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  1. Depends of the state I've heard 3 months on Medicaid and 6 months
  2. What did you do to stop smoking
  3. Mirena is very effective I had the whole 5 years never had a pregnancy it wasn't until i took it out soon as i took it out i got pregnant but moral of the story is pregnancy shouldn't be your concern it works
  4. Raebae

    Lost it all

    So so sorry to hear that it gets better I'm praying for you
  5. Raebae

    Can I take Xenical before surgery?

    Dont take anything that's not prescribed by the surgeon just continue on the liquids
  6. Yea I figured that much her bmi to low
  7. The question is do you have any comorbidities
  8. Not gone happen try getting plastic surgery your not even obese
  9. Raebae

    Surgery has been scheduled!

    Congratulation thats great
  10. What was everyone insurance outcomes did you get first or second letter approval
  11. Raebae

    3 mth post up update

    You even look younger
  12. Personally you may need more therapy sessions it will all work its self out but believe in you and everything will fall into place your doing the right thing for your health but do the same for your mental state I'm praying for your strength hun
  13. @catwoman7 different state I know different prices but yes your right
  14. Maybe your state and insurance wish that was my case