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    Aodhanmom got a reaction from 1JoAnne in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    Hi everyone! I’m almost 1 month post-op RNY (2/19/20). The pain in my belly near 2 of my incisions is finally gone! During my last visit to the NP, she told me that my pain was due to stitches in my muscle that had not dissolved yet.
    I’m on purée food now and beginning Tuesday I will be advanced to soft foods. I am so ready! I’ve been doing well on purées but I will be happy to eat more of a variety.
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    Aodhanmom got a reaction from Symone80 in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    Anyone out there have WLS scheduled in February 2020?

    I just found out my surgery date is Feb 19, 2020. I’m so ready for this!

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    Aodhanmom got a reaction from Symone80 in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    Anyone out there have WLS scheduled in February 2020?

    I just found out my surgery date is Feb 19, 2020. I’m so ready for this!

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    Aodhanmom reacted to Starflower in Before and After Pics   
    Nov 2018 to my 1 year surgiversary 1/25/20

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    Aodhanmom reacted to EmzBee in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Hi hi hi February buddies!
    So I had my last meeting with my surgeon pre-op earlier this week... we're all go for the 15th (that'll be the 14th your time--as we're ahead here in NZ). He's put me first on the list because of anxiety, so it'll be nice to get it out of the way early!
    I had a misstep and a half-day "break" from my pre-emptive pre-op diet. Said goodbye to a few delicious carby things. Surgeon said 2 weeks of Opti, Dietician said three... doesn't matter much, as I'm back on it now anyway. 10kgs down, and after my day off earlier this week I'm back to losing!
    I don't know if anyone here is doing Optifast or powdered shakes... but I thought I'd share a few tips and tricks I've learned over the past couple weeks:
    Make up chocolate shakes with coffee, or orange low-calorie cordial/juice for different flavours. Make up vanilla shakes with tea, and/or 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp each of nutmeg and ginger for 'chai' and 'vanilla spice' flavours. Make up low-cal jelly with half as much Water, cool it down, and whizz it up (while it's still liquid) with an ice-cold shake to make a 'flummery' style pudding. Make up low-cal jelly with half to quarter as much water and set in a tray. Cut up into small pieces and add to shakes or tea to get a kind of 'bubble tea'. It's summer over here, but I'm loving making spicy roasted eggplant Soup, roasted Tomato Soup, and zucchini noodles in homemade Tomato sauce for my 2c vegetable allowance! Above all, keep tea and coffee and other mixers in the fridge! And try to stay away from artificial sweeteners as much as possible... diet coke and low-cal cordials in large quantities give me killer carb cravings! Anyways, I hope this might help... if not, sorry for tantalizing you with food talk! 😂
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    Aodhanmom reacted to Recidivist in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    My surgeon seemed to be trying to talk me into the sleeve instead of bypass, and asked me to defend my decision to do bypass. I told her that the long-term weight loss seemed better with bypass, and she said she was more concerned with health than weight loss. (Easy for her to say--she is stick-thin.) I then said I felt that bypass had been around longer and was better understood, and that I was also concerned about GERD with sleeve. She seemed satisfied. 🙂
    I will see the nutritionist, psychologist and do a pre-op support group on January 8; then I'll get my surgery date.
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    Aodhanmom reacted to Steph x in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm pretty new to this as I didn't know these forums existed. I'm from the uk, not sure if this is an American forum but I'm pretty sure they're all the same. I have surgery booked for 6th April and am SO nervous and excited at the same time, as I've heard mixed reviews. Hoping this forum will reassure me lol.
    it sounds although alot of you are already doing amazing!😃 which makes me more excited to get it done. Good luck to all having it done soon and those who are on their journey xx
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    Aodhanmom reacted to slim1972 in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    Good luck to all I did my surgery last was June I had 312lbs now 230lbs.
    I did the sleeve.

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    Aodhanmom reacted to Freshstart85 in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    Mine in for February 13th and honestly I’m so nervous.
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    Aodhanmom got a reaction from Krimsonbutterflies in February Surgery ?   
    So each hospital is different. I had surgery at a one hospital that asked for a credit card on file, and another time a different hospital they wanted my copay, which was like $250 up front. I think some of this is hospital policy, the other part is how much your deductible/copay will be.

