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  1. My life is WONDERFUL


    Four Months and Life is GRAND
    It's been a while since I checked in, but to be honest I have been enjoying life so much I have just been taking the time to smell the roses.
    But it's time to let you know how things are!.
    Check out my new blog post at:
    I'm over the halfway mark to my weight goal!




  2. My life is WONDERFUL


    I am 10 weeks post op today. I have lost 43 pounds!

    I walk 3-5 miles daily and I have picked up Hoola Hooping! I am on a dang roll and I love it.


    Sorry I have been absent on here but I really have made it a point to take care of ME. My exercise time is precious so I have to get it in before working or anything else.

    I wish there was MORE than WORDS to express to you just how wonderful I feel!

    I even created a new blog post today! https://sabrinagoddess.com/create-a-life-that-you-love

    43 pounds.jpg

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    2. Michaeljex



    3. zombierayvinn


      Great job!!! keep it up....

  3. Hide and Seek? No....
    If you have noticed, it’s been a little bit of stretch between posts. It’s not because I am not interested in blogging. I absolutely love sharing my journey with you.
    You see, my world has changed! I now exercise every single morning with a 3 to 4-mile walk. I also now meal prep so I don’t fall into old habits.
    I am also a bit hooked on closing my Apple Watch Fitness Rings! In fact, I am obsessed with doubling and tripling most of them.
    So this does take up a lot of time and by the time you add work into the mix and family time, it becomes a shorter day.
    Priorities are in order for me and I could not be happier.
    So in the last week, I’ve been hitting goals that I never thought I would be able to hit again. I weigh myself on Sunday’s now. It’s just easier to do before I get dressed for church. It just feels good. I refuse to constantly get on the scale when I see everyday victories. Like getting back into clothes I never thought I could, or taking the time to just breathe and be grateful for the blessings I have in my life right now.
    Continued on www.SabrinaGoddess.com

    Sabrina Goddess (17).png

  4. 6 Weeks Post Op!

    My world is drastically different! I now walk 3 to 4 miles a day and I’m constantly getting up to move my body! .

    I close my Apple Watch rings daily and about 4 to 6 days a week I double or triple them!

    I have been released to have all foods. When I reintroduce some I need to start at 1 ounce to see how “Tiny Tummy” likes it!

    I am not reintroducing sugars, coffee or junk! I did not pay close to $13,000 to fail! .

    I went to get follow up bloodwork done this week and my numbers are all in the perfect range! .

    This is my new world and I am happy it!

    26 pounds.png

    1. Arabesque


      Congratulations. It’s a great feeling when the weight disappears & you can start to do so much more. 😁

    2. Slownstedy


      ….and this is only the beginning :)

  5. Week 5 Post Op Report

    What a journey! I am 5 weeks from surgery and a total of 24.4 pounds down!

    I feel amazing! I’ve incorporated a ton of walking and I’m using my Apple Watch to help me along! I have closed all three of my fitness rings for 11 days straight! Ok, so I am in LOVE with my Apple Watch. I've had it for almost a year and I am just now tapping into it's fitness power!

    I keep on top of my protein, vitamins and biotin!

    I struggle with water but I average about 50 ounces a day. I have only had one day where I had to “purge” because something did not agree with me. Tuna and my Tiny Tummy still do not agree so I’m going to leave it alone for a while!

    I walk on average a little more than 3 miles a day for my exercise but manage to get in at least 13,000-17,000 steps a day depending on how my schedule goes.

    I get up every hour and walk around for at least five minutes. Then if I’m watching a show I get up and walk in place during the commercials!

    I meet with my doc this week for a progress report.

    I have one more week before I graduate from soft foods to the final phase!

    I’ve got my cookbooks ready, my food scale ready and my measuring plates ready!

    I could NOT be more happy with my progress! I feel amazing and I’m grateful to have this tool!

    None Scale Victory: My rings on my finger are spinning!





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    2. SabrinaGoddess


      You got this sis! You totally do.
      The ocean is so peaceful. Some days I get blessed with seeing whales, dolphins and seals. It is truly amazing.

      You can go to under our name at the top left section and click "TICKERS" you can create them there. Then when you lose weight you just go to "my surgery" and change your weight and they will adjust.

