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  1. Mine has been re-re-re-re scheduled now to June 4th. I feel sorry for the poor nurse who has to keep calling all the patients to keep pushing these dates back. I laughing told her over the phone if its changed again, I was probably going to have to riot. She laughed and said she would bring the poster board if I bought the markers and we could stand around together. LOL. Its been hard, because after so long of having to get the funds up (cash pay customer because our insurance sucks), getting all the tests done, getting the PTO saved up, I'm at the finish line (of a 5 year ordeal) getting ready to cross it and its like theres a huge STOP sign before I am able to cross it.
  2. Had my pre-op testing and stuff done yesterday. Talking with the hospital staff, they are keeping everything rolling as smooth as possible, and do not see any future cancellations of any operations. But we shall see how that goes. Operation is March 31st. And its during the time they are saying the US could be "hit by everything the hardest". I am expected them to postpone it, but am hopeful they don't . The hospital has been on extreme lock down as far as guests.
  3. Khoric Ritter

    Business Dinner suggestions?

    My sleeve is coming up , but my dad had a gastric bypass many many moons ago. He often used the excuse that he had a "large lunch" or would get things that seemed like you could eat a ton of, and it seemed to never go down. Like soup. There is always spaghetti, that can be eaten in smaller bites and is one of those dishes that seem to never end. He also just ordered a lot of appetizers or a side dish. (bake potato was his favorite go to everywhere LOL). Or the "I've been so enthralled in the conversation I completely forgot about my poor food ". (At which point he would box it up, bring it home and separate it into his little cups and munch on left overs for the next day or so [ not wasting food by just chunking it in the trash] )
  4. Woot this is awesome idea! (Corrected my name ❤️ )
  5. I have let a few people aware of my upcoming WLS. There have been a handful of those few, who have been amazingly overly supportive. Anywhere from giving cash/gift cards with the "for smaller clothes and needed supplies", to bringing me supplies (they had WLS before and new what was going to be needed), to my husbands boss pre-giving him off the 3 days I am going to be in the hospital. To everything in between. Its been the same here at my job. The support from several fellow employees has been awesome. Asking questions, being aware, sitting down and going over everything, so they know what to expect before and after WLS , when I am back to work. Etc. I really want to do something for these amazing handful of people. We have been saving up , so we had extra funds ready for clothes/extras etc. (Many knew that insurance didnt cover, and was shelling out 16k for the operation. ) When I was gifted items, I always sent thank you cards with a small note of exactly what was purchased with the funds. Etc. But I want to do more. Like these little 10cent Thank you cards just don't seem enough for the awesome support (that is hard to find when it comes to WLS). I have thought about doing some fun Thank you cards, maybe with some corney WLS joke and then like a small ($25) gift card and be like "treat your self" type of thing. I would love to have input on what everyone thinks (and maybe some corney/pun WLS jokes) . ❤️
  6. Khoric Ritter

    Thanking Supporters?

    Thank you for the input! I do a lot of cosplay (some of it being cosplay with volunteering) , and I tend to go over board when it comes to hand written scrolls , So the handmade cards is a really awesome idea. The plants is a good idea too. Though most would probably kill a fake one before the day was out. (LOL). The hospital I am having the WLS done at, holds a yearly gastric walk/run. Several of us have already started planning on joining in on it to celebrate. (Team Sippn' & Strolln')
  7. Khoric Ritter

    Time frame

    My insurance didn't cover it. It took me about a year to get the funds up to pay out of pocket. once I handed in the check, its waiting a few weeks to get the last bit of my Time Off built up and then its good to go!
  8. Khoric Ritter

    60" waist to 32" photo

    Theres some dream goal photos right there! You look amazing! Congrats ❤️
  9. Khoric Ritter

    Self pay to insurance?

