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  1. Anyone out there have WLS scheduled in February 2020? I just found out my surgery date is Feb 19, 2020. I’m so ready for this!
  2. Yeah, I took my son to the ER a few months ago and they told me I would get a 20% discount if I pay my co-pay immediately. That seemed generous, so I did. I know a lot of people don’t have the money to do that, but it’s something to keep in mind.
  3. From the album: 2019 Before

    Nov 3, 2019 Chancellorsville, VA First Day 10k Volksmarch

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    From the album: 2019 Before

    Nov. 2019

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    How long did you wait?

    So I finished all of the insurance pre-requisites and I had an appointment with my surgeon today. He says I am an excellent candidate for gastric bypass surgery based on all the consults I had- nutrition, psych. So my doc says he will fax in my paperwork to the insurance company wit a request for authorization. Once insurance approves, they will call me with a date. I know it’s different for everyone and with Thanksgiving coming up it may delay things... but how long did you have to wait before you got authorized? I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.
  6. Hi everyone! I went to my consultation appointment with the NP Oct 3, PCP for sign off Oct 14, and nutrition consult Oct 8. Originally I wanted a sleeve, but the NP talked me into a RNY. I was told that I have 1 more nutrition class scheduled Oct 31 and a psych consult Nov 8 to complete before I schedule an appointment with my surgeon. I’m surprised that an endoscopy and sleep consult were not included in the pre-requisites to the meeting with the surgeon. I don’t have sleep problems and I don’t have GERD, so I’m wondering if requirements have changed... or will the doctor order these things when I meet with him in November. Anyone have any idea what I should expect?
  7. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey protein powder is the best tasting to me. It’s not too sweet, and it has lactase added for those of us who don’t tolerate whey very well. It’s on Amazon, GNC with many flavors & I have seen it at Kroger, Costco, & Whole Foods in limited flavors.

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