      On the liquids, do sugar free pop-cycles. They are more like a treat than a liquid and they count as 2 ounces each! Liquids not the funnest part of our journey but who cares....LOL. I do like the IsoPure clear liquid protein drinks, you can get them at GNC. The flavors are ok. I also LOVED Kettle and FIre Broth and Epic Broths so I drank them all the time, it's good for you. It's BONE BROTH. Kinda pricey but the good stuff usually is.

    3. Krimsonbutterflies


      Thank you for the encouragement/positivity!!! I'm going to conquer this liquid phase, moment by moment. I also appreciate the mini tutorial of how to get the ticker. I'm thinking of starting status updates after my pre-op visit with the surgeon on Friday. I really enjoy the personal perspective and experience being shared, without feeling like the thread is being dominated. I look forward to how each person is approaching the wls lifestyle. Thank you lady, good night. Happy Whale watching. I love seeing the dolphins at Hermosa Beach.

    4. SabrinaGoddess


      @Krimsonbutterflies Checking in on you. How are you doing?

  6. I can't believe this is my life. I am so happy!

    Today I walked 3.4 miles. It was a beautiful walk. I am so blessed to live by the ocean. I like the gym but these outdoor walks have really made me happy. I may even try to start jogging once I am approved to do so.

    Set your intentions now! Start working toward them NOW. No matter if you are pre-op or post op. Go get it! You wanted it, and it's up to you to grab it.

    Four weeks post op and all is well.

    How is is going for you?


    1. Krimsonbutterflies


      I love that you live by the ocean, kind of jealous

    2. SabrinaGoddess


      It does make it easier to just get out an go! But when I first started I went to the gym because I was told not to walk to fast. I used the treadmill to keep me steady. It turned out to be true too because after about 10 minutes my incisions were talking to me...hey what you going girl...stop that. LOL

  7. Three weeks post-op and I am feeling WONDERFUL!

    I can now eat soft foods. I have not had any issues tolerating anything.

    Found some awesome 4 ounce pyrex containers that I mix my 2 ounces in for meals and it's perfect. This week I tried my Italian Garden Meatballs which have 10 grams of protein per 2 ounce ball. PERFECT. I am down 19 pounds (that equals 76 bananas-lol)

    I did try Tuna today but I don't think "Tiny Tummy" digs it too much. I did not get sick but she kinda grumbled a little  bit.

    I've started going to the gym. I walk 30 minutes on the treadmill at about 2.8-3.0 speed. When I first started a week ago I had to stay at 2.5 because my incisions would feel weird if I did anything over that. By the way my incisions are healing perfectly.

    I managed to cook my family a wonderful Christmas dinner. My hubby was my taste tester and co-pilot. I feel so blessed to have a supportive spouse! I did not taste one thing. Stayed the course with my pureed foods.

    I haven't been on here much, just because I wanted to focus on my healing and my family during the holidays but I have SO MUCH TO BLOG ABOUT!

    It's gonna be a great 2020!

    Blessings to you all, let's rock out the new decade in healthy bodies and relationships!

    Recipe for the meatballs! Please check with your doctor to see when you are allowed on these!!! I add coconut amino acids to make them more juicy.



    1. Krimsonbutterflies


      I have been checking in on your posts and status updates, so proud of you. I feel incredibly inspired when you share your journey with us. Thank you and A splendid 2020 to you and your family.

    2. Amy_new


      I've got to get me some of those "awesome 4 ounce pyrex containers". What a great idea! How did you make your tuna? I mixed some tuna with cottage cheese for lunch today, and it was yummy!

    3. SabrinaGoddess


      @Amy_new Well I did use some approved mayo and some pickle juice, onion powder and garlic powder since I can't have chunks per my nutritionist. It really was yummy but my tummy said....NOPE NOPE NOPE we don't like it. It's so funny how everyone is different. My nutritionist said most people can deal with tuna easy but not me. I can do chicken and ground turkey but I tried tuna twice and each time I felt my face was green. LOL

  8. I am sitting here in AWE of this past week. I have done well. I am able to get all my liquids in and I am not hungry and my progress is steady!

    Today was my first week post-op nutritionist meeting. I have been released to the next phase! So I can look forward to sugar-free puddings, low-fat cottage cheese, creamed soups, eggwhites, humus, and pureed/refried beans. NOTHING with chunks, seeds or spicy.

