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    I'm a week post Op and have been dealing with nightmares ever since.. rn i woke up after having a nightmare ... a very vivid dream like it's actually happening.. sometimes it's stupid but still happens to scare me in my dream..my Heart rate is so high rn... except from general anaesthesia, and acetaminophen (iv and supp) I haven't had any other meds.. I'm so scared so will they go away? If so, when? 😭😭😭
  2. Melinaz

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Hi again everyone.. so my surgeon and I made a decision for me to go under sleeve-plus gasterectomy which I did 4 days ago.. phew...im not gonna lie cuz boy it hurts... ;-; 6 small incisions are on my tummy now... 😅 it's a sleeve surgery+ small surgery on my small intestine.. which my surgeon is happy about cuz he thinks that way is better for a woman in my age than a total mal-absorptive surgery like bypass.. mine is a hypo-absorptive I'm 4 days post OP. First 3 days were awful.. i was in the hospital, in a boring vip room with no help of my fam cuz they had work to do till 3 pm everyday.. staring blankly at the walls, falling asleep and waking up.. i even peed my self and couldn't even tell the nurse cuz I was so shy.. i cleaned up ; changed up all by my self.. stupid I know... well um I even rewatched a season of 'friends' series lol that helped me a bit but I'm not gonna recommend it till you get discharged because your tummy is gonna hurt when you laugh and watching friends you can't stop laughing lolol 😂😂 Day 0-3 : I was in a lot of pain cuz of laparoscopy gas. I felt numb on My legs ( and still do and get tired easily now) Now it's almost day 5 for me.. I'm on a liquid diet.. I feel better as days go on.. tbh I have regretted going under the surgery in first 4 days (well not currently cuz I recently got acetaminophen infusion and I'm in no pain lol) but overall I think I and maybe we; should look at what made us make such a decion.. ofcourse it's gonna cost us something like idk liquid diet (which sucks!) but it will be worth it.. we should keep looking at our goal.. we're doing this for our health.. no less♡😊 So how is everyone else doing?🤗
  3. Melinaz

    Help! In Terrible Need of Positive Vibes

    Aye hope it all goes well for all of us~♥ Imma stay in contact too.. mine is on December 1😁 Let's do this💪🎈
  4. Melinaz

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Aye let's do this guys 💪😁♥
  5. Melinaz

    Help! In Terrible Need of Positive Vibes

    Nothing can change who u are.. it attitude is based on what u receive from others. I'm about to have my surgery too but I haven't told anyone excep from my family (only my mom and dad- not even my bro) Because other's dont have the right to meddle, it is YOUR decision to make and no one have the right to judge you because they don't know our struggles in society... we know how good can a food tastes like, we know what they don't know.. but we also found out how to cherish our body and mind more.. our body before was screaming for help and now we're gonna help it. So don't let them scare you off . You're doing this for YOU! Not them.. cuz they dunno anything.. and if getting a healthy body and mind and losing some lbs changes you, I'm sure it's toward getting even more awesome! No worries my friend! Getting moody might happen in first few weeks but u must keep looking at it goal, good luck~♥♥♥
  6. Melinaz

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Hi hi.. mine is on December 1.. I'm pretty nervous about it and got pre-OP anxiety .. I'm very afraid of general anaesthesia ..eventhough deep down I know it's nothing.. like everyone has been telling me It's like dreaming.. and I am afraid of pain and complications too .. like gallbladder stones.. I mean I'm only 24.. well ,soon to be 25 lolol (my bd is on december too😁) just thinking about removing my GB at such young age scares me a lot...but overall I think it's worth it ; to have a healthy body and dress pretty too, not just some oversized sh..t😅 plus no more of those people judging you when you pass🤦 If you think about the results it's worth it... that's what I'm telling my self too🤓♥ hope it goes well for all of us😍