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  1. Nonnaof4


    Did they give you nausea meds to take? I used them for at least a month after surgery. I did find when I wasn't drinking enough it made it worse. My office told me I might have been a bit dehydrated which will cause the nausea as well. Try to get as much fluid as possible. Trust me I know that is not always easy. Keep trying other stuff as well, tea, gatorade, vitamin water zero, etc. It could just be the water isn't agreeing with you.
  2. LOL mine does all the time. Sometimes it's so loud my husband can hear it across the room 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. Nonnaof4

    Carbs....and how much

    Those meals look amazing. I can't do Avocado though I'm allergic. I'm going to email my NUT today and see what she says. I've been trying to get in 80-100g protein and maybe I should just back off the protein a little to get more veggies. I'm still in that sweet spot most days where I don't really get hungry so I forget to have a snack which is the perfect spot for some veggies. Today I'll have most of my protein just from two drinks. I have a protein shake for breakfast, and I dropped 2 scoops of Collagen Protein in my first flavored water of the day. Thanks for the chaffle recipe. That is very different from the one I have and its a lot lower calories I'll have to try it. I love all your posts you really have a great handle on all of this and always provide lots of great information.
  4. Nonnaof4

    Carbs....and how much

    Yup those are my net carbs. If I do any pasta I do black bean pasta, its around 6 net carbs. I only have 1oz at a time. Fruit is a killer for carbs. I had a banana the other day and killed my carbs . I stay away from added sugar as well. I did fine a low carb bread I will have 1 slice with an egg on Sunday. I have to watch the bread as it will make me foamy. At this point I'm still losing. Slowly but losing and as long as the scale keeps going down I'm happy!
  5. Nonnaof4

    Carbs....and how much

    I wish I could get that many veggies in. Luckily I haven't found any that don't agree with me. I really need to step up my veggie game. I do eat a lot of broccoli which is my favorite. I'm just curious on your stuff from lunch yesterday. Are you having just a dab of yogurt? I'm guessing you're using it to make some kind of dip or dressing for the veggies? My NUT wants me to try and get as close to 20g protein at each meal. That doesn't leave a lot of room for veggies. I'm still relying on a protein shake most days as well. I use it for breakfast as its an easy grab and go.
  6. So this might sound like a crazy question. I'm almost 5 mos post RNY. I really try to keep my carbs low. A high day for me is around 50 and those are few and far between. Most days I'm around 20-25. My question is for all of you that are sticking to real low carb are you still eating a lot of veggies? I try to get my carbs from veggies so they're healthy carbs...but they're still carbs. I still mainly just worry about getting all my protein and then fill the rest with other healthy stuff. I try to get in around 800 calories day although some days I still fall short. I will occassionaly eat 1 slice of low carb bread or a wrap (4-5 net carbs each). I honestly don't miss bread the way I thought I would. I almost feel like I might be too crazy conservative, but I refuse to gain back any of what I'm losing. Attached is what my NUT gave me to follow at this point. So the long and short of all this is how many non-starchy carbs is everyone getting in? I know everyone is different and we all lose differently, but any help is appriciated. Thanks, Gina Bariatric_Meal_Plan_3M-6M.pdf
  7. Nonnaof4


    I had RNY and had very little pain. It was mostly the incision soreness which is to be expected. If I ate or drank to quickly that would hurt. I think the biggest thing I noticed was it seemed like initially I could feel the liquid moving from my stomach to my intestines. I'm guessing this was more so from all the inflammation. I'm 3.5mos out and don't notice it now.
  8. I had to follow a healthy diet for the 3 mos leading up to the surgery then just clear liquids the day before.
  9. Nonnaof4

    Protein Drinks Isopure

    I bought the Isopure powder off Amazon. It foams like crazy when you mix it up and takes forever for it to calm down. I think it has a weird bite to it. I have to tone it down by adding some crystal light or sf juice to it.
  10. I seem to stall every few weeks. I was dropping like crazy initially now I will lose any where from 1-4lbs then sit at the same weight for 2-3wks before losing anything. I'm 3 months PO. I just keep following the plan. I did talk to my nutritionist and she told me to make sure I'm getting at least 800 calories a day. This doesn't happen for me a lot of days. Sure I could get that much if I ate crap. However, when I'm eating all my protein for the day in healthy food I'm not hungry to keep eating. Lately I've been trying to get closer too 100 grams of protein to see if that helps.
  11. Nonnaof4


    I'm 3mos out and still have to take the stool softeners twice daily. Even that for me doesn't help and I still wind up taking mirlax or I use a Dulcolax suppository which seems to work the best for me. I usually only go about every 3-4 days. I'm guessing this is going to be an issue for me forever.
  12. Nonnaof4

    How often do you poop after your rny?

    About every 3-4 days with daily meds.
  13. Nonnaof4

    No F#$ckin BMI Way

    Those charts are very generic and don't take into account the individuals body type. When I talked to my surgeon about what he thought a healthy weight for me would be he said 130 - 135. I'm 5'1 so if you look at the charts that would put me in the low 100's. When I was a teenager I weighed 115. If I was that weight now I would look way too skinny. My advice to you is get to a healthy weight you feel good at and makes you happy.
  14. Nonnaof4


    I'm 8wks out from RNY and I'm still taking Colace twice daily and mixing Mirlax in my shakes. If you haven't taken anything then you should start. For me this is a constant issue, hopefully you will start going on your own.