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  1. maslman

    Potential Gastric Sleeve Poll

    I'm about 8 months out from getting sleeved. Like you I was generally pretty healthy aside from my weight. For me the surgery went smoothly as did recovery. I had almost no complaints or issues. I do occasionally get reflux, but its usually when I choose to eat something too close to bedtime so I generally try to avoid that. The only other issue really is that sometimes vitamins on an empty stomach make me feel nausea. But really that's about it. I don't have any foods that give me problems or anything else really. I've been pretty lucky. Given my experience I would definitely do the sleeve again.
  2. maslman

    Pre Op scare

    For the most part I was on my own as well. I got my sleeve back in Sept when covid numbers were going down and they started doing elective surgeries again. I wasn't able to have my wife there with me both because of covid and because she had to watch our 3 boys. It was a little unnerving right before the surgery, but honestly the hospital staff and nurses were all great. They also let me keep my phone until right before and I got it back right after so I was able to keep myself occupied that way.
  3. maslman

    What is your why?

    I honestly thought that I could do it on my own without surgery. After all I was already starting to lose and years ago I worked my butt off and got down to where I wanted to be. Of course had I stayed there I wouldn't be in the position where I needed to be losing weight again. I'm also much older now and while I was still considered healthy (aside from my weight) some things were starting to head in the wrong direction. My wife really wanted me to look into it for myself, for her, and for our children so I started doing some research. Based on everything I read and heard, plus knowing my previous history of struggle and loss and regain I decided that it was worth giving it a shot. So far it has absolutely been worth it for me and everyone close to me.
  4. For me right after surgery I could only drink water if it was very cold. Gone were the days that I would carry around a half gallon jug and drink whenever I felt like it. Slowly over time my stomach has gotten more tolerant of water and now it only occasionally makes me feel sick. I'm over 6 months out now and it has been better for probably the last 2 or 3. When I was having more difficulty I often turned to either Gatorade Zero or True Lemon. I got a variety pack of the True Lemon pouches and even now I still occasionally mix one into my water.
  5. maslman

    NO pre-op Liquid Diet...Anyone else?

    I was already losing weight when I had my 2 week pre-op appointment. My surgeon said just keep doing what you're doing and the day before have nothing but protein shakes.
  6. maslman

    Tracking Intake

    I have used cronometer and baritastic in the past, but since I wear a fitbit I started just using the fitbit app so I have one less thing to mess with.
  7. maslman

    Am i gonna puke all the time??

    I felt some nausea a couple of times from over eating or taking vitamins on an empty stomach, but so far 4 months in and I have yet to puke.
  8. maslman

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    Congrats on what you've already lost and good luck on your upcoming surgery.
  9. I've got one of these too and while I don't use it as often as you do I think it's great. Quite often I put a sugar free water enhancer in and carbonate it. And I definitely like not having to get the CO2 like a soda stream.
  10. maslman

    Energy Drinks?? Bangs?

    Now that I've been cleared to have caffeine I have been drinking an energy drink called Raze. It has no sugar or calories and it also has electrolytes in it. They are mildly carbonated and my sleeve seems to tolerate them just fine.
  11. maslman

    scale recommendations

    I have a Renpho as well and haven't had any problems with it. I have it synced to my fitbit account and it auto populates that every time I use it.
  12. maslman

    Surgery planned

    I didn't drink that much prior to my surgery and have not had anything since. I'm about 2.5 months post. I figure I'll try having a drink in a few more months and see how that goes.
  13. maslman

    So you New WLS people Make it/ Survive

    This was my first year. I just made a small plate with one or two bites of a few things that I wanted and I was completely fine. Didn't have any cravings to overeat and I got to have a taste of everything I wanted. I was also busy chasing 3 young kids around so that may have helped.
  14. maslman


    Our plans are to go to my in-laws house for a small get together. Smaller now than originally planned because one of my wife's sisters recently attended a funeral with a large attendance and hasn't been able to schedule a rapid covid test before Thanksgiving. So it will be my wife, myself, our 3 young kids, her parents and one other sister and her husband. Food-wise I think it is going to be mostly traditional with slightly lower emphasis on carbs (everyone is trying to lose weight). I haven't run into much that I can't eat so I'm planning on just taking a bite or two of everything and seeing where that gets me.
  15. I think the only thing that my insurance was interested in is that you don't gain before the surgery. That being said I was and still am so overweight that I was never concerned about getting insurance approval. And yes I think starting out some of the changes ahead of time made for less of a shock afterwards.

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