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  1. I’m 8 weeks post-op RNY. My NP said I was good to go with raw vegetables. I ate 2 baby carrots a few days ago and I was fine. Then last night I ate 1 baby carrot & I felt like I was going to die with chest pain because they got stuck, & I got foamies & nausea. It was awful. So needless to say I ran out today & got some Papaya Enzyme tabs, which were recommended to me.
  2. Aodhanmom

    New Hobbies or interests anyone?

    I have been working on home improvements a lot more now that I’m healed up from surgery! I most recently redid my deck. And all that hard work counts as exercise!
  3. Hi everyone! I’m almost 1 month post-op RNY (2/19/20). The pain in my belly near 2 of my incisions is finally gone! During my last visit to the NP, she told me that my pain was due to stitches in my muscle that had not dissolved yet. I’m on purée food now and beginning Tuesday I will be advanced to soft foods. I am so ready! I’ve been doing well on purées but I will be happy to eat more of a variety.
  4. Hi Steph, I have seen people on here from all over, UK, US, & Australia. I’m happy that you have a surgery date! Do you have to go through any particular weight loss plan in the UK? A lot of us in the US are required by insurance to diet for 2,3,6, and sometimes 12 months monitored by a nutritionist & a doctor before we can be approved for surgery.
  5. Thank you. & Congratulations to you! Keep up the work
  6. Just found out I will be on a 2 week liver shrinking diet. I am happy that with my plan I get 2 snacks of either low fat yogurt/cottage cheese or 1/2 cup fruit, unlimited vegetables, & 4 oz lean chicken, fish, or turkey. 🙌
  7. My surgery date is Feb 19th. It’s getting so close! We will be on the losers bench soon!
  8. Aodhanmom

    February Surgery ?

    I go to my pre-op nutrition class on Thursday. I will get back with you.
  9. Aodhanmom

    February Surgery ?

    That’s awesome! We are surgery twins. I am having the RNY here in Richmond,VA. Where are you located? What is keeping you from deciding?
  10. Wow!!! That’s awesome! What kind of surgery did you have?
  11. That’s great! You have less than a month!
  12. Yeah, I took my son to the ER a few months ago and they told me I would get a 20% discount if I pay my co-pay immediately. That seemed generous, so I did. I know a lot of people don’t have the money to do that, but it’s something to keep in mind.
  13. Aodhanmom

    February Surgery ?

    So each hospital is different. I had surgery at a one hospital that asked for a credit card on file, and another time a different hospital they wanted my copay, which was like $250 up front. I think some of this is hospital policy, the other part is how much your deductible/copay will be. Congrats on your insurance approval. We are surgery twins! I’m having my surgery in Richmond, VA. How about you?
  14. Freshstart85, you will do great! How much of a prep diet do you have?
  15. Anyone out there have WLS scheduled in February 2020? I just found out my surgery date is Feb 19, 2020. I’m so ready for this!