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  1. MrsSnapBack

    Weight loss Timetable/Stall

    I think that might be the best advice I've received yet! Thank you!! Gives me hope!
  2. Surgery date was December 18. Down 28lbs as of today. Have been stalled for a week. Can’t wait to see my nutritionist to make sure I’m on the right track. I feel like I should be down more by now. Is it just me?
  3. Oh yeah, I mix it with water, not milk. I strain the foam off the top after mixing it, and add cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves to it. Perfect!
  4. I love Isopure. It definitely saved me after surgery. You can get it from Target. $19.99 for a 1lb bag. It says you get 16 servings out of it, but I haven’t really kept count.
  5. MrsSnapBack

    Hands Peeling After Surgery

    There are days when I don’t drink as much as should, however for the most part, I do pretty good. That’s actually a pretty good reason though. I hadn’t even considered that! I read that it could be a vitamin deficiency since surgery. Anxiously awaiting my doc appointment to find out. Thanks for your reply!
  6. Hello My Fellow Losers, I noticed about 2 weeks after my surgery that my hands are beginning to peel. It started with my thumb and has now worked its way across the entire inside of my right hand and has started on my left hand now. Has anyone else experienced this after surgery? I do plan to speak with my surgeon about it, and have already scheduled a dermatologist appointment, but I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone else had experienced this as well.
  7. MrsSnapBack

    December Surgery dates???

    Hi surgery twin! Today is the first day that I actually feel human again. Well let me take that back, I felt great the day after surgery, then downhill after that. My main complaint was that I felt so weak. I’m having a hard time getting my protein in, so I guess that’s the main problem. My nurse advises to get in as much as I can, but to focus on water right now. I’m doing great with water. It seems to be the only thing I want. Not hungry at all, which I’m thankful for. So glad I found out that the hunger I thought I was having was actually gas. That mad all the difference. Glad you are feeling better. Glad we are both feeling better. 😊 Looking forward to this journey!
  8. MrsSnapBack

    Surgery Day!!

    Hi surgery twin! Yes, I thought the same thing, but what I’m being told is that it’s not really hunger pangs, it’s gas. I will be so glad when it’s gone. I have been trying to walk so it would expel faster, but I still have a ways to go before it’s completely gone. How are you doing with protein? I can’t get any in because they all make my tummy hurt. I don’t know what to do. 😩
  9. MrsSnapBack

    Hungry after Surgery

    RobertaMSN yes, I love Dr. V! I watched him religiously before my surgery. He has been a great help. I do recall him saying that the only people not hungry are dead people. Lol I guess I just wasn’t expecting to feel it right away. They’re telling me that it’s more than likely gas that I’m feeling and not true hunger. I sure hope that is the case. I hate the feeling of hunger! That has been one of my problems and one of the things that led me to surgery, aside from my other problems. Thanks for your response. Continued luck on your journey!
  10. I had my VSG surgery yesterday morning and by last night I was hungry! I’m even feeling hungry this morning. Has anyone else experienced this? Spoke to my doc this morning and he said that there’s nothing to worry about. He said that some of his patients have the same reaction. That everybody is different. He only removed 70% of my stomach. My friend had the same surgery with 80% removal and she says she’s never hungry...even now at four years out! 😩 Trying not to get discouraged...
  11. MrsSnapBack

    Surgery Day!!

    Thanks you guys. I had a great surgery. I’m in very little pain and have been sipping water and walking all evening. What I am confused about is the fact that I am HUNGRY!! Is that normal?
  12. MrsSnapBack

    Surgery Day!!

    I’m here at the hospital. IV started, nerve blocker given. Only a matter of time now! 9:15 here I come!!
  13. MrsSnapBack

    Gas X Strips??

    Thanks @unclechaz!
  14. MrsSnapBack

    Gas X Strips??

    Thanks so much! I will do just that!
  15. MrsSnapBack

    December 2019 Sleeves

    I have to be at the hospital by 6:15 tomorrow morning. I’m not really nervous yet, however, I feel like I will be when I wake up in the morning. 😩 Good luck to all of my surgery twins! We got this!! 👊