    In addition to that I am still to get 48 ounces of CLEAR liquids in (broth, water, decaf tea) And I am suppose to have my vitamins as well as my protein shakes! Right now I am just loving Muscle Milk. It’s 25 grams of protein per bottle. I love chocolate but I find the chocolate one seems a bit too thick for me at this phase. So I am drinking the Vanilla Creme and Banana Creme.

    This morning I had 1 ounce of Kettle and Fire Butternut Squash Soup with is made with bone broth! So yummy!

    15lbs down



  9. I hate these Lovenox shots.  That is all! LOL

    Feeling like a pin cushion.

    I know they are needed and it's only 10 days worth but I really hate giving myself shots. It's one of the reasons I want to be healthy because diabetes runs in my family


  10. Yas, I am HOME! Traveling back home was interesting but I made it.

    For the first time in my flying life we had NO drink service due to the turbulence! It was crazy. I had to call the steward to bring me water. You CAN NOT let yourself get behind on drinking! That would be dangerous.

    My new blog post is up! https://sabrinagoddess.com/day-3-4-post-op-doc-visit


  11. I am OFFICIALLY SLEEVED! (surgery was Dec 9th, 2019)

    It was an easy procedure for me and I am not having complications. If you want to see part one of my journey go here: https://sabrinagoddess.com/life-on-the-other-side-post-op-wls

    I will be making new posts during this whole process!


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    2. BayougirlMrsS


      yeahhhhhh we are only 3 months apart on the sleeve journey. I found it has been way easier to lose with the sleeve than it was with the band...... although i loved my band. Sleeve was the easiest SX i ever had too.....

    3. SabrinaGoddess


      @bayougirlmrss I was told this is the fastest weight loss surgery, but I am not really looking for extremely fast. I want it to be healthy. This is our new tool and we can use it wisely for sure. Are you taking your biotin and vitamins?

    4. BayougirlMrsS


      I try to remember.... but i forget sometimes.

      the fastest way is GB.... but my dr wouldn't do that. Said the sleeve was the way to go. Now i agree.

  12. TOMORROW IS MY DAY! (note this did not post properly so I am still  posting it after the fact)

    I am so very excited! My sister is here with me and my son. I am so excited. My anesthesiologist called me tonight to discuss our plans for tomorrow. I am not feeling nervous at all. Just excited for the future!

    I did buy a few bottles of CFpreop which is really suppose to help you stay hydrated. It's pricey but I feel it's worth it. I tried the Watermelon tonight. I have to stop all liquids after midnight and I go into the hospital at 5:30am for check in. My surgery is at 8am.

    SO HAPPY for this journey!

    You can get the CFpreop on Amazon if anyone is interested. It comes in Watermelon and White Grape.

    Read my night before thoughts on: www.SabrinaGoddess.com



    I am so very excited! My sister is here with me and my son. I am so excited. My anesthesiologist called me tonight to discuss our plans for tomorrow. I am not feeling nervous at all. Just excited for the future!

    I did buy a few bottles of CFpreop which is really suppose to help you stay hydrated. It's pricey but I feel it's worth it. I tried the Watermelon tonight. I have to stop all liquids after midnight and I go into the hospital at 5:30am for check in. My surgery is at 8am.

    SO HAPPY for this journey!

    You can get the CFpreop on Amazon if anyone is interested. It comes in Watermelon and White Grape.

    Read my night before thoughts on: www.SabrinaGoddess.com


    1. GreenTealael


      💚💚💚💚Safe Surgery & Congratulations💚💚💚💚

    2. Krimsonbutterflies


      Checking on you Sabrina


  14. 2 Days Till Surgery!
    It's time! Time to start my clear liquids! I am prepared! Tomorrow I will only take in clear protein, bone broth and jello for the next two days.
    My surgery will be done on Monday, December 9th at 8:00 AM. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM (EWWW) but who cares? LOL. Funny how you don't get all upset about doing things that are not so fun when you are doing it for a purpose!
    I don't plan on doing much this weekend. I have one errand to do and after that is over I will return to my hotel room and go into prayer and meditation. Believer or not, you got to do what you need to do in order to get your heart and mind in a healthy place.
    I have a Pre-Op drink I ordered that is supposed to really help your body hydrate before surgery. It's not in the photo just because I don't have it in my hands yet. I will put photos of it up when I get it.
    All I can think about it how blessed I am to be able to get this done. I know how it feels to be healthy and happy then have it snatched away. It makes this all the more joyful for me.
    So, it's time to lay it down and start letting my mind process what we are getting ready to do.
    By the way...funny story. My doc said he had to cancel a surgery because his patient said she thought "Mashed Potatoes" was a clear food! Um, there will be no mashed potatoes for me! LOL This is HAPPENING!
    Last thought for today: I knew when they drew my blood yesterday it was going to leave a nasty bruise and I was right. I am so sensitive to that kind of stuff.




