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  1. Thanks Rick! I had the SIPS. I see Roslin this week for my 6 month check up and was planning on asking. Thanks for your feedback - I appreciate it!
  2. Hello All! I wasn't able to find a thread that had this in it - or maybe I wasn't looking for the right things. I wanted to know what post op patients have been told is a good ration on foods when it comes to the Total Fat for the amount of Protein. For example; Calories - 160 / Total Fat - 13g / Protein - 11g I'm a 6-month post op DS patient (previously had Lapband - but this was tech not a revision). Only 15 lbs away from goal so now i'm looking for ways to maintain.
  3. Poo-pourri has worked wonders but for me the oil slicks that sometimes appear are a real annoyance more when i'm out than at home when I can clean up after myself. My gas is something my wife and I are both getting used to. I seemed to have trained my body to not have to fart while at work - but I feel bad for those I crop dust on the streets of NYC as soon as I leave the office. Night time is really when all hell breaks loose. The oil slick doesn't happen nearly as often but it's obviously totally dependent on what I eat, but the gas is always bad.
  4. Thanks @momof3_angels I did start tracking again - but I find that the apps I'm using aren't necessarily correct. Which is super frustrating. I want my calories to be accurate.
  5. I had a BMI of 40 and had a Modified DS. Just hit 6 months in and my BMI is down to 27 and I'm down 80 lbs. I had a lapband before for 4 years and lived without it for about 4 years before I had the DS done. My thing was is I have major knee issues so cardio to work out is impossible. Sometimes I can barely walk. I lost 165 lbs when I had the lapband, my surgeon knew I'd do well with the DS.
  6. Thanks - I go for my 6 month post op next week and will ask.
  7. I'm just shy of 7 months post op from a Modified DS. Starting weight was 244 - current weight is 165. Do you eventually stop loosing weight? It's still coming off pretty fast and part of me worries that I'm going to get 'too thin'.