    I agree with @MourningTheLossOfBeer . I would contact the insurance company and see what their process is for the gastric , or if they even cover it (I have BlueCross/BlueShield and while they offer gastric coverage, if the company (job) doesn't select it as an elective coverage for their plan, theres no coverage. Sadly thats how mine is. Company (job) doesn't want that added cost on all 300 employees, while only a handful of us want coverage for it. So they didn't select it as an elective. ). If they do have the coverage, then it would be if you were okay with going through the hoops course they have and prolonging the operation a few months. If for some reason they do cover it and your semi okay with waiting, get with your doctors office, let them know whats happened, and see if they can contact the Insurance company. Hopefully then they may have lesser requirements / shorter time since you may have already had some of the things done. The other things to note is deductibles and such. My friend had insurance coverage for it. Over 10 months worth of hoops, (her job required 10 months of crappppp) paying for doctors visits and all the co-pays for surgery, and all the bills she got afterwards, its cost her about $10k out of pocket over the last year. With what insurance hasn't or won't cover. While I just handed over 14$k worth of checks and have the comfort that I will not be billed for anything else. And don't have the hoops to go through. Keep us updated on how it goes ❤️
  10. Khoric Ritter

    Liquid diet struggles

    I am not sure what your dietitian recommended during your liquid diet phase. (Ours gave us a menu). Mine is 10 days, first 7 is liquids, such as protein shakes, broth, water, jello, yogurt smoothies, and they even mentioned creamed soup, just make sure its no fat/no sugar and to strain out any chunks it may have. ((But then 3 days before surgery its clear liquid only, water/broth )) Each Dietitian/doctor is different. A friend of mine is on clear liquids only, for 7 days.
  11. On Monday I was able to carve my operation date in stone! March 31st ! WOOT 🎉
  12. Khoric Ritter

    Should I be “excited?”

    Like others, I'm excited and scared/nervous. We have had to limit the amount of people we are updating on my progress due to such a back lash about it last year. I was able to make a final operation date Monday and was so hyped and excited, I wanted to get on social media and be like I'M GETTING IT DONE B!t(HES!! . A'las , I did not. And probably will not. (Okay, well maybe the day of operation I may LOL). Scared, nervous, oh yeah. Its a life changing event. Its a big thing. Having organs removed or rerouted. I did laugh when my doc told me that I was at higher risk for complications having my gall bladder taken out, then having my sleeve operation. Then its just having everything before and after. Then its the questions of what if it doesn't work. What if I am that .03% of people that have issues. Disappointment came for me a bit ago. When normal weight loss diet/training/pills etc wouldn't work. The sleeve for me is a "last resort".
  13. Khoric Ritter

    Pre op tests

    My operation is March 31st. I've had the checks for the stomic ulcers. Had to blow in these little bags, then drink some horrific lemon tang tart junk, wait 15min and blow in some bags again. Here local to me, they have a class BEGIN, that has to be taken and passed. And then there is a multiple chose test the doctor gives. Because they need to see in writing that you have listened and understand everything. Then theres the EKG and the leg/vein tests I had to do. I still have blood work to be done and 1 more pre op check 2 weeks before operation, along with another EKG and Vein test. Mainly the tests are to see -if- there is any issues they are aware of, before you get poked. So they can have meds started for them, or the doctors are aware (like the leg vein issue) so they take extra care while your in the hospital. These are just for the doctor I am going too. Other doctors in the same office had other tests their patients had to do. Depending on the doctors office, you can ask for a list of things they check for. So if your 6 months to a year out, your family doctor maybe able to start checking on these things, so if there is an issue, its caught now, and not 2 weeks before operation.
  14. Khoric Ritter

    Any upcoming March 2020 Sleevers out there??

