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  1. Yeah I think now that I have written everything down and spoke with all you lovely people, I think it most likely is the meds, hormones and insulin so I guess it’s back to the surgeons and doctors and Bariatric specialists yay 🙄
  2. What is MFP? Yeah it’s not many calories at all!
  3. Thank you for your advice on the meal plan, everything I eat is wheat and gluten free and the milk I have red cap and I normally will only eat half a banana a day and half an apple pineapple and berries and cherries upset my tummy due to having the bypass the soup is sugar free and low in fat and I don’t like sweet potatoes however I do like swede.
  4. Thank you very much for the link to the website I will give that a read my typical day is below Breakfast 1/2 cup cereal 1/2 cup nonfat milk Lunch 1/2 cup low-fat chicken soup Two Rice cakes Dinner 2 ounces chicken 1/4 cup mashed potatoes 1/4 vegetables snack - 1Apple & 1banana normally each of these are cut up and but in lunch boxes and I will snack on them through the day if I fancy it if not then I won’t touch them
  5. I don’t drink, I stick to tea squash and water! I have googled my other meds and they don’t make you gain weight
  6. I just want to say thank you to everyone that has given me advice I shall take everything on board and give everything a go and will post regularly to let you all know if anything has changed thank you ever so much.
  7. I do have asthma and I am on a brown inhaler but I haven’t been on steroids as such for about 6 months I only go on steroid tablets if I get a chest infection. I will have a look into my other meds and see if they cause weight gain.
  8. I am also on other medication as well I have got arthritis in my lower spine and am on codeine and tramadol for the pain
  9. Well when I had the surgery in October 17 I Was on the implant and I suffered really badly with heavy bleeding so I spoke to the doctors and they took my implant out and started me in the injection well that just sent me phyco so they took me off that and put me back on the implant and then they discovered that they had done it wrong and it wasn’t working so had to re do it and I have had the implant in for 1.5 years and don’t seem to have had any issues with it.
  10. Well possibly not but I’m not sure I have had tests and my hormone levels are normal apparently.
  11. Okay I will the calorie count ago and see where it gets me any more advise will be welcomed xx
  12. Thank you for your replies, my portion sizes are a small appetiser plate and I always follow what my surgeon told me too, I take all my vitamins and minerals and supplements too! in my first year And a half I lost 8.5sts and then stabilised then the doctors mucked around with my hormones and contraception and then that’s when the weight started to go on and now I have gained nearly 4 stone
  13. Hi everyone, I having a really hard time and I can’t seem to understand why this has happened and how to shift the weight. i am nearly 3 years post op and I have gained nearly 4 stone in the last 1.5 years, my portion size has stayed the same I eat my protein I take my vitamins I exercise I work almost 24/7 as a care assistant. The only thing I would say I do wrong is I don’t allow enough time for meals I eat the correct foods just don’t allow the time that I should for meal times. I also eat my fruit and veggies, and sleep perfectly fine, I’m just soo confused and don’t understand why the weight isn’t coming off! I have spoken to my surgeon and my gastric doctors and they just tell me to exercise and allow more time for meals I have started to allow more time and already exercise 4 times a week. Advise anyone?