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    Vomiting for days - can't even keep down water

    Sorry I didn't get back to people after starting this post. I went to the hospital and ended up admitted for 12 days. I injured my kidneys due to dehydration. I'm now at home with 3 different types of anti-nausea pills. They determined there is no problem with my surgery (no stricture, no kink, no ulcers), but they don't have a reason why I've been so sick. Thanks everyone for the advise to get to the hospital!
  2. Hi there. I'm two months out from my surgery (July/16/2019) and I was doing great until about a week ago. Then I started vomiting unexpectedly. I've been very lucky up until then, as I had only been sick once from a food that didn't agree with me to that point. When I got sick last week, I took note as to what I had eaten, and it was nothing new. The next day I vomited even more. Last Sunday I was vomiting a lot and could hardly eat or drink anything without feeling sick. I called my surgery clinic office to tell them what was happening on Monday, and told them I had an appointment with my family doctor booked for Tuesday (coincidentally). Since Monday noon, I've been unable to hold down anything solid. My family doctor thinks I have a stomach virus, but now it's Friday and I still can't hold down anything (I keep vomiting water). I've phoned my clinic 3 times now and they make note of it, but have given me little guidance on what to do. I've tried Gravol and it helps a bit (at least some water stays down), but seeing no improvement after a week has me worried that it's something going wrong with my surgery. Has anyone else experienced extreme nausea and vomiting for days? What caused it?
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    That's awesome and inspires me! I've just started this journey a few months ago, and can't wait to get into the "1's" as well.
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    165 lbs down 80 to go!

    Well done so far! You give me hope that I'll succeed like you're doing too!
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    im not going POO!

    I've also had issues with my bowel movements since surgery. I've had three times now that I became so plugged up that I couldn't eat or drink anything without feeling nauseous. I felt extreme urges to go, but nothing would pass. Milk of Magnesia is all I'm cleared to take to date, and it did help each time...eventually. I almost went to the hospital, because I was sure I had a blockage. I have Crohn's disease, and have NEVER experienced a back-up since diagnosis. This kind of freaked me out!
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    Is this NORMAL

    I had my "last supper" like I was on death row before starting my pre-op diet -LOL. Quite the pig-out I must say!
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    Anyone use a CPAP machine?

    Hi, I just had my surgery last month. I have severe sleep apnea, and was required to provide proof of compliance (a one month report) to my surgical team before surgery. I have an "auto-PAP" machine that adjusts pressures as needed throughout the night. I wear a full mask, because I breathe through my mouth when I'm sleeping. I was told to bring my machine to the hospital when I had my surgery, and that they'd keep me in the recovery area longer because of my sleep apnea because it was dangerous to be asleep without it while recovering from the effects of anesthesia. They never put the machine on me there, but the nurse would often wake me when I was dozing and tell me to "breathe deeply". That night, they were delayed setting up my mask (they wanted oxygen added), so I slept without it for a few hours (with just an oxygen canula in my nose). I was awakened numerous times with the low oxygen alarm monitor ringing. Once awake, the alarm would stop. I probably drove my roommate mad! I was so happy when they set my machine up for me. I slept so much better for the rest of the night! The sleep specialist doctor that I see has told me how serious it is to go without treating sleep apnea. It's really important to wear your machine if at all possible.