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  1. danielleleigh90

    What should I do?

    I would call! The waiting game is just too much for me lol
  2. danielleleigh90


    Its super interesting because my insurance company requires a person to be morbidly obese & defines that as a BMI of 40 or 100lbs over ideal weight. My first appointment to see the doctors I was 227, that would make me at the 100lbs over mark, but still makes me nervous! lol But we shall see what happens!!
  3. danielleleigh90


    my final appointment is one week away! i'm just so nervous, having so many thoughts on what may or may not happen. i don't have any of the main comorbidities however (mine would be major depression, anxiety & migraines) i'm about 100lbs over what the doctor says is my ideal weight. i have UHC Choice Plus, and it seems they are pretty easy to deal with, it's just my nerves...basically the only qualification is to be morbidly obese which they say is a bmi of 40 or the 100lbs over my ideal weight. i need to calm down lol
  4. danielleleigh90

    Awaiting approval

    I have a diff insurance but I’m there with you 😩. My BMI is like 37.. I feel like I’m going crazy waiting for my psych appointment March 3rd & waiting for my paperwork to be submitted. Then thinking about waiting for an approval makes me even more anxious lol. Good luck with everything!
  5. danielleleigh90

    Before/After Male Pic

    You look great! Congrats!!
  6. danielleleigh90

    April 2020

    That's so bomb! I really wish my insurance would do approvals prior to finishing every appointment. But, I'm super optimistic! Congrats on that approval, you're almost there!!
  7. danielleleigh90

    Anxious to get approved.

    I was happy when I found out, it helped explain (somewhat) why I was so tired all the time! They put me on 100,00mg a week, I've been taking them about a month now. I was just retested and I'm at 20! Hopefully yours changes quickly, I have a couple more doses of the 100,00mg & then I'll be able to take regular supplements. What are you on?
  8. danielleleigh90

    Anxious to get approved.

    My vitamin d was super low too.. it was around 8!
  9. danielleleigh90

    How to start?

    Hey! I’m not self pay, but there is a forum on this website for those who are & also discusses options in Mexico. I like to read through it just in case I were to get a denial or something. Hope this helps!
  10. danielleleigh90

    Liquid diet struggles

    Sooo true! My families first thought when celebrating is grabbing a bite to eat. My sister struggled with this at first, she said not being able to physically eat what she wanted was trippy & probably the hardest part for her. Good luck with the 14 days!
  11. danielleleigh90

    Just Venting... Again!

    I tried it in my early 20’s but maybe I should give it another whirl. And yes! Stress is a big factor here. It seems like as of late if I’m not worried about school I’m worried about being approved for surgery. I keep telling myself what’s meant to be will be, but for me that’s easier said than done. Luckily I got a call from the bariatric center letting me know that they’ve made a note of the med change & all aware that mirtazapine causes weight gain. I’m determined to plow through this because I really want this!
  12. danielleleigh90

    Anxious to get approved.

    Omg I know the feeling. Will you have to go to any psych appointments? This is what I’m waiting for. The surgeon said once I’m done with that appointment my paperwork will be sent to the insurance right away so hopefully it’s the same for you. Then with my insurance (UHC Choice Plus) I’ve been told it’ll take up to 15 days for approval, BUT lots of people on here have received approvals much sooner. Keep us posted!! Good luck!
  13. danielleleigh90

    Liquid diet struggles

    I can totally do the same thing everyday as long as it tastes like something! I'm really excited to get to the point that you are.
  14. danielleleigh90

    Just Venting... Again!

    I think another issue that's probably screwing with me is that alongside working full time, i'm in school full time. However, I finish March 1st....so we will see if that helps some!
  15. danielleleigh90

    Just Venting... Again!

    Hi! I've tried melatonin and it does nothing for me. I'm gonna power through this and hope that surgery helps my sleeping issues some!