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  1. I went to King’s Fish House twice while there. It was so good. It’s in a mall complex that is about 10-15 mins Uber ride from the hotel. I would definitely go there if you get a chance!
  2. Miss215


    Currently having my first one since surgery...a whole 11 weeks later lol....and man, she came with a vengeance. I have never bled so badly and hurt so much. Yikes! 😩
  3. Miss215

    Missed period?

    Surgery was on 5/25..period was due 5/26. It never came. However, for the past week or so, I’ve been having intermittent cramping, nausea, backache and spotting. I had JUST gotten my hormones back together after removal of my IUD 2 years ago prior to surgery. Now, it’s all jacked up again lol. Oy vey! 😩
  4. I went for VSG surgery two days ago and this gas is unrelenting. I’ve been walking every 1-2 hours & taking chewable Gas-X every 4-6 hrs or so, but it is still so awful. I’ve been staying on top of getting fluids down, but it’s so hard, because each sip feels as if it shifts the gas pain. How long was it a problem for you, and what did you do to get rid of it?
  5. Miss215

    Food Funeral

    I’m 8 days post-op and miss the act of enjoying a meal more than I thought I would. I definitely have cravings already, but not enough to actually go out and try to eat them (and potentially make myself sick). It just would be nice to be able to have them is all. But, I honestly think it’s simply because I cant have solid food yet and because I have very little actual hunger at this stage. I say that because looking at a picture of a plate of grilled chicken w/a side of tomato & mozzarella salad and grapes is ALMOST as equally appealing to me as looking at a cheesesteak. Yes, I definitely had a 4-week long food funeral. I ate every single thing I wanted...in whatever quantity. Fortunately for me, my surgery did not require pre-op weightloss and weigh-ins until 2 weeks beforehand, so I could do so. I buckled down 2.5 weeks pre-op however and did great.
  6. Miss215


  7. I’m honestly hoping I never get hungry again lol. Persistent hunger is what landed me to needing surgery anyway! 😩 I’m only a week post-op,and definitely not hungry at all, but I miss the ACT of eating so much, so in my mind I’m equating that to being hungry.
  8. Right! We just have to relax, trust ourselves and let our body work itself out.
  9. Yes, it definitely gets better. For a second, I was ready to tell the surgeon that something was wrong! Lol I’m officially one week post-op today and I feel 10 x better than a few days ago. I am getting my protein in and able to swallow much more comfortably. My tummy is still freaking out at some things I try to give it, but it has calmed down for the most part. One thing that helped, that my surgeon did not actually prescribe me, was any type of acid blocker. However, in my experience as a nurse, we usually always give patients who are eating little to no food some sort of acid reduction coverage to prevent upset stomach. I started taking low dose Pepcid on my own though and that seemed to help also. My primary issue now is constipation!! IOy vey! 😩
  10. I am 4 days post-op. For starters, I apparently had a large hiatal hernia that they repaired and it is causing dull middle chest pain sometimes when I swallow, that sometimes radiates to the center back. It is a weird feeling that stops me in my tracks. In my research the swelling of the esophageal-stomach junction area repaired can cause discomfort when swallowing for as long as 6-8 weeks after surgery. Has anyone experienced this? Separately, my stomach seems to hate everything I try to put into it. I can really only COMFORTABLY ingest Water, Protein water, Jello, and broth...even Protein Shakes are causing discomfort. By Day 4, I would’ve expected to tolerate more. Everything else causes my stomach to have 5 second episodes of flipping and flopping and cramping with each sip. I’m over it!!! The one thing I hoped for with this surgery was an uncomplicated and easy recovery. So far, it’s not happening. I’m sure I probably need to just be patient and let my body heal, but I’m becoming anxious.
  11. All is well...literally 6 hours after I posted this, I turned a corner lol..my stomach is still figuring out what to tolerate, but I can definitely get down my protein and fluids each day with no difficulty and I’m having much less discomfort! It’s as I surmised, I just need to be patient!
  12. Miss215