    I do not have an in stone date yet, as I have to pass a BEGIN class and pay for the sleeve in full (Which happens this Monday); before they will let me get my paws on the doctors operation appointment book. But I have been in constant chat with her and thus far we are shooting for an end of March (3/30) date and she says that is extremely do-able. The more and more I look at a calendar the more and more nervous I get LOL.
  15. I do not have an in stone date yet, as I have to pass a BEGIN class and pay for the sleeve in full (Which happens this Monday); before they will let me get my paws on the doctors operation appointment book. But I have been in constant chat with her and thus far we are shooting for an end of March (3/30) date and she says that is extremely do-able. The more and more I look at a calendar the more and more nervous I get LOL.
  16. I'm planning on having a sleeve done late March. (I'm having to pay cash, and will be paying and making in stone appointment Feb 10th). (And HI! New here and have been semi stalking forums for a short while 😅) I've got several people in my life who have had both By-pass/Sleeve, and they have given all sort of little tid-bits and niches thats helped them along the way. My father loved tiny spoons and tiny bowls. Even after 10 years of having the by-pass, when he was at home he continued to eat with tiny items. A friend keeps a metal 1/2 measuring cup on his car keys (so he always has it to compare). While another friend keeps a special metal ring on her so she can compare. What was/is your helpful little niche after operation? Tiny items? Timers to keep reminders of water and snacks? Or did you just mentally always measure out portions to make sure not to over eat?
  17. Khoric Ritter

    Your Little Helpful Niche?

    @Arabesque We do call them Sporks But now I can say I learned a new name for them! @Lyndor Ive seen a few of the food diaries , but wasnt sure if it was something I would need. But being able to keep track of not of calories and such, but items in general. Thank you !
  18. Khoric Ritter

    Your Little Helpful Niche?

    @FluffyChix - I had a friend give me these 1/2 cup mini tupper ware pieces. And I -think- I have some ramekins at home, but Ill have to do some deep cabinet cleaning. LOL @cajunredpanda - I am the same way with cold water, its a must. Though when it comes to water, its hard for me to keep track in a cup, so I normally end up toting around a few bottles with numbers on them. (Im horrible at it. LOL except for the time I kept a gal at my desk with a long straw. ) Love teas!!! If you ever look for something interesting, I order all of my teas via Adagio Teas. You can custom make blends and how much. I do a lot of the little tins.
  19. Khoric Ritter

    Your Little Helpful Niche?

    Thank you everyone for your input! While getting so much major info on everything, its always great to get the little things as well. ❤️ Been making little lists of items to get (like tiny spoons) to go ahead and get and have ready. JRT MOM - The bowls with the internal etching is an awesome idea!!! I have some small dipping type cups that this would be awesome inside of.
  20. I do not think size has a lot to do with it. People are judgmental regardless. What was worse was having friends of 10 years + turn cold shoulder and that people have to hide or consider telling people what they are having done, to help with their health. People don't judge when you have gall bladder removed or kidney stones crushed, but you have operation that is life changing and majorly benefiting your health and (most) lose their minds. Its just sad overall.
  21. Quite the oppisite for those who turned a cold shoulder. P was one of those who could eat and eat and eat and lose weight. (10 years knowing her and shes still just as skinny). L was one of those who grew up in a family that worked out 2 hours a day since she could remember so shes always been extremely skinny. Those that seemed to give the greatest support were those who had already had the operation or those who were of the larger size. Many to scared to get it, but are giving support. ((Though I did have one larger friend who when I talked about it rambled on about how they want it but hate having to cut back on pizza and burgers *shakes head*))
  22. Last year when I was talking about it, I posted it publicly to friends and family. I got A LOT of kick back. Even to the point of losing a friend or two. (*shrugs* true colors showing) Fast forward to now, and I have the funds saved up to have the sleeve done. My husband and mother are the only ones in family who know. My co-workers know, because being with them 50 hours a week, they are an awesome support team. As far as friends, there is a select handful that I have told, only due to 2 of them actually having bypass/sleeve and them offering to mentor and help as needed. I was blindsided on how people are about the operation. It seemed like either they were 100% for it, or 100% not. Very few looked at the fact that its something for my health. I was blind sided by those who gave me so much grief for thinking about getting it done. Its an odd fine line. And if you come across those who you do tell and they are majorly supportive and helpful. Cling to them with major hugs.