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    My Hospital Bag..??

    I was told to bring a pillow for on the way home to put over your belly for comfort. Congratulations as well!!!
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    Thank you!! What has been helping me go to the gym is doing something I love which is swimming. At first it was very hard for me to put on a bathing suit but I had to get it in my mind that I’m not doing this to please others but I’m doing this so that I can live!! Then it was about me getting healthy and not worrying about anything anyone had to say. The sugary drinks hasn’t been a big problem as much as my sweets has but I’m working on that as well and have cut back tremendously!! Congratulations on your process as well!! Far as your concerns I can relate with the pains but everyone is different so you may or may not have any pains. That’s what I keep telling myself lol. Taking your vitamins and dying are big concerns but we can set alarms to remind ourselves to take them and have positive vibes that we aren’t going to die!! Far as telling others about your surgery, you can easily tell them to mind their own business lol lol lol but in all seriousness you have the choice if you want to tell anyone about your WLS. I myself have only told maybe five people and they have been my biggest supporters, but I haven’t put much thought into what I would say after my surgery. But it hasn’t been a huge concern for me, because again I have the mindset of I have to live!! Nobody is going to make me feel bad about wanting to live.
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    Hello Everyone I am hoping to get a July maybe an August date, I have completed 5 out of the 6 Dietian visits. I have everything else done except my clearance letter and I don't see why my Primary won't clear me. I have already went to see her, as a precaution she wants me to see a Cardiologist just to be safe. But I am excited to start this new chapter of my life. I have tried to lose weight on my own but I will lose a small amount of weight but gain it back. Like the Yo-yo affect. But since I have started on the process WLS which was in January, at first I lost 10 pounds gain three back and I have not been able to lose anymore. I walk everyday for 30-40 minutes depending on if I go swimming which I try to go every other day and I do 30 laps (with mini breaks). I have maintain the same weight since April. But I have been losing inches. I have changed my eating tremendously so that I can be prepared for after the surgery, but I am also not all the way there yet. I am a work in progress. My biggest areas for me were sugars and sodas, which I have stopped drinking ALL carbonated drinks and I have cut way. way, and way back on my sweets. Which I am very proud of myself. But I have rambled enough lol but I am looking forward to meeting new friends in here and getting to the next chapter of my life. Thank you for reading my message