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  1. FramingFailure

    Any December surgery

    I am December 15th for hiatal hernia and sleeve. :)
  2. FramingFailure

    Any December surgery

    Mine is December 15th! I feel like it is forever away 😬
  3. Hey ya’ll, I am from Mid-Michigan, 24 years old, and have had one consult and I was 35.5 for a BMI. I was denied, then a year later came back and my BMI is 40.38. I have had my consult appointment cancelled and rescheduled for May 13th with the bariatric program in my state. I have gathered some stuff if anyone else has McLaren Health Plan (commercial) for bariatric requirements, and am posting it for others in case you need help. Also I am curious, anyone else have this insurance? If so feel free to post stuff related to the approval, pre diet, and all the stuff etc. to add, McLaren Health Plan commercial will cover bariatric procedures with a prior authorization and have the national standard requirements, and require a 6 month diet period prior to surgery. They consider this a special procedure and that’s pretty much all I know. My Mom & Dad had the sleeve done, and my two had the R&Y because she had the cancer in the esophagus disease I can’t remember how to spell it. 😳 I have no conditions as of yet besides snoring on my sleep test, and severe GERD that I take medication for and a hiatal hernia. I am adding also my surgeon was very against people my age getting surgery, she says it’s not normal and she doesn’t like doing it because we are too young etc. I have had my children, I am just struggling and have always my entire life been bigger I am 266 and 5’8” at the moment but have never been below 200 in my entire life since childhood. I hide my weight well, and I just want to do this to be healthy, not skinny or for vanity reasons. I just want to be healthy for my family/myself.