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  1. alissajs

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    Way to go!!!! I just checked (literally never know lol 😂) and I’m 21.5 bmi. My doc actually would be ok with me gaining a few pounds because my caloric intake tends to be low. I have ZERO regrets from the sleeve!!
  2. alissajs

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    I have no idea why this post popped in my head today but I figured now is as good as any time for my update! 😂 I’m 34 months post op. I’m 125 lbs (from 284). No regain. I think I did ok!
  3. alissajs

    Living Rent Free

    I have three children from a previous marriage 😂 A little late for that. Yes there have been major issues caused by my husbands actions, but it is something we have both chosen to work through. I love this man dearly and while his actions were hurtful, I couldnt NOT (ugh double negative) fight for our marriage because it is truly what I want. Obviously this thread only shows a negative aspect of our relationship, but there is a lot of good in our relationship as well. Otherwise, I wouldnt fight so hard for it. As for an update, I did bring up the comment in counseling. As well as addressed me being able to come to him with any feelings I might have without him getting defensive. He listened and apologized profusely for the comment. When he heard it from my POV, he totally got how that would hurt me. As for those telling me to stop being so sensitive and just get over it, I am happy that you might be able to do that. However, I am allowed to feel however I feel (whether you think that is right, wrong or indifferent) and you dont know the background I come from...just as I dont know your background. Something that hurts you might not hurt me, and vice versa. Thankfully we all have our place in this world. I'm ok with being sensitive at times. Its not always a bad thing
  4. alissajs

    Living Rent Free

    Thank you. I know they werent TRYING to be hurtful, but it was. Plain and simple. Should it have? IDK. I cant control the fact that it did though.
  5. alissajs

    Living Rent Free

    Thank you. We are in counseling, and have been for some time now. Im not sure we will be able to make it through what he's done, but I cant give up without at least giving it a fighting chance.
  6. alissajs

    Living Rent Free

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I know he is insecure about my weight loss. That was the reason he gave when he was caught *behaving inappropriately* I havent been able to really talk to him about my feelings because our conversations inevitably turn to how he is insecure and what I can do to help him not feel that way, or what I did wrong to MAKE him feel that way. So it was frustrating when he made a comment to make ME feel insecure, but not feeling like I could communicate that to him. Y'all are right. I should let it go. It is not worth the headache and potential argument.
  7. alissajs

    Living Rent Free

    Fair enough. I would not joke about people's appearances or their worth based on appearance, but I get that my humor is not the same as everyone's.
  8. alissajs

    Living Rent Free

    I would LOVE to be able to express my feelings and it just be a conversation. Unfortunately, based on experience he doesnt like any time I disagree with his actions and he will make it in to an argument.
  9. alissajs

    Living Rent Free

    He is actually very good friends with these ladies, he used to live there, but I understand what you are saying about him not wanting to be confrontational. It just sucks when he expects me to defend him at all costs when the situation is reversed...which has happened.
  10. My dad always told me that when you cant stop dwelling on what people say about you, you are letting them live rent free in your head. Well...there was a comment made on Sunday that I cant seem to evict! My husband and I were visiting my inlaws in another state. We attended the church where my FIL is a preacher. We always attend church with them when we visit. Last visit we made was 2 weeks post op, so I had not lost really anything at that point. This was the first time the people at the church have seen me since my extreme weight loss. A lot of people made comments about how great I looked, and that didnt bother me at all. However, two ladies came up to my husband and I, told me I looked so good, then they turned to my husband and said, "looks like you really made out on that deal!" My husband laughed and said, "Yeah my investment really paid off!" For background, we got married two months before my surgery. I tried to laugh it off in the moment, but I really had to bite back tears. I have never felt that my husband looked at me any differently at 284 or 140. He himself has said that he only saw me, never my weight. He says he loves me regardless. Both comments, from the lady AND my husband's reply has been on repeat in my head all week. Who finds that comment appropriate to say to anyone?? I was a catch at my HW and I am no more or less of a catch at my CW. He didnt marry me hoping I would lose weight and look better physically, at least I would certainly HOPE not, seeing as he is overweight himself. It was inappropriate and hurtful. Normally, I would address my husbands comment with him in private. However, our marriage has been rough (to say the least) lately and I didnt want to start an argument. I know he will tell me that it was a joke, I am being too sensitive and overthinking it. Which...maybe I am but that doesnt make the comments hurt less. I dont know...I guess i just needed to vent to people that would understand!
  11. alissajs

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    Hi. thats me. I had a bmi of 48.7. One year post and i am a BMi of 25.9...and still losing. But you dismissed my success because I havent even hit 18 months (even though that gives me 6 more months to lose, and I am already under my first goal.) You wanted someone with your stats who succeeded with the sleeve. IM RIGHT HERE!
  12. alissajs

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    Well I never had GERD, and really thats the primary reason for a revision. I may develop it later on, but only 30% of sleevers have this issue.My sleeve was done right, so it definitely isnt an inferior surgery. Actually, the weight loss between GB and GS is very very similar at 5 years post op. Because it is so similar and the rate of complications with a sleeve is lower than with a bypass, this is why my doc recommended it. Weight regain is not a side effect of the surgery (either one...regains happen with bypass just as often), but rather choices made by the patient. I am still losing. I'm confident in myself and my choices. I will check back in July 😊
  13. alissajs

    Can I see some before and after pics?

    I’m one year post op. 5’4 Hw/sw: 284 Cw:152 Gw:160 New goal: 140
  14. alissajs

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    I can only answer for myself, but I too flip flopped between the two. My doctor suggested the sleeve for me, and that what I ended up doing. I had a bmi of 47. I am 5'4 and I was 284, now 152. I am barely over a year out (1/7/20) and I have not only met, but surpassed my goal in 11 months. I have had no issues at all and I am still losing (albeit very slowly now)!
  15. alissajs

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    I just celebrated my 1 year (1/7), and I was down 131 pounds on my 1 year (have lost another pound since then). I am below goal and couldnt be happier with my results. I have set a secondary goal that I would love to reach by end of 2021, 140 pounds. If I DONT hit it, I wont be upset, I've already surpassed my original goal, but it would be nice to get there. Its definitely harder now to stay strict and not stray too far from the post op guidelines, but I operate under the idea that nothing is off limits to me. If its not forbidden, I dont want it as much 😂 I treat myself, but very rarely. I still want to LIVE life, not just struggle through it.

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