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  1. I have the same question actually I heard calcium and iron are both blockers. So I need to ask on my first appointment back in a couple weeks. I'll let you know what my physician says since my appointment is on the 15th.
  2. KelBel3040

    January 2021 anyone?

    Congrats..I had mine 1/21. I was able to come right home the next day. Cramps for me were pretty minor. Thank goodness
  3. I worry if the sleeve is for me due to my hypothyroid. If the rate of weight loss is still super slow I keep thinking maybe I shouldn't go through with it.
  4. KelBel3040

    January 2021 anyone?

    My surgery is on 1-21! Wish me luck 🙏
  5. Good to know I'm not the only hypothyroid person on here. Was that the major reason for getting sleeved/ bypass surgery?
  6. I have hypothyroid but I'm doing the sleeve. My inability to lose weight due to complexities of hypothyroid is why I'm getting the surgery on January 21st. Are you pre or post op?
  7. KelBel3040

    Post- Surgery Self Care

    Thanks, Ill grab some popsicles and a hoody over the weekend.
  8. KelBel3040

    Post- Surgery Self Care

    I'm all about the pants optional days. I just left target - Ill check out their robes. Thanks
  9. KelBel3040

    Post- Surgery Self Care

    Nice. I figured the candles would be a calming touch and now I believe for the bathroom as well! A few ppl mentioned the poots and poops. I guess the body must adjust, right! thanks for the suggestions
  10. KelBel3040

    Post- Surgery Self Care

    LOL !! I love that "don't trust a fart" -More great suggestions with the soft but plump pillow under the belly to add support, a great thermos, and some comfy PJs! All on my to-do list! Any particular brand of waterproof wound covers you would suggest? Thanks again for replying this really helps knowing I have people to talk to who have been there and done that already! Super sweet of you!
  11. KelBel3040

    Post- Surgery Self Care

    Ohhhhh that sounds so great@ at the scented lotions! What brand of sugar-free popsicles are your "go-to"
  12. KelBel3040

    Post- Surgery Self Care

    Awesome responses -thank you guys! I just received a new Fitbit for Christmas so that would be a great way to start after surgery and keep track of those steps! I figured I'd be sleeping a lot I just want to make myself as comfortable as possible which I normally don't worry about. But now I really do and I don't want to short-change myself during this process. There is a lot of hard work ahead.
  13. My surgery is on Jan 21 and I just wanted to ask everyone what did they do for self-care post-surgery? I have never been too great at it due to my crazy work schedule and always on the go. However, while on this journey I really wanted to pay special care of myself- so I was looking for ideas or suggestions for the hospital visit and home care that will make healing a bit more bearable. I was thinking maybe buying some scented candles for the home, lining up some good-spirited films, and purchasing a back massager or something ( is that safe)
  14. KelBel3040

    So....I got approved!!!!

    I haven't been approved and I paid for the surgery for the 21st. Will my insurance reimburse me for the cost if I'm later approved? Has anyone ever done that?