    Stomach feels sickly

    I’m only 4 days post-op, but I feel the same way. My stomach feels topsy-turvy frequently throughout the day. It regularly flips and churns itself & it’s so uncomfortable. I can barely get in enough protein, b/c my tummy hates everything it seems. It’s starting to become very frustrating. Even the ready-made protein shakes are difficult. Combined with the residual chest pain from having the hiatal hernia repaired at the same time, I’m annoyed.
  13. Miss215

    VSG + Hiatal Hernia Repair

    I’m going through this now. I’m trying to drink enough, but swallowing triggers the chest pain at what I’m assuming is the hernia repair site.😩
  14. Miss215

    VSG + Hiatal Hernia Repair

    I am having this right now. VSG + hiatal hernia repair surgery was 2.5 days ago. My mediastinal area (middle chest) hurts something fierce and it’s transferring to my back. It’s awful. Good to know I’m not alone in that response to it.
  15. Just following up...I had my sleeve done at Blossom two days ago and I was thoroughly impressed with everything. They run like a well-oiled machine. Everything was done efficiently and promptly, all questions were answered and I definitely feel that they support you even afterwards. It was a top-notch experience. As a patient, and especially as a healthcare professional, I highly recommend them.
  16. Miss215

    Post Op

    Same thing happening here. My chest and back is starting to hurt badly each time I drink. I’m thinking that maybe I was taking in too many fluids yesterday or something. Yesterday, I was able to get fluids down steadily. Today, it seems like there is more gas pain and significant chest and back pain when drinking, so I haven’t been drinking nearly as much.
  17. Miss215

    Gas Pain!!!

    Thanks. That makes me feel better. My friend came with me to get the surgery so she’s been helping with the chest/back PT portion. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing then and plan on it being bothersome for a week or so.
  18. Miss215

    I hit 100 pounds lost today!

    Awesome work!!
  19. Miss215

    Post Op

    This is me! I’m day 1 post-op and the gas is relentless. I have walked and walked and like you, everytime I try to get all of my liquids in it seems to cause even more gas pain. I’m so ready for it to be gone! 😫
  20. I’m one day post-op and had a LOT of pain and discomfort initially. My belly pain was unrelenting. I was so miserable, I couldn’t even fall asleep. My surgeon’s office has a program in which a medical assistant comes to you to administer a fluid bolus with Toradol added, a few hours post-op, and the day after surgery you return for even more IV hydration and Toradol. That helped tremendously. Otherwise, I’ve been taking Oxycontin and Tylenol. With pain being so subjective, I’m shocked that your doc won’t prescribe at least a 2-3 day supply of narcotics.
  21. Miss215

    Food Funeral

    I scheduled my surgery in early April and pretty much used the next 6 weeks as a food funeral lol. I ate every favorite food of mine under the sun! Pizza, cheesecake, cheesesteaks, fried chicken. I ate everything that I knew I probably couldn’t touch for the next 6 or more months. My “last last” meal was Chicken Parmesan w/Spaghetti and some cheesecake. My surgery is in 4 days, so I’ve been on my pre-op diet, which is liquid for 2 meals and one solid food meal-a-day diet for a week and a half now. I’ve definitely struggled with it, but I’m making it.
  22. I head to Vegas to start Fast Track for Blossom in 2 days, with surgery in 7 days. I have heard nothing but good things. The few negative reviews I’ve read were about billing issues, but by and large, they are well-reputed, so I’m feeling confident. I too initially looked into heading to Mexico, but was uneasy about coverage of potential post-op complications. Plus, once I found Blossom, realized it was all outpatient and got a great quote, I went full speed ahead.
  23. Miss215

    I did it!!!!

    Yayyyy!!! Was waiting to hear about your post-op! So glad that you’re recovering well!
  24. Miss215

    Advice needed - VSG Failure

    Oh wow...I’m sorry to hear this, and I hope it gets better. Are you thinking of having a revision?..
  25. Miss215

    Surgery soon

    You got this!!! You’ll do great!...and I hear you with being OVER liquids. I am HUNGRY lol!..and I still have 9.5 days to go until I can stop. 😩