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  1. Thanks guys and girls. I’m still on my full liquid diet for now. You guys are awesome. I will try to keep realistic expects for sure.
  2. Awesome way to look at it. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys. I am 10 days Post Op Sleeve and I am down 27lbs! That awesome to me and scary at the same time. Dr says it great. He did sound a little shocked though. Is this normal? How much weight did you lose in the first week?
  4. Thanks! I’m definitely follow my docs orders. I was just curious if anyone else was going through the same thing. Thanks again!
  5. I’m 1 week post op sleeve. My doctor said I can only have 1 oz every 15 mins through my 2 week post op visit. At first that was ok but now I I feel like I’m starving. It’s not like a old hunger feeling it’s different and hard to explain... not sure if it’s physiological... How much were you allowed to drink during your full liquid stage? I’m one week out and down 20 lbs. Seems crazy to me...
  6. I’m 5’11” and weighed 348 on my sleeve surgery date. 6 days post op I weigh 330. I’m guessing this is normal??
  7. Hey there. I’m 36 yr old male. My start weight was exactly 350 for the sleeve. Left the hospital 2 days post op and weighed 348 when I got home. I’m 6 days post op and I weighed in at 330 just now. A little unsolicited advice though. Some people, like me, have pain from the trapped gas. Only way to deal with it is to get up and walk. I had no idea and wasn’t warned... They kept me an extra day bc it was so bad. Also... the cold water/ ice chips made me hiccup non stop for hours. Most painful hiccups ever! Stick to room temp liquids at first. 3 days post op I had no more pain. Good luck!