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  1. Hollyh

    So pissed

    So all set to go to surg and my nicotine test came back positive . I haven't smoked for a month . My SO does not smoke around me ....what the actual f...... My pee wasn't label when she walked away with it . Maybe it got switched with the 30 other pre op pts in the room We were just shocked , I asked them to repeat or do a blood test . But they are rescheduling So I am just leaving it up to God and trying to understand there is reason for the delay
  2. Hollyh

    So pissed

    At the hospital..... She took it away without a label on it ... I know I'm stupid .... I'm a nurse ! I know better
  3. I am two days away from surgery - have not lost much on the pre op liquid diet - probably just flooded haha Our insurance just changed at the beginning of the year , and so that has thrown a wrench in everything - and we are still waiting on an pre auth - I feel like everything is hurry up and wait - and I may have tortured myself for no good reason if they deny surgery I have my post op diet box all set up - cook books ready - chopper on hand - I have an awesome support system - they truly are the only reason I have not imploded by now - This is me just trying to find light at the end of the tunnel and a pattern in the chaos
  4. Hollyh

    so frustrated

    Approved !!!!!! Surg in am
  5. Approved surgery in am yea!

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