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  1. I'd like to suggest you try Alkaline Water. I had a hard time with water, my surgeon suggested Alkaline water which goes down very smoothly. I also do better adding Crystal Light or any other sugar free flavoring. I now also drink Purified water with no problem. I can't tolerate Spring water. Good luck to you on your journey! Side note, I lost inches first, the number on the scale has been moving very slow. 🤷

  2. I went for my 3-month post-op follow-up exam today. It went well and apparently I am very much on track. Yay, me! [emoji322]
    Interestingly, however, I was informed that I was consuming too much Protein. Really? The PA told me to hit 60 to 80 grams daily, but I've been averaging closer to 100 grams. I'll cut out the daily Protein Shake, reducing my total intake by 30 grams.
    This just seems odd to me, but I'm going to do whatever they tell me to do.

    All surgeons are different. Mine encouraged me to 80-100 grams of Protein a day. I had a Gastric Bypass [emoji1745]

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  3. I'm a very private person generally so I have told my partner and children and nobody else, and I don't think I ever will. Totally my business and my choice. I won't tell a lie if asked outright but I will deflect - 'wow - what makes you think that?' etc. It would take a very determined and persistent questioner to get past me [emoji3] My life, and nobody else's opinions are necessary to validate my decisions thank you very much. :99_muscle:
    I took the same stance! [emoji171]

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  4. Thank you [mention=393964]Christina J.[/mention] I am 3 days post op and the abdominal pressure is really discomforting
    I had bypass on November 3 and it's very uncomfortable to sit down and stand up. Or to get up from laying down. I only have Tylenol which hasn't helped me much. I do have a binder but I didn't think it helped much.

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  5. I got a surgery date November 1, 2021- Gastric Bypass! I was originally scheduled for October 13, 2021. But during my EGD they thought I had Gastroparesis. So surgery was postponed until after I had a Gastric Emptying study. Now that test is complete, I don't have Gastroparesis, I instead I'm supposed to have Dumping Syndrome. I am a type 2 diabetic. I am just glad that is all behind me, I now can continue to move forward.

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  6. I posted back in August about my surgery getting canceled because of a covid surge in my area. I was devastated and facing losing my insurance. As luck would have it, I got to keep my insurance another month and was rescheduled for tomorrow. I have been trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but I just had my pre-op appointment and so far everything is a go. I’m crossing every appendage I have that tomorrow goes off without a hitch. I’m supposed to check in at the hospital at 10 am.

    So happy for you! How are you feeling now?

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