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  1. mattk53

    Keeping food warm/cold

    I don't want to sound condescending, but how about a microwave? Also, the thing I had to get used to after surgery was chewing each bite 20* times. The old me would chew 4 or 5 times then swallow. I did that about two weeks out while eating a piece of chicken and it was the only time I vomited since the surgery. Make sure you chew up everything to excess.
  2. mattk53

    Egg Question

    Yes, I could eat a whole egg at that point, but it did fill me up.
  3. mattk53

    Day 2 post-op

    I had my surgery on Friday morning. I took the whole next week off, but I think I could have been to work on monday if I had to. I'm behind a desk so not real physical work. If I was logging or working construction it would have been a different story.
  4. mattk53


    I had a lot of soup pureed. Minestrone, turkey noodle, light clam chowder, even some turkey chilli. All blended up good and tasted great..
  5. mattk53

    Day 2 post-op

    What you are describing sounds about what I went through. Small sips of liquids and make sure you drink plenty of protein (shakes and broth mainly). Your body will tell you to stop, listen to it. Your head will tell you "that's not enough, eat a little more", but it's wrong. Enjoy your new life Hannah!
  6. mattk53


    Best of luck, There is a lot of good information on this site. Either ask the group or search by keywords if you too shy.
  7. I bought the ProCare Health bariatric multivitamin chewables (3 big bottles) so I'm stuck with them. They're not great, but I'm used to them now. I believe they are a berry flavored. I won't get those again.
  8. mattk53

    5 week post op

    My first meal out was also mexican food. I ate some chorizo and eggs and a few spoonfuls of refried beans. Didn't touch the rice. I think that was about week four.
  9. Wow, that sucks. My psychology assessment seemed like just a formality. I did however go into it with the "tell them what they want to hear" mentality. Best of luck.....
  10. mattk53

    2.5 Years out!

    Thanks for the update.
  11. I had to grind up my pills (except capsules and chewables) for the first three months. I'm sure glad that's over!
  12. Yes..... I forgot about this one since it has been so long since I was originally approved. I was so worried I would get the surgery then the insurance would back out of paying and I'd get stuck with a huge bill! Seems funny now.
  13. Complications during surgery was #1 and getting my hopes up and them cancelling on me at the last second was #2. I guess a distant #3 was it not working at all and all the work was for nothing.
  14. Yes I did, When I was doing my pre-opt two week liquid diet, I could barely read my computer screen. everything was blurry. Not sure why thought it may be a blood sugar issue. The problem went away not long after my surgery.
  15. mattk53

    Pre-op liquid diet woes

    I used to make a big bowl of sugar free jello and eat the whole thing. Using a spoon makes you think you're eating and takes your mind off of the fact your not.
  16. I had a small glass of wine about a month and a half out. No problems whatsoever. I "Drank Drank" about 3 months out. Multiple Crowns on the rocks at Hunting camp for three straight nights. No physical problems except a small weight gain from the calories and that came right off after a couple of days. I think you'll be fine if you take it easy. Enjoy Vegas and don't get locked on the roof of Caesars Palace!
  17. mattk53

    Liquid Diet

    That's the truth, I lost 28 lbs in 14 days.
  18. I think most people have some doubt. I know I did. Power through, it will all be worth it in the end.
  19. mattk53

    Liquid Diet

    Sugar free Jello, broth, homemade Crystal light pops and protein shakes. I lived on this for two weeks before my surgery.
  20. When I was looking at both, the sleeve just sounded like a better option. It was a shorter surgery, it was less invasive then the full bypass (It didn't "reroute" everything), It was just taking a large section of the stomach off. Plus the success rate was very close. (slight edge to the bypass) It just made sense for me.
  21. mattk53

    Being Policed

    lol, you are not alone. My wife does the same thing! After watching a few episodes of "My 600 pounds life" she is now an expert.
  22. mattk53

    Taking Meds

    I had to grind all my pills for the first three months. I take so many of them it was a real drag. I'm glad that is over!
  23. mattk53

    Flu shot

    They had me get mine right before my surgery along with an DTAP. They said it was due so go get it. But, still I'd ask your Doctor.
  24. mattk53

    Anyone go into surgery alone?

    Just like others who posted. The hospital wouldn't let my wife and daughter come see me. I took a taxi to the hospital I couldn't see them for 2.5 days. When they picked me up outside.

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