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  1. Billy Bob


    Eventually I will feel “normal” and be able to eat normal foods, just less of them, which is what I wanted from this. I wanted to be able to eat normally- binging & having multiple servings like I did was not normal. I said those same words to the psychologist in april and was deferred indefenitly as an eating disorder and said I was not likely to not follow the post op diet on oct 15. learned it pretty closely have been living it for last month or so. down 52 lbs. o well we'll see. love my reaquired physical abilities . :)
  2. Now jumping through hoops Per surgeon /PCP/ Psyc med group( Holeman Group ) to get re-eval & psyche treatment . probably won't know what's up for 1-3 weeks ( the old "don't call us we'll call you ) . lol
  3. The surgeon's Psychologist , I'm a medi-cal patient.
  4. See my PCP today , I was to secure/honest and possibly flippent in my answers. THe eval was done in April. Wish I knew then what I know now. I may have unwittingly admitted to binge eating or other behavior considered an eating disorder. It may be some counseling or therapy or something easy like that for a few months . I will try to find out today. Thx
  5. Billy Bob

    October sleevers?????

    protein and fluids are mostly absorbed or passed in the urine. Probably not enough cumulative solids or fiber to make a poopy yet. Tell your doc if it goes on a few more days.
  6. My surgery was stopped indefinitely by the psychologist after losing 50 lbs and passing all med tests. what shold I do ? verry upsetting, they gave no explanation other than we dont think you will follow the diet.
  7. Billy Bob

    October sleevers?????

    1 hour before final pre op (passed all medical/ lost 50 during pre op ) the office called saying the psychologist just declared me ineligible for surgery with no explanation . WTF. Anyone else have this happen ?
  8. Billy Bob

    October sleevers?????

    I will talk to my PCP Thursday.
  9. Billy Bob

    October sleevers?????

    Lucky. I was just denied VSG 1 hour before final pre op by the surgeons Psychologist . Now what ? lost 50 on pre op diet. Guess it's over. Claimed I wouldn't be able to follow post op diet. :(
  10. Thx. I am VGS PRE OP and have been losing @ about 8 per month . Hate to weigh every am as I have to monitor for CHF/Lasix or else . lol
  11. How do you break a stall. seems I stall to often ? Fantastic job Sandra !
  12. Billy Bob

    Drinking Post Op

    100 lbs in 6 months ! Holy Cow, How ?
  13. OMG ! Looks like someone really really loves chicken ! lol Great job !
  14. Don't worry. You won't . Your much smaller stomach and hormonal changes sort of prevents you from eating too much.