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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies. I am going to take it each day at a time, and go back to liquids until I feel ready to move back to purée/ soft foods. i am go thankful for this site, and makes the journey less lonely rosy xx
  2. Hey All, I had my MGB on the 27th Dec 2019 in Istanbul. I am now back in the UK, 15 days post op my wound is still leaking, I’ve had it restitched once already. I had to have an open surgery rather then laparoscopic because of a umbilical hernia. my diet is not going to plan at all, I am currently eating yoghurts and pieces of chicken here and there. I can’t complete my water intake as I just feel nauseous. I feel so low, everyday I just find myself crying and regretting this decision. My family are so supportive yet all I can think of is when will I feel better, when will I be normal again, why did I do this surgery, why won’t it heal. My BMI was 53 and I’ve lost 12kg since the surgery which I know is great but all I want to do is cry. can someone please give me ideas of what I can eat, I can have soft foods now. I would also appreciate any words of encouragement or better yet someone who went through something similar Rosy x
  3. Hello, thank you for your reply. I have been using the pillow over my stomach when I cough and it helps a little. I’m hoping the post nasal drip disappears to allow me to concentrate on everything else that’s going on, I stated my period the day of surgery, well once I had woken up from surgery and it’s been a super heavy flow (sorry for over sharing) and this isn’t particular helping. I’m wondering if there is a relation to the surgery and period. As I had not had one in 5 months pre-op. I will try to use the spirometer more! I’ve been lazy with it. I have been laying around because of the pain so I will try to push myself to walk around more!! thank you for your kind words again rosy
  4. Hello thanks for your reply. I like the idea of using a timer, it will help prompt me which I guess I need. I just keep feeling like I have no space for anymore. im going to keep trying and see how I get on
  5. Hi Hun thank you for your reply. yeah I’m propping myself up on a few pillows. No recliner as I’m in a hotel so I guess that doesn’t help either to get into a routine. yes the idea after first 10 days are finished, are to start on purées, I’ve been told to drink something other then water that’s sugar free so I need to look into that. I know a lot of people on here have jelly and ice lollies but my dietician has told me not to consume anything to cold or too hot. I have even given a binder and I use it religiously when I’m walking, it’s causing my wounds to discharge but apparently that’s completely normal. I am on a whole load of medication; from thyroid meds to vitamin d, couple antibiotics and stomach protectors. And I’m gulping a lot of water when taking the tablets which leaves no room for other ‘liquids’ but I guess it’s a big learning challenge and trying to understand my body again. rosy
  6. Hello, thank you so much for your response. I’ve not come across many people that have open surgery. I’m glad to hear hopefully it will all pass. I have followed my surgeon from Paris to Istanbul, and I feel my diet is orientated around the food they eat here in Istanbul. I am allowed to eat, clear liquid broth, low fat yoghurt and low fat lactose free milk for the first 10 days and will go to purées for the next 10 days. I think it would be really helpful if I could gauge what my body wanted, at the moment nausea is my best friend and hence really low in take of everything. Thanks Rosy
  7. Thank you for your reply, I am glad to hear the intestines grumbling are a good sign. sorry what I meant with the water issue, is the no water with the ‘food’ liquids like with my broth
  8. Thank you Selena for the reply. I’m going to remain mentally positive as I believe this will aid in all areas. I’m going to try have some broth now and hope it doesn’t make me feel funny again
  9. Hi All, I am new to this site, so still trying to figure this out. I am 6 days post op, And I basically feel like rubbish. The post op feeling I’ve had was nothing like I would have expected, but then again the surgery I had and planned for was not exactly what I got. My surgeon and I decided the mini gastric bypass was the best route for me as I have chronic Acid reflux. When I was on the operating table the started to make the key hole incisions, after the 2nd one they found a very bad infection on my belly button and infected tissue build up, which lead to open surgery instead of keyhole. They removed a large portion of my stomach too, as they said it would have been dangerous to leave inside because of level of infection. i woke up in the most amount of pain, and I was refused morphine because it was not good for my new stomach. I stayed in hospital 4 nights and was given everything through an IV. just before discharged I was asked given some clear chicken broth to drink and told for the next 10 days my diet would consist of clear broth, yoghurt and Water. I am really struggling, physically and mentally. physically I can’t do anything for myself I feel immobile, I walk a couple of minutes and I’m out of breath, I can’t bend I can’t stand straight and sleeping is a nightmare. I also developed a cough due to post nasal drip which as you can imagine is excruciating. my dr performed a scan day 2 post op to make sure everything was fine and it was, my bloods have all been fine, as have my stats but I just feel rubbish. I don’t know when to eat because I don’t know when I’m hungry or full. I can’t stick to the no water rule because I need the water for my cough. I feel nauseous pretty much all the time, my intestines are constantly gurgling, and I seem to not be able to control my bowel movements! Can someone tell me I am just freaking out because a lot has gone on with my body, the dr has said everything is fine so why do I feel like this? thank you so much for reading my essay rosy