy your last go around.
  14. mattk53


    Yes, I had friends tell me "it doesn't work' or "I know a guy........." It took me 15 months from my first visit with my surgeon to my surgery date, So it is a process, but it was worth it. I'm down 127 pounds as of today. In my limited opinion all the problems were overblown.
  15. mattk53

    GENEPRO & Other Must Haves

    Sugar free jello, Beef and Chicken Broth and of course protein drinks (Premier Protein Cafe Latte). I also put Enduropacks Liquid Electrolytes spray in my crystal light seemed to help with night leg cramps. You can find it on Amazon.
  16. mattk53

    Enhanced sense of smell?

    Cinnamon Toast and Bacon are the two that I love and don't eat.
  17. Yeah me too, Sugar free jello, Broth and protein drinks for two weeks. THAT'S IT! !!! I did lose 28 pounds though.
  18. mattk53

    Weight loss

    Stay the course, everyone goes through periods where you plateau.
  19. I also have Anthem Blue Shield PPO and live in California. I had all the comorbidities Jess mentioned and it still took forever to jump through all the hoops they put in front of me. 15 Months it took before my first meeting and my surgery. It was definitely worth it, but it is a process. Not just a quick fix.
  20. mattk53

    Enhanced sense of smell?

    Now that you mention it I think my sense of smell has improved. Not always a good thing
  21. mattk53

    Weight Gain Post VSG

    LOL Good one Greentealael!
  22. mattk53

    Weight Gain Post VSG

    It sounds like it is still restricting your eating so I don't think you "killed it" however sugar is the enemy. I'd find some sugar free options like popsicles or pudding to curb your sweet tooth.
  23. mattk53

    5 years post op and have huge REGRET!

    I said the same thing earlier and they corrected themselves. It was the gall bladder.
  24. mattk53

    5 years post op and have huge REGRET!

    That makes more sense.

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