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  1. Silvernova

    So Tired

    I seem to have 1 good day followed by 2-3 bad ones. On the good day I can do some light housework and answer emails, etc with two ten minute walks in the afternoon. Good protein and fluid intake too on that 1 day. Then in the days after I feel weak, want to sleep, and feel generally achy, irritable, and foggy headed. I don’t even have the energy to eat and do not meet my fluid/protein goals. I keep reminding myself I had a major surgery that I’m still healing from. Still it’s hard as I was hoping to have much more energy than I do and that puts me in a bad headspace. Then the cycle repeats. 😒
  2. Silvernova

    Today I have realized...

    This thread is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve always battled depression with appropriate treatments, but this is a new level I haven’t experienced. I think what is so bad is the weakness/fatigue I have daily even with getting in vitamins and short walk around the house. But, I’m also struggling with the soft food stage. I’ve only been able to tolerate cottage cheese and a super tiny amount of wet ground beef with cheese. Everything else comes up even if I chew to apple sauce consistency. (I can tolerate apple sauce though). :/. I’m 5 weeks post GS and would appreciate hearing similar stories and/or encouragement.
  3. Silvernova


    Thank you for sharing. I’m 5 weeks out from GS and feel like I’m starving on some days. It’s been difficult for me to tell the difference between head hunger and true hunger. I’m also fatigued easily and struggling with depression (which really caught me off guard as I was doing good with Prozac).
  4. Silvernova

    Question of lower BMI patients

    I’m like you. I’m only 14 pounds down at week 5 after surgery. Started at 214 at 5’4”. I expected my loss to be much slower though and I’m happy with the 14 at the moment. I’ve decided to only weigh myself once every two weeks in order to not become scale obsessed.
  5. Silvernova

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    This is flat out amazing. I’m a bit jealous. I didn’t think of half of these items for variety’s sake, but adding some to my shopping list pronto. 👍
  6. Silvernova

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    I’m 3 days post op and I will not lie and say it is easy. I’m home after a two night stay and working slowly to get my fluid intake Back up where it needs to be. I have rather bad nausea and the zofran makes me sleepy. I thought I’d have more energy, but instead have been dozing and then walking a bit after getting up for the restroom. Hoping I’ll feel a bit stronger each day. Cheers to recovery mode!
  7. Silvernova

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    Thank you for all of these ideas. I did let myself have a good “anxiety cry” this morning and it helped me to reset and put those big girl panties on.
  8. Silvernova

    My Story:

    Congratulations! Your hard work shines through.
  9. Silvernova

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    I’ve been trying to distract myself with games and Netflix. I took the dog for a 20 minute walk a bit ago, but wound up hyper focused on the surgery. 😄
  10. Silvernova

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    Yay. You are my surgery twin. I’m having the sleeve on the 6th too!
  11. Silvernova

    January 2020 Surgery Date

    January 6. VSG. I’m experiencing terrible pre-surgery anxiety. Any advice on how to handle these jitters?
  12. Silvernova

    First Six Months

    Yay! I’m happy to have a surgery buddy. We can do it together. The fact you’ve lost about 20lbs pre-surgery is amazing to me. I struggle getting to that point too. I just keep thinking about how wonderful it will be to get off meds and hopefully have energy instead.
  13. Silvernova

    First Six Months

    This sounds very similar to my program.
  14. Silvernova

    First Six Months

    I was told to drink protein shakes for first 6 weeks, but I can try supplementing with unflavored protein powder during the soft food stage if I get bored with shakes. My program is all about eating real, unprocessed food by the end of week 6 and do a liquid “reset” for a day if I find a food my body does not tolerate it. My surgery is Monday too! Good luck!
  15. Silvernova

    Has anyone kept their surgery a secret?

    I plan on this being my strategy. Surgery is in a few days. I’ve chosen to stay private except for immediate family, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem telling a random waiter/waitress why I need a doggy bag. 😄