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    Been fighting weight problems for many years. Finally decided to do something concrete. RNY bypass date 5/28/2021.
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    Amateur singer, but serious about it. Sing in two men's quartets.
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    Engineer. (Retired, but you don't stop being an engineer.)
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  1. Dave In Houston

    Serious sore throat from intubation?

    For the record, I'm not a professional singer either. But I'm a very enthusiastic amateur. I sing in a couple of men's quartets.
  2. Dave In Houston

    Serious sore throat from intubation?

    I'm a singer, and I tell them I am. I always ask for the smallest possible tube. I think they remember and try to be gentle. Recovery from intubation depends on the skill of the anesthesia doc and the duration of the surgery.
  3. Dave In Houston

    Runny Nose When Full

    Two sneezes? Too easy. I sneeze half a dozen times. Maybe a dozen if I overeat. LOL.
  4. Dave In Houston

    Soft food/purée phase

    I sometimes put a little guacamole on a sandwich. Just a tablespoon or so, though. It's really high in fat.
  5. Dave In Houston

    Soft food/purée phase

    I'll mention a couple things I tried, because everyone might not think of these. I got same prepared chicken curry from Costco, then put a couple ounces in the blender cup, added an ounce or so of chicken broth, and ground it until it was smooth. I did the same with prepared chicken marsala. A bullet-style blender is good for this kind of work.
  6. Dave In Houston

    Daily Intake

    I had my surgery in late May. I drink two Premier Protein protein shakes a day, one for breakfast and one for an evening snack. Most days, my lunch is one fried egg, one strip of bacon, and an English muffin or a slice of toast. For an afternoon snack, I have half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese and half a cup of canned pineapple tidbits. For dinner, I'm eating four ounces of protein (chicken, pork, beef, or fish), two ounces of starch, and two ounces of salad with 3/4 ounce of dressing. (The first couple months I ate half this amount.) I generally have a couple sugar free popsicles during the day.
  7. Dave In Houston

    Benadryl not working after sleeve?

    The night before my cataract surgery I was a little nervous, so I took an Ambien. (I was supposed to eat nothing after midnight.) When I got up the morning of surgery, on the counter I found remnants of a ham sandwich and an empty carton of chocolate ice cream. I had absolutely no memory of getting up and eating in the night. When I told the doc, he asked what time I took the Ambien, then said, "People usually sleep-eat after about 3 hours, so I think it's safe to go ahead with the surgery." Now I take Lunesta instead.
  8. Dave In Houston

    Hit aBig Goal!!

    Wow... congrats!
  9. Dave In Houston

    Jonesing for a Hot Dog

    Do they actually taste like hot dogs? I really like the taste of Beyond Burgers. To me, they're as good as a burger or better, but they have so much fat I don't use them. Your hot dogs are pretty low in fat for a hot dog. Edit: Also, do the buns taste like buns? I've had some bad luck with keto bread.
  10. Dave In Houston

    no more dairy...ugh! Breakfast?

    You can also fry a week's worth of eggs in advance and keep them in the refrigerator. Warm them in the microwave along with a slice of Canadian bacon or pre-cooked bacon and a bit of cheese in the time it takes to toast an English muffin. Then assemble and eat in the car. (Sorry for being unresponsive to your actual question. I don't use yogurt of any kind, including plant-based.)
  11. I developed a couple aversions that are noteworthy. The first is yogurt. I used to eat lots of yogurt, specifically a Kroger artificially sweetened one they call Carbmaster. In preparation for surgery, I bought 40 or 50 cartons. Almost 6 months after surgery, I have forced one or two down. The rest are in the garage refrigerator waiting to be thrown out. I also used to drink protein shakes from an outfit called Diet Direct. They cost about $11 for a box of 7, powder in envelopes. (They have to be mixed up in a blender.) The Premier Protein shakes taste better to me and they have more protein. But I own 50 or 60 boxes of the kind I don't like any more. My recommendation to anybody who hasn't had surgery yet: don't stock up on anything, even things that are mainstays of your diet. You might be wasting your money.
  12. Dave In Houston

    Trying to find food to eat after surgery

    I mainly had protein shakes and water. Once in a while I would have a Progreso canned soup, ground in the blender and with some added broth to make it a liquid. Things will get more interesting when you get to the puree phase.
  13. Dave In Houston

    Food Before and After Photos

    Do you use a deep fryer to make these?
  14. I take these: "Bariatric Choice Once Daily Bariatric Multivitamin Capsule with 45 mg of Iron." I get them from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HZ3YQ5X/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  15. Dave In Houston

    Food Before and After Photos

    My wife and I like the Ken's Steak House Lite dressings. Her favorite is the Northern Italian, while mine is the Sweet Vidalia Onion. Mine has twice the calories (including 10g added sugar), but hers has twice the sodium. Maybe I should try to conjure up an artificially sweetened version of the Vidalia one.

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