    1. Slownstedy


      That photo looks like one of my phlebotomy jobs. lol

    2. Slownstedy
    3. Krimsonbutterflies


      That looks like me after seeing a needle, 😬


    I leave for Denver tomorrow. I am all of a sudden a little nervous!

    I am packing and trying to remember everything.


    1. JessLess
    2. Slownstedy


      If I can do it , you can do it . Siip n walk + liquid lortab = Easy Peasy. Have fun !

  16. SO super stoked about how close this is going to happen. Pulled out my suitcase and I'm starting to prep for my journey. I leave next week.

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    2. SabrinaGoddess


      @billybob Yep Denver will snow at the drop of a hat.

    3. Dorothymum



    4. Dorothymum



  17. I am starting to flitter and flit around, starting to pack my suitcase, etc. I feel like a kid at Christmas.

    December 9th is my Christmas Gift to ME!


    1. GreenTealael
    2. Slownstedy


      I've been bouncing off the walls ! lol

  18. I had my Pre-Op Nutrition appointment today via phone. Everyone is paid and now ain't nothing to it but to do it.

    Next week I fly to Denver, meet the hospital for blood draws and EKG, go meet my doc, start my liquid diet on Friday Dec 6th and surgery on Monday Dec 9th.

  19. Hospital - PAID
    Doctor - PAID
    Surgical Assistant - PAID
    Anesthesia Tech - PAID
    Plane Ticket - BOOKED
    Hotel Room - BOOKED
    Vitamins - ORDERED
    Stocking for Post Op - STARTED

    Dec 9th - here I come!

  20. Dietitian scheduled 11/18
    Mental Evaluation scheduled 11/18
    OMG we moving forward

    All things working toward my Dec 9th surgery date!


  21. I received my nutrition book and checklist today! I am so very excited (and a tad bit scared too) Each day this is becoming a reality!

    I created a new blog post about how BRAVE we all are for doing this. Because I think we are! Most of us know the horrors of people calling us nasty names, saying we can't control ourselves, we are easy targets for people's verbal attacks! But I feel we are BRAVE because we are taking control over our lives and creating a new world of happiness.


  22. Today I scheduled my mental evaluation and my nutritionist appointments. Yes, we are moving along quiet nice.  December 9th will be here before you know it.

    I have informed my inner circle of family about the surgery and I will be keeping it in my CORE!


  23. 👀All of a sudden it hit me yesterday that this is GONNA happen! You know when you plan for something so hard you focus on it happening and all the little details, but yesterday it truly hit me that this is just right around the corner.

    I was looking on Amazon for some great cookbooks and I also found some pretty cool bariatric plates. Man things have come a long way since I was banded in 2009 and unbanded in 2012!


  24. I have been so excited over these past few days....I KNOW what it feels like to hit the goal and live a happy and healthy life. I had that with my lapband...then it all dissolved when my band eroded. My life went back into the dept of depression hell! Yes, I tried eating less, yes I tried exercise. blah blah blah...I KNOW you all understand where I am coming from!

    So here is a shortlist of things I am looking forward to after my surgery!

    • Tying my shoes without a struggle
    • Wrapping a towel around me and have it fit!
    • Shopping in regular-sized stores
    • New photoshoot
    • Flying and being able to feel comfy in my seatbelt
    • Working Out and not feeling like I can't breathe
    • Having a thin face and neck
    • Compliments given without this phrasing....You are cute for a big girl!

    Follow my journey: www.SabrinaGoddess.com
    IG: sabrina.goddess.vsg

    1. ShawnaDonna


      This hit my soul!

    2. SabrinaGoddess


      Right @ShawnaDonna it's the LITTLE things!

  25. Now that I have my date I have several things that need to be done.

    Since I am self-pay I do not have to deal with the hoops most people go through with insurance. I feel very blessed about that and I understand the struggle many have to go through.

    So today I am looking up flights, contacting my nutritionist for the required meeting and also the mental evaluation person. I am so excited I just can't contain myself.

    I am blogging every single day and it feels good to just let it all out!


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