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  1. danielleleigh90

    Pre-op Diet - Happened So Fast!

    Hi! Who is Chicago is doing your surgery? That's where I had mine done :). The sameeee thing happened to me, originally I was scheduled 7/20..well on July 9th they called and asked if I wanted to take a 7/13 opening they had...took it! lol. But yes, I felt as if I had no time to prepare either. Did they give a specific reason on why you can't season things? For me, I seasoned broth because I couldn't stomach it. I'm now 28 days out and feeling good. I'm officially down 20, which makes me even happier! Things do get easier, but there will be moments that you say "wtf did i do" lol, for me that was primarily right after surgery (I hated those gas pains). All will be well though!!
  2. danielleleigh90

    How long out of you or for Sleevers?

    Hi! I had surgery 7/13 and was scheduled to go back 7/27. My surgeon's office told me that I could go back after a week because I have a sitting job that is also stressful too but I definitely needed that extra week. I actually ended up taking off an additional week just to be safe. Hope this helps!
  3. danielleleigh90


    Has anyone been on Wellbutrin prior to surgery? If so, what did your surgeon have you do after surgery to get your meds? My doctor has switched my Wellbutrin XL with a 2 doses of a 75mg pill. Problem is, when I crush the pills & no matter how I take them I gag & feel like I want to throw up! Then when it goes down I begin to feel nauseous. This makes it sooo hard to make sure I’m getting my meds & I can feel it affecting me. My surgeons office says I have to crush it, but like I said it’s like I can’t stomach it.
  4. danielleleigh90

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    My surgery is tomorrow guys! 😬😬😬 I won’t lie I’m nervous (especially knowing family won’t be there). The last few days have been filled with nerves and wondering if I’m doing what’s best for me. But! I know this is the best possible decision & I know that I’m going to be so much happier!
  5. danielleleigh90

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Yes! Even hot in Wisconsin lol
  6. danielleleigh90


    Looking for people to friend on IG! Drop your names if you have them! My name is sleeveme_ is my name on there ❤️
  7. danielleleigh90

    Impatient- I hate the unknown.

    it feels soooo so surreal. i'm just thankful and i really thank everyone for their constant support!
  8. danielleleigh90

    Impatient- I hate the unknown.

    I still haven’t heard anything 😭 I don’t wanna be a hassle but sheeeeesh guess I’ll have to lol
  9. danielleleigh90

    Changing facilities

    hi! i started w/ a provider and finished all necessary requirements. i ended up deciding to switch to a new doctor and he is accepting all of the things I did at the last place. BUT, it depends on the physician you get because one that I was checking out prior to the one i have now was going to require i did everything over again.
  10. danielleleigh90

    Pre-Op Diet, Are you hanging in there?

    Like only liquid?
  11. Really? I think maybe it’s so strange to me because the doctor I was previously going to was sending me for approval prior to giving me a date
  12. danielleleigh90

    Pregnancy and weight loss/gain

    Not me personally, but my sister did. She was actually only about 4 months out from surgery when she got pregnant. She just stopped concentrating on gaining or losing & concentrated on trying to eat good things for baby. If you have questions let me know I can ask her! She also looks amazing lol
  13. danielleleigh90


    congrats! I’m waiting for my doctor to call me w/ a date and then they’re submitting me. my insurance doesn’t require much so I think I’ll be good but it’s still nerve wrecking! hopefully we’ll be June or July surgery buddies 💃🏽
  14. danielleleigh90


    About to add y’all!
  15. danielleleigh90

    Impatient- I hate the unknown.

    congrats!!! i hope i hear something good today!
  16. danielleleigh90

    Lets talk protein shakes

    GNC lean shakes are good & my dietician has approved me to drink them Street after surgery! I hate premier protein 😖
  17. danielleleigh90


    I felt this on sooo many levels lol. I began my journey in January, was supposed to get submitted in April buuuut COVID hit. Since, I've actually switched doctors. Luckily my insurance doesn't require any supervised diets, but that definitely doesn't change the desire for things to go faster! It's crazy because the months move faster than you think they would!! Congrats for starting your journey & I hope they get everything going for you!
  18. danielleleigh90

    Dr has NOT submitted my Insurance Appeal 2 months later.

    I feel your pain. I had a doctor that constantly wanted to test me for weed (I VOLUNTARILY told them about this). I smoke or use edibles to sleep, I attempted to get on meds but mirtazapine made me gain about 10lbs so I stopped. Anyway, I've found a couple good doctors i'm inquiring about. The first one is requiring that i do 4 months of dietician visits (my insurance requires ONE), so I'm iffy about them. I've set up appointments with another doctor who luckily will accept my documents so hopefully it goes well & things start rolling sooner. Hopefully we both will have our surgeries soon!
  19. danielleleigh90

    i'm being submitted ❤️

    Thank you! I will & you do the same!
  20. danielleleigh90

    i'm being submitted ❤️

    I’m manifesting that approval & I’m owning this year! Finished my bachelors, regrowing my dreadlocs and getting my sleeve.. best year ever! Lol
  21. danielleleigh90

    Medical marijuana card

    Tea suggestion??? I’m willing to try! I have a friend who teaches yoga & I’ve been trying out her classes. It’s definitely not as easy as I thought, but man it helps.
  22. danielleleigh90

    What should I do?

    Congrats love!! So how many days total did it take for approval. My paperwork gets submitted Tuesday 🥳
  23. danielleleigh90

    United Healthcare Approval / Small Weight Gain

    Hi! I have UHC as well! I have Choice Plus...my bmi is 37 as well, do you have comorbidities? I was worried about gaining as well, but my doctors told me not to worry, I gained about 2 pounds. She said it won't make much of a difference. Let me know how it goes! My paperwork will be submitted 3/3. I'm so nervous!
  24. danielleleigh90


    my final appointment is one week away! i'm just so nervous, having so many thoughts on what may or may not happen. i don't have any of the main comorbidities however (mine would be major depression, anxiety & migraines) i'm about 100lbs over what the doctor says is my ideal weight. i have UHC Choice Plus, and it seems they are pretty easy to deal with, it's just my nerves...basically the only qualification is to be morbidly obese which they say is a bmi of 40 or the 100lbs over my ideal weight. i need to calm down lol
  25. danielleleigh90

    What should I do?

    I would call! The waiting game is just too much for me lol

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