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    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    Check in: 1. personal goal: To make the most out of this chance I’ve been granted. To beat the head games and embrace healthy habits. 2. surgery: gastric sleeve, 10/21/19 3. weight: SW: 254 lbs; CW: 224.6 lbs 4. food I am most grateful for today: today I would say the meatballs made at a little Italian store near my work. Frozen, six in a container, each one just the right size for lunch. day 27: most grateful for in my country I live in the US, and I’m grateful for the the free press. Everyone benefits from the results of hardworking journalists who shine light on people and events, that would prefer to remain unseen and unspoken.
  2. Kaswhy

    Non Scale Victories

    This morning I was able to buckle my belt one notch tighter — and it wasn’t uncomfortably tight. It feels like I’m on my way. I had the sleeve on Oct 21.
  3. Kaswhy

    Boston DS surgeons?

    Sorry, I misunderstood your question about the type of surgery. I had the sleeve at Mt Auburn Hospital, but don’t know if they do what you’re looking for. https://www.mountauburnhospital.org/care-treatment/weight-loss-management/
  4. Just had my gastric sleeve on Oct 21.
  5. Kaswhy


    I’m two days out from my sleeve on Oct 21 and I was very nervous beforehand. And I’m still feeling unsure now! But I try to keep reminding myself that about my long term goals.
  6. This is my day 2 after surgery on Oct 21. I’m finding that it’s hard to swallow pills, but it was hard for me before anyway. I’m in some pain, but not unbearable. I also have chosen not to take any narcotics—they don’t agree with me. I’m on a high protein full liquid diet for the next ten days and those days can’t go by fast enough. It turns out that I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners, which seem to be in all the pre-made protein drinks I purchased. I’m trying to keep in mind my goals for having the surgery. That this stage is temporary — and that the long term goals are worth it!