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  1. You can buy dual controlled blankets in the UK.... but how about getting a single sized one and just having it on your side of the bed then Hubby won't be affected.
  2. Babysoftly

    Betrayal is a BITCH

    Oh my lordy what a very heart wrenching thread :wink: I am so so sorry for you hun. This has happened to me too so I do know the pain. Personally I have to move on because the marriage/relationship is now tainted for me... but that's just me. Counselling wouldn't work for me because once the deed is done then we are done.
  3. Babysoftly

    self fill......

    Oh my! *faints*:grouphug:
  4. Babysoftly

    To shrink the liver?

    What should I do to really make sure this op goes ahead next Friday please?... Because I seriously don't want/need them to say we didn't do the op because of the liver :confused: I have a three week holiday in Mexico, with hubby and daughter, in September... so I have a goal to be thinner on the plane and looking abit better in my cossie.
  5. Babysoftly


    This seemed very harsh to me :party: If we were perfect we wouldn't be in this situation now would we... he who is without sin cast the first stone and all that.... but seriously... WE beat ourselves up enough and get verbally abused by thinnies we don't need to come on here and get it from fatties too!
  6. Babysoftly

    Who was banded at Derby City Hospital?

    161 lbs lost is not a failure luvvie XXXXXXXXXXX Hugs XXXXXXXXXX try not to compare yourself with your husbands weight loss, his WILL come off quicker than yours X
  7. Babysoftly

    First target reached

    Wow! Absolutely fantastic...... will give you a hug when you come back down off that ceiling :party:
  8. Babysoftly

    Who was banded at Derby City Hospital?

    :thumbup: Aw bless your heart X
  9. Babysoftly

    BAD BREATH? lol

    I found once I hit the mushies stage the bad breath went... thank goodness. When on the liquid stage nothing would make it go ie; mouthwash, cleaning the tongue and constant brushing. It's horrendous but it thankfully doesn't last.
  10. Babysoftly

    Who was banded at Derby City Hospital?

    I was told by Derby that they wouldn't give me a band until I had the sleep apnoea sorted out... luckily I was half way through doing that anyway. Please please go to your Doctor for a referral for a gastric band... NO ONE will be laughing at you XXXXXXXXX
  11. Babysoftly

    N.s.v = bath towel

    What's an NSV? I know the feeling of feeling good! and surprised... I pulled out some clothes I had sadly put away in a suitcase because they didn't fit anymore and were hardly worn :smile:... got out the suitcases ready for my vacation and came across these clothes and tried them on! and they fit better than when I put them away! Whoooooooot! how happy am I? All new gear for my vacation and didn't have to buy any! Ah just found it.Non scale Victory!
  12. Babysoftly

    Is this normal please?

    Thank you all. I am going to Mexico and two days after I get home I'm getting my first fill.
  13. I got banded in July 08... I haven't had a fill yet because I am going abroad on vacation and my surgeons office said they won't do it before I go away... which I am happy with. I feel great and feel like I haven't even had the band in now. I am on solids and can eat anything without difficulty, bread, pasta, steak, pork chops. The only thing I will say is this... I don't eat the steak or *heavy* meats because they seem to sit heavily but not too heavily in my stomach... I choose not to eat them because I don't want that heavy feeling for hours. My question is this.... is this normal to be able to eat absolutely anything without any kind of pain or shoulder gas or anything? Has something gone badly wrong or am I just very lucky? I am being careful to not put on the weight I lost pre op and just after the op as I was healing, otherwise it could so easily all go on again.
  14. Babysoftly

    Is this normal please?

    Aw thank you luvvie X I feel better now... I just needed to be reminded of that. Phew! What a relief.
  15. Babysoftly

    Felt my port 'pop'?

    I honestly wouldn't like to diagnose anything on here because I am not a doctor.... please ring your doc and put your mind at rest hun X
  16. Babysoftly

    Just Banded need help

    The breathing does get easier.... it's quite scary if you're not sure what's happening.
  17. Babysoftly

    6 days banded, this is so easy!

    Well I was a real whiny baby and milked it for all it was worth! I'm never going to be able to be pampered and be waited on like this again for years to come so I made the most of it.... yep I know... I'm going to go to hell (where all my friends are! lol)
  18. Babysoftly

    Who's NOT hungry?

    Well instead of having three meals a day I have to have four smallish meals now or I growl lol.... but once I have had my small nutritous meal I am satisfied until the next meal time... it is great! I have never had this before... I used to go looking for more food after a short time after eating, now I don't feel hungry enough to do that! I haven't had a fill yet and am happy to wait.
  19. Babysoftly

    I got my first fill today!!!

    Oh that's wonderful news... I can't get a fill yet because I am going on holiday in 4 weeks time and my surgeon won't do it until I get back. Which is fine by me.
  20. Babysoftly

    Short term goals for July Butterflies

    I'm healing nicely and just setting myself small goals for now. I walk on my treadmill every day, so my daily goal is to get on that... then I also have to remember I'm banded and concentrate when I eat my mushies to eat slowly. It's the old habits of wolfing it down that I am trying to overturn now. I walk 20 mins on the treadmill and would like to get up to 30 mins soon. Great thread by the way X:thumbs_up:
  21. Babysoftly

    The Lap Band and Dating

    Stuffs hankie in mouth to stifle the giggles...:thumbup:
  22. Babysoftly

    I'm Mad!!

    I am so sorry I can't yet reply to this :biggrin: and breathe........
  23. Has it EVER been known for anyone to have a lap band fitted but never needed a fill? I am curious because even without a fill some people here seem to have good weight loss and they are not eating much. So why would you want/need to get a fill if you can lose weight on such small amounts. OK so I'm secretly hoping this might happen for me but I have just never heard of it. It makes no sense to me to have a fill if I can lose weight on the small amounts of food I hopefully will be able to eat. Because I will be excercising and eating a significant amount less than I would normally. If I have to have fills then so be it.
  24. Babysoftly

    First Post - Angry About Lap Band.

    I think you have been misinformed.... have a read around here and get a better picture hun X
  25. I know it's only a little thing lol.... but I was able to lie down in bed last night 10 days out from my op.... and it was wonderful lol.... finally can get some good sleep. I have been very lucky and not had the horrible painful gas... thank the Lord.