    Congrats on your insurance approval. We are surgery twins! I’m having my surgery in Richmond, VA. How about you?
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    Aodhanmom got a reaction from PSquared_vsg in February Surgery ?   
    My RNY is scheduled for Feb 19th in Richmond VA.
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    Aodhanmom got a reaction from Gen Feb 2020 in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    That’s great! You have less than a month!
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    Aodhanmom reacted to JRT Mom in Gastric bypass insurance and payment info   
    Sometimes if you pay your deductible in advance a hospital will give you a bit of a discount, I would ask the billing department before you pay anything if you can get such a discount.
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    Aodhanmom got a reaction from PSquared_vsg in February Surgery ?   
    My RNY is scheduled for Feb 19th in Richmond VA.
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    Aodhanmom got a reaction from Seychelle in How long did you wait?   
    So I finished all of the insurance pre-requisites and I had an appointment with my surgeon today. He says I am an excellent candidate for gastric bypass surgery based on all the consults I had- nutrition, psych. So my doc says he will fax in my paperwork to the insurance company wit a request for authorization. Once insurance approves, they will call me with a date.

    I know it’s different for everyone and with Thanksgiving coming up it may delay things... but how long did you have to wait before you got authorized? I have Blue Cross Blue Shield
    of Illinois.
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    Aodhanmom reacted to Orchids&Dragons in Weight-loss funnies   
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    Aodhanmom reacted to FluffySaysForkIt! in Weight-loss funnies   
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    Aodhanmom reacted to Dances with Carbs in Preventing Loose Skin   
    Thanks. I just checked on ebay and Amazon too. They both have them. Not expensive at all. I'll give it a try.
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    Aodhanmom reacted to Dances with Carbs in Preventing Loose Skin   
    Where do u get retinol from?
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    Aodhanmom reacted to VSG@50 in Preventing Loose Skin   
    I work out 2 to 3 times a week anyways , weight resistance and light cardio. before veg , did lots of ab work and It differently helps , I strongly urge to start a exercise routine now before to establish good habits , because if you do not weight train you will look like a melted candle and will gain your weight back in a year.. exercise is key... weight and resistant training a must.
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    Aodhanmom reacted to AJ Tylo in Favorite clothing post op/weight loss mode?   
    i have vowed to look like a homeless guy till i hit my goal weight - clothes are baggy and huge and Havin fun doing it - Driving my two kids nuts - Its fun to put on a 4x shirt now. I use a belt to try and hold on my shorts down from a 50 to a 42 so that is fun also/
    Also in the spirit have decided to not get a haircut till i hit the goal weight. So you guys like to shop I am doing the opposite and having a good time at it

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    Aodhanmom reacted to Krestel in Where's everyone from :)   
    Im originally from Ohio, but now live in Stockholm, Sweden. 5 months post-op and it was covered by national health insurance. Lucky me.
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    Aodhanmom reacted to Cherylmilla in Anybody NOT need an endoscopy before WLS?   
    My surgical group required an endoscopy. I didn't need the sleep study since I already know I have apnea and have my CPAP. I had the H Pylori test, blood work, EKG and chest XRay as well (and a breathing test, since I have asthma. Every group is different. I was like, bring on the tests, whatever makes it safer. The Endoscopy showed I have no hernias, tumors and all that, so I'm happy to have had it. I'm sure, if you wanted, you could ask to have one to check, just to be on the safe side.
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    Aodhanmom reacted to Frustr8 in Anybody NOT need an endoscopy before WLS?   
    Never heard of anyone before that Did Not require an endoscopy, if for no other reason than to make sure your gastrointestinal tract is normal enough to withstand all the rearranging WLS entails. What if your intestines coil the wrong direction or another anomaly? Surgery is a horrid time to find out these surprises- but I guess doctors and insurances don't all require the same things- don't it just make Life Interesting for Us All?
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    Aodhanmom reacted to AngieBear in 6 month check in (well, 2 weeks early!)   
    I’m close to 6 months out of gastric sleeve surgery. Everything is going well. Getting adequate hydration is getting easier, it had been a struggle. My body is still adjusting. But, all in all I am still feeling very glad that I made this decision. I was active and happy before, but some (a lot of) things are so much easier now. Being able to go into a regular store and buy a raincoat, fitting well in airline seats, etc. I worry less about my long term health. I worry less about how I’m perceived on a daily basis. Those small anxieties were taking far more of brain space than I realized. People in general are nicer to me, which is nice (it makes life easier), but takes some working through to not become cynical and jaded.
    I’m stalled out at the moment (totally normal), and thought it was a good time for a collage. And some mad props to bigger Angie, who did so many cool and adventurous things even though it was hard. I feel pretty disconnected from how it was and who I was before, and I’m sure this will deepen even more as the years go by.
    As you can see, surgery turned my hair purple and pink. My surgeon never even mentioned the possibility! Tsk tsk.

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