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    Gastric bypass June 26, 2017 - down 180 pounds
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    Healthy recipes, sharing my journey, kindness, body positivity, baseball, life!
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  1. MaddieSpahr

    Healthy Recipe Blog - Instagram & Facebook **

    Thank you so much!!! So excited for you to try my recipes :)
  2. MaddieSpahr

    Healthy Recipe Blog - Instagram & Facebook **

    Yikes. I apologize. I didn’t realize it worked like that here with the recent posts and such. I really have the best intentions and only want to help people. I make zero money off of any of my services or website. I have no ads. If people shop my links on my website I may make a small commission, but it’s pennies. I’m very sorry. I will be contributing to this platform- just like I do with Instagram. I have built my following on Instagram from zero and help many people there for free.
  3. I have struggled with my weight since I was five years old. Late in 2016- at 28 years old at my heaviest weight- I had my first appointment with a bariatric surgeon in Akron, Ohio where I live and began the steps towards gastric bypass. I was so scared. But I knew that I would rather risk my life than live like this forever. I feared that my parents would bury me in 20 years and that my sister would become an only child. I knew I had to do something. I had tried everything. Between the ages of 8-28 I had tried everything under the sun. I could not lose/maintain the weight loss. On June 26, 2017- I had gastric bypass surgery. I have lost/maintained 180 pound weight loss. I have a whole new life. It is quite beautiful. I look forward to living everyday. I share my journey on Instagram - (my name on there is Maddie5088) and I also have a public Facebook Page called Mornings with Maddie. I created a blog almost a year ago that focuses on sharing my journey, creating/sharing healthy recipes. You can find it here - foodfitnessandbeauty.com I share body positivity, kindness, self love, inclusivity, healthy recipes, grocery hauls, I do monthly giveaways, how to meal prep, affordable/easy meals for bariatric patients and I do Q and As for Bariatric patients. I have felt very called to share my journey with the bariatric community! I hope you come follow along my story! It’s been a heck of a ride! Xoxo Maddie
  4. So great to meet you too!!!!! 💕💕💕 thank you so much!! So nice to be here!
  5. MaddieSpahr

    Before and After Pics

    First time posting here! Gastric bypass was June 26, 2017 I’m 5’5 Left picture - 338 pounds Right picture - 158 pounds

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