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  1. tyesleeve

    Head hunger post op!!

    @lvidacovich omg we have to stay strong!! Message me anytime. :)
  2. tyesleeve

    Head hunger post op!!

    @djgirl19 I never want to see another protein shake Hahahaha
  3. tyesleeve

    Head hunger post op!!

    @djgirl19 thank you so much. Yea, to be honest - I don’t know what to call it. I just saw people saying head hunger. What I really want is a damn salad haha. But I’m doing ok with protein shakes, soups etc. I’m going to survive this thing hahah. Thank you so much for your reply. It’s nice to know others felt the same way.
  4. tyesleeve

    Head hunger post op!!

    @No Thanks 2 Cake my dr has me on liquids for 14 days!! I am finally on purée, but after meeting with him yesterday - I need to return back to protein shakes more because I am not getting enough calories down with food hahahah. The irony. Good luck to you
  5. tyesleeve

    Head hunger post op!!

    Thank you so much @gabybab that’s so great to hear.
  6. tyesleeve

    Head hunger post op!!

    @Lbtnew - thank you so so much for your feedback! I can’t wait until the purée stage!! Congratulations on all your success!!!!
  7. Wow! Beautifully written and cute puppy :)
  8. tyesleeve

    Head hunger post op!!

    @AJ Tylo thank you so much I was feeling insane, because everyone I ask is like repulsed by food now and I’m like wow hahaha. Not me ha.
  9. tyesleeve

    Gastric Sleeve & Food Addiction

    Omg yessss!! My surgery was 10/22/19, and I am already having major head hunger and obsessive thoughts surrounding food after being on a liquid diet for 3 weeks. Restriction will def do that!! Good luck with everything.
  10. Hi everyone! I recently had sleeve surgery on October 22, 2019. Prior to surgery I was on a 2 week pre-op liquid diet. I couldn’t wait for my surgery because I was under the impression that I would be having to force down liquids after and have no desire towards food/eating. I was WRONG. I am not technically hungry, but I am finding that I am having obsessive thoughts over food/the comfort of food that consumes me most of the day. When I see someone eating a nice salad, I kind of wish I could have some etc. TV commercials and smelling food is torture. Does anyone else experience this craving or food obsession post op? I am shocked as I thought I would have zero desire to eat. On the other hand - Over 3 weeks of liquid only is no joke. Thanks y’all!! -Melissa