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  1. thesuse2000

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Hi there - new job has been crazy intense and I've gotten way off track. I've gained up to 163. Things will settle a little in a couple weeks and I'll work on getting back on track then. For now just trying to minimize the damage... Congrats all - and thanks Steph for managing this!
  2. thesuse2000

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Hi - today's weigh-in - 158. Thanks!
  3. thesuse2000

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Hi there - my current weight is 159 and my goal is 155. Thanks!
  4. thesuse2000

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Hi - I'm in! Hopefully this is the last one for me (unless I strive to maintain in future ones).Thanks!
  5. thesuse2000

    Easter's Challenge

    Hi - thanks for doing this!! I started a new job and have been so distracted and not eating properly... thankfully I haven't gained, but I need to get back on track and lose these last few pounds. Will make it a priority in the next month. Congrats all on your successes! Final weight: 160
  6. thesuse2000

    Easter's Challenge

    I'm still 160 this week.
  7. thesuse2000

    Easter's Challenge

    Still 160 this week.
  8. For the record - I've had periods where I didn't lose because I was eating a lot as well as times when I didn't lose for mysterious reasons while eating and exercising just as I should to lose. Quite often though the weight loss catches up. Like I won't lose for a couple weeks and then drop 5-6 pounds the 3rd week. But sometimes there isn't a catch up, but the scale at least starts moving again. Alas, all part of the process.
  9. thesuse2000

    Goal and plastic

    I think you look great, and if you're at a weight that you've stabilized at, my thinking is that if you "diet" to lose more, you may end up gaining those last pounds back in time anyway. I've been wondering about this stuff too - I feel like I should try to eliminate all the fat that's mixed in with my extra skin before doing plastics, but I'm not sure I really want to get THAT skinny. I'm already getting comments that I shouldn't lose any more. I'm curious to hear how your consultation goes. Please keep us posted. But I think you're definitely slim enough to do it.
  10. thesuse2000

    Lifting weight (not gym related)

    I was told no heavy lifting for 6 weeks. Hopefully no damage was done, but if you can avoid lifting your son for another few weeks that would probably be best. My understanding is that you need to let the muscles in your abdomen heal. Stressing those muscles can increase the chance of a hole developing where intestines can pop through - hernia.
  11. thesuse2000

    Goal and plastic

    Your pics didn't post.
  12. thesuse2000

    "small gastric pouch" ?

    You didn't mention any symptomatic issues you're having, so I'm assuming you're not experiencing any. If that's the case then it doesn't seem to me (based on what you've written) like there's a problem you need to address right now. If your band slipped, like mine did, you'd be having issues like not being able to hardly eat or drink or having food and liquids constantly coming back up, etc. That said, it sounds like it might be a good idea to see if you can find a different surgeon to use for follow up care. I haven't heard of people getting the band removed after they've lost weight if they aren't having a problem with it. That doesn't make any sense at all because the band, when working correctly, continues to help control your appetite and eating, and most people regain after having to have it removed. So that alone makes me question him. Not sure where you are, but maybe you could make a post asking for help finding another surgeon in your area to see for follow up care.
  13. thesuse2000


    For me it was a matter of looking at the overall risk/benefit profile. Without the surgery I was pretty much guaranteed to develop diabetes and that comes with a host of other issues. And of course my odds of having heart disease or cancer were higher without surgery. Those odds far outweigh the risks of surgery. But yes - there are real risks and surgery is scary in the short term, but not as scary as the risks of obesity longer term. For me it has been SO worth the risk!!
  14. thesuse2000

    Easter's Challenge

    160 today. Thanks!!
  15. thesuse2000

    Easter's Challenge

    Congratulations Miss Brown!!!
  16. thesuse2000

    Meal help needed!

    Hi Dee - I actually usually get fresh prepared foods. I live in NYC so there are lots of great options near me - gourmet grocery stores and catering places with prepared veggies and various meats. I do eat frozen foods occasionally, and I agree that many are better than fast food options. I generally think everyone needs to find what works for them. None of us are always perfect, and if frozen foods help you actually stay on track, I say do what you need to do! I would just say that it's hard to find frozen meals that have enough Protein. Most are more carb filled. I find that Proteins and veggies fill me up best. Sometimes carbier foods leave me hungry a couple hours later. @@thesuse2000 I am glad to see you mentioned prepared foods. I am assuming you mean like lean cusinie and stuff like that. I was wondering if they were ok to eat. I was thinking along the lines of them being processed foods and I should be cooking more fresh meals. But that would make my work lunchs alittle easier if I did the prepared foods and cut the temptation of fast food salads and so on.
  17. thesuse2000

    Meal help needed!

    Turkey burgers with low fat cheese. I eat them without a bun, and some veggies on the side. I eat eggs a lot - a fried egg over greens or a scramble with various veggies. I love to buy rotisserie chicken (usually a half) and have that in the fridge to cover a few meals. I do buy lots of prepared foods, so can't help much more than this...
  18. thesuse2000

    Full liquids 5 days post op

    I was allowed to drink full (but thin enough to drink through a straw [but don't]) liquids on day 2. But since every surgeon uses different techniques it's really important to follow your own surgeon's guidance, rather than following what others have done. I'd recommend calling your surgeon's office to ask if you can progress earlier than what they initially advised. I hope they'll agree!
  19. thesuse2000

    Easter's Challenge

    162! I've had a big drop finally, and am now prepared to stall again for a few weeks.
  20. thesuse2000

    NY - NYC/Long Island

    Hi there - the first few months are the most intense (and also exciting) time of this journey. There's so much to figure out and plan for. There's lots of great info in the pre-op section of these boards. Please feel free to PM me with any specific questions. I'm 8 1/2 months out, so my memory about all the pre-op questions/concerns is starting to fade, but I can tell you it is all SO worth it!!
  21. 46 here, but feeling younger than I have in ages! I'm contemplating plastic surgery in the next year or two. Hot 50 here I come!
  22. thesuse2000

    Down 100 Fullside

    From the album: Progress

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    Down 100 Full2

    From the album: Progress

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    Down 100 Full1

    From the album: Progress

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