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  1. they do indeed have it for Android! Thanks!
  2. such is my life/existence right now as well!!! Poached eggs are the only kind if egg I can manage to keep down - but man are they heavenly to me...but just like my beans missing chips (LOL), I'd love to have a piece of toast with my egg! Perhaps one day soon...perhaps not...
  3. you KNOW I'd be all over those chips with warm cheesy bean dip!
  4. The refried beans have been a Godsend! They are oddly satisfying...of course I'm just happy there are no Tostitios in the pantry!
  5. So as a new RNY person, I'm ready to start tracking my progress a little more in-depth so that it helps me stay honest. Long ago I used to use "My Fitness Pal" but I've heard an awful lot about their calorie counts being very off (as in too low). I see that there is another one called "Baritastic". Does anybody have an opinion on which of these two they prefer...or perhaps if there is another one that I'm not seeing, by all means please shout it out - I'd really love to know how these might be supplementing our new insides!
  6. I totally didn't care for the texture or taste. Having it get stuck, was awful, because I kept getting the taste of it - I'm doing lots of research for smooth mushy (vegetarian) recipes to get me through the next three weeks in hopes to fair better than these last two days. I'll be okay, it's just a new tool to learn how to live with. Physically, I barely had any pain, so mentally I forget that I've had my insides totally re-routed!
  7. (((so sorry this was meant for the bypass post op section!))) Hello everybody - I'm SO sorry for continually asking "is this normal" constantly. It's just that this new pouch is way more stressful than my bad was, and it's all new to me! So I had my RNY on 3/12/20 - On my week post op appointment I was supposed to eat an egg (made any way I wanted, I chose poached), I got almost all of it down, but by the time I was at that point the egg was cold...BLAH! So the doc gives me clearance to eat mushy soft foods as the next stage, I tried the ricotta bake, and didn't really like it...plus it got stuck and I had to relieve myself of it... Later on that evening, I tried a scrambled egg - I thought that I was going to die! The pain in my chest was almost exactly like it was when food got stuck at the band. I ended up getting rid of SOME of it, but the one or two bites that stayed in me, took HOURS to leave my tummy. In those hours, I could not drink anything. I also got these strange spasm hiccoughs...not regular hiccoughs, it's like the pressure on my chest/esophagus was causing these long slow hiccough - just one or two of these happened but they are definitely odd, both in feeling and in sound. As far as my food consumption goes, I've got toddler silverware and pretty ramekins where I measure everything at no more than a ½ cup serving. Yet I can only manage a bite or two, and I'm either full, or the stuck puppy comes back to visit. I'm also forcing myself to eat, as I have barely any hunger. My concern for me eating and having it take hours to go down my tummy is I m not drinking during this time, then I get backlogged, and panic at the catch up at the end of the day both in food (calories), and water. Will all this crazy stop once I heal more?
  8. GAjeepGirl

    Question about food

    Before my surgery, we used to get low carb tortillas and bake them till crispy (both sides), then we'd top them off just like a regular pizza - pop back in the oven followed by the broiler, and it makes a pretty darn good "pizza" at a quarter of the calories of traditional pizza.
  9. GAjeepGirl

    Coffee???? Yay or Nay???

    YES!!! That is exactly what I was thinking too! 😄
  10. GAjeepGirl

    Coffee???? Yay or Nay???

    do you heat up the whole serving? I tried that with the chocolate and it was horrid
  11. GAjeepGirl

    Coffee???? Yay or Nay???

    unfortunately me and tea just don't get along. And collagen supplements are a no for me as I'm vegetarian, so only whey based protein powders/supplements are able to be used.
  12. GAjeepGirl

    Coffee???? Yay or Nay???

    doc suggests no caffeine again - I do have a bag of decaf espresso beans on the way. it's not really about the caffeine as it is more questioning the "emptiness" of me possibly wasting caloric input without 'much' protein. From the beginning, we're told, "protein first always", yet my morning latte with skim milk only gives me 12g, (which is better than zero, of course, but it's far from 30g from a shake). I just seem to be missing this one thing in my mornings, and it's starting to get a bit depressing that I can't seem to find a happy medium. I know this all sounds trivial in the grand scheme of things, but this is the one thing that I'm having the hardest time with since surgery.
  13. My biggest issue post surgical with my routine and my "normal" day is and has been my one weakness...my morning latte. I normally make a espresso shot, and pour it into 1.5 cups of steamed skim milk. I've tried four different ways of adding protein powder to this and have thrown out every single one...they were awful. So I ask, is it okay for us to drink "coffee". I haven't started on my mushy food phase yet, but LORD I can tell you that my liquid phase has DEFINITELY been a downer without my morning latte 😞 Thoughts?
  14. it's been 27 years for me, I have zero desire to even try animal products again - although I do like the new Beyond Burger plant based products. It makes an amazing meatloaf, that I'm going to try making in individual 4oz baking dishes and freezing it. I've suffered from pernicious anemia almost all of my life (unexplained), so I'm used to the wonky blood work. I go for iron infusions every 6-12 months. Hopefully the RNY won't throw things off TOO much! I'm being vigilant on my vitamins however!
  15. I do my one week post op on friday where I have to eat an egg, egg beaters, cottage cheese, or refried beans as my test...if that goes okay, I get to transition to soft mushy - I pray that it stays down - I really want something other than shakes and soups. It doesn't help that I'm limited by being a vegetarian, so even my soup choices were blah...