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    aurilove reacted to karlee0206 in October Surgery Roll Call   
    Congratulations on you guys who have had their surgery already this month. I hope you all are doing well and recovering ok! I just found out yesterday that I will have my surgery on the 31st! It’s crazy that it will be here so soon but definitely excited to get it over with and start the new journey!
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    aurilove reacted to Msbosse in October 2019 surgery peeps?   
    Congratulations on the surgery we were a day apart. Just follow whatever plan the doctor has laid out for you and you will be fine. I have been walking allot as well, it really does help with all things. I don’t have problems with pills, hot or cold Water thank goodness. Make sure when the hospital and dietician calls you explain anything you are having difficulty with.
  3. Congrats!
    aurilove got a reaction from Msbosse in October 2019 surgery peeps?   
    Hello all, I had my surgery on 10/8 and I'm glad to report that my gastric sleeve went well. My Doctor was very happy about the outcome and how much I've been walking. Luckily I didn't have lots of pain from the gas, but it was hard to keep any Fluid down while I was in the hospital. I believe it was from all the medication I was receiving, because once I got home the nausea and vomiting stopped. I didn't have any issues swallowing any pills also. I've been taking gas x, prilosec along with the recommended Vitamins. No abdominal pain just slight discomfort from the gas and drinking fluids. I really need to work on my liquid intake, it seems impossible to get 64 ounces in when your just taking little sips, but I will find a way.
    Much success to all. Let the journey begin!!
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    aurilove reacted to november11 in October 2019 surgery peeps?   
    @Daisyjayne @aurilove Good luck and God's speed on your recovery .I know you probably nervous and it will be a while before you can post. you probably getting prepped .So when you can let us know how it went and how you doing,,,
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    aurilove got a reaction from shanshan in October 2019 surgery peeps?   
    Scheduled Oct 8, 1 day before my bday!!

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    aurilove reacted to sillykitty in Scar Cream!   
    Silicone tape!
    Silicone is the only clinically proven treatment for scars. It was originally used on burn patients.
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    aurilove reacted to KayLow42 in October Surgery Date and Getting Cold Feet...   
    Thank you all SO incredibly much. I read your responses almost daily and it is so nice having access to a group like this. I have decided to go through with the surgery and my date is still October 14.
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    aurilove reacted to Daisyjayne in October 2019 surgery peeps?   
    I'm booked in for 8th October :).