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  1. JettK


    Burping is my full signal too! Doesn't take much or to long:)
  2. I had surgery same day as you and have had to be creative on meals; proteins drinks; egg drop soup (minus MOST of the egg drop) I just use a small spoon and chew it; 4 bites in and I'm good. I've also had a bit of homemade tomato soup and its been like heaven! We just flash peel the tomatoes first as to not have the skin.. Hang in there and don't be so hard on yourself! We got this!
  3. JettK

    9 days post op and feeling great!

    Good job! 9 days out myself and no issues here either! Learning to know when I'm full and drink as much all day as I can! Its been good here as well!
  4. JettK

    February Surgery ?

    Welcome home! I'm sure your glad to be home! Now the fun begins
  5. Thankfully your stomach doesn't hurt but the fullness in your chest is probably bad enough. The one ounce pouch thing has me confused as well, so I hope someone with more experience has an answer for us! Following
  6. From first visit to actual surgery my time was 4 mos and it seemed like forever! Lol
  7. JettK


    How much are you trying for daily? I am currently getting at minimum 60g some days closer to 70; that comes from 2 protein drinks and protein water. Some days its a struggle as is drinking all the water suggested; but I do focus more on meeting that protein goal! Sorry I'm no more help on any other supplement ideas
  8. JettK

    February Surgery ?

    Glad to hear it went well! Definitely walk as often as you can for the gas! Congrats to a new beginning!
  9. Hi all; I will be having my surgery on Feb 5th and I am nervous yet so anxiously excited. Would you all guide me to which topics I should read up on to get more information! Guess my biggest question that I wonder about is how soon will the weight start to come off? I'm on my pre op diet and have no issue following it; I've lost 6lbs in 4 days and my knees already thank me.
  10. Don't sweat it; just get back on the diet and keep going. Although I'm sure those crackers tasted like heaven; it won't mess up your surgical date! Hang in there!
  11. JettK

    February Surgery ?

    Congratulations! Will be here before you know!
  12. JettK

    Newbie alert, need help setting up profile :-)

    I'm in the same boat as you; I can't figure it out either!
  13. JettK

    Pre op questions

    Hi Martin, have you been checked for a hiatal hernia? I found I had a fairly large one after. Ct scan and my dr told me it does push up on the diaphragm; I had it fixed during my surgery on Wed and I swear I can already tell a difference in my breathing now! Might be something to check into!
  14. JettK

    Pre op questions

    You will most definitely have every test done in the world to make sure your body can handle the surgery. Hopefully as you heal and stay healthy you can continue on the weight loss journey! Good luck to you!
  15. JettK

    February Surgery ?

    I don't work and stay busy at home; but speaking for myself, if I did work I'd feel perfectly fine going back tomorrow (surgery was Wed 5th) my real only restriction was not to lift over 10lbs I think staying busy helps so that's what I slowly plan to start tomorrow!
  16. I make sure I get at least 2 protein shakes down a day, that guarantees 60g of protein; all other is a bonus! Not to sure myself. I bought the premier protein water that is premixed but I have to add water because to me it's to sweet.
  17. JettK

    DIdn't lose weight

    Yes you will be fine! As Gradycat said, it's to shrink your liver up! And apparently it doesn't take much to do that but ever little bit helps! Hang in there! When's your surgery?
  18. Fantastic! How's the year been? Anything helpful you care to share to help us new post-ops out? I'm 4 days today!
  19. Not to sure myself. I bought the premier protein water that is premixed but I have to add water because to me it's to sweet.
  20. JettK

    Post op first week

    I have uses the premier for a quick go too and yes they are sweet, I like to place mine in the freezer for about 5 mins to make a slush. I also make my own using a protein powder called Body Fortress at Walmart; they have a nice variety! Not near as sweet; I also use powdered peanut butter and it blends very well! I've not heard of Chike though
  21. JettK

    Post op first week

    I've had protein shakes; protein water; Crystal light; few bites of tomato soup. I'm only 3 days out but it's been satisfying.
  22. JettK

    First Appointment!!

    Good luck you will do great! I'm 3 days post op and so far so good!
  23. JettK

    February Surgery ?

    I'm doing really good, drinking my liquids well and slowly taking in cream soups (1/8 of a cup is all I can get down) but it's oh so good! Slowly I believe I am learning to know when my stomach is full; I do not want to over eat and get sick! Drinking anything 30min before and after food, that's different because I would always drink with my food; change is good though
  24. JettK

    February Surgery ?

    I am having to do the shots for 14days, they also had me wearing a DVT massager that I bought home with me, I try no I do move around hourly to keep from developing clots.
  25. JettK

    Help, I am Hungry!!

    I'm 4 days post'op and thankfully havent had any hunger issues. I only had to stay on clear liquors for 24hrs after the surgery then I started protein shakes (takes me 2 meals to drink one) I've also used the Crystal light lemonade and the premier protein water and last night had a 1/4 cup (maybe) of homemade tomato soup. Try the cream soups and a small spoon and eat them slowly... jello or jello pudding as well. Hang in there! Be sure you are keeping up with your water intake!!

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