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  1. I went to one bariatric surgeon who said I'd have to go on the keto diet after surgery. I'm a vegetarian, and I have no desire to go on a diet that doesn't allow beans, complex carb grains, and minimally sweetened yogurt (the kind recommended by bariatric surgeons). If I tell another surgeon that I will not go on a keto diet after surgery, are they likely to deny my surgery?
  2. @Darcell76, I hope you are doing well.
  3. I'm still waiting to hear from the surgeon to schedule an appointment. But I'm wanting to get all of my questions written down so I'll be ready when he does schedule. I got it in my head that they required you to lose 10%. Guess that's not true, thank God.
  4. imaginegirl

    How did I get to this weight?

    @ChubRub, I know what you mean about the excitement. I've already told family and a few friends because I can't hold back the excitement.
  5. imaginegirl

    How did I get to this weight?

    @Smanky, how did you deal with sugar addiction post surgery? I have a bit of a problem there :).
  6. imaginegirl

    Metabolic syndrome

    I'm watching a video given by a bariatric surgeon. Now I see that the surgery can get rid of things like high BP and heart disease. Good news! My only question is that, as long as you don't regain the weight, will these symptoms come back?
  7. imaginegirl

    Vegetarian vs. Atkins diet

    The maintenance plan looks very doable. Whew!
  8. imaginegirl

    Is weight loss surgery for me?

    It sounds like the main reason to have WLS is to lose a lot of weight upfront. I'll still have to fight against biology to keep the weight off. Is that true?
  9. My friend had to lose 13 pounds before having gastric bypass surgery. I'm going to the same doctor, so I wonder if I will too. If I could lose 13 pounds, I would have done it. Do you know what I mean? The only way I figure I could do it would be to go on a liquid diet. Did you have to lose weight before the surgery and why?

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