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  1. Mickeygmg

    Nervous surgery Monday

    My nerves didn't set off until we were in the car. On our way, I told my husband, "If we hit traffic for any reason, we are going out to a nice breakfast instead ". It was smooth sailing the whole way. Then in the elevator in the parking garage, the back wall was glass, looking out over a court yard. There was a huge flag flying the said, "Let's get Healthy together." I almost cried. I was searching for a negative sign all morning and the universe threw a positive sign at me. Nerve are normal, I'd be more afraid if a person didnt get a little nervous before a surgery. Relax, take a deep breath and remind yourself why you are doing this. And. Let's get healthy together. 😊 The best of luck, and health.
  2. I'm also at 7 weeks. You should recheck with you doctor as I have found that every doctor has a very different approach. I am not to be grazing at all. It's a habit I was told to eradicate while my appetite and hunger are practically non existent. I was told to have one 2 to 4 oz protien meal a day and 2 shakes a day for another 2 to 3 months. The "meal" right now should consist of lean protien. Like a soft piece of chicken ,fish or a lean meatball. And that's it. Now I cant lie and say I've stuck to that 100%. I am doing a lot of exercise and I eat a string cheese stick or a teaspoon of peanut butter before my workout.
  3. Mickeygmg


    For immediate post surgery I was told to take the gummies, not the pills. That was for the first month. Be sure to ask you doctor about it. The gummies have a small amount of sugar, have less values and dont offer iron. I took one and a half dose daily till my bottle was gone, then switched to pills. Which now, at 7 weeks post op, are still a little hard to take.
  4. Mickeygmg

    Anxious for Final Weigh-in

    Great job losing the 10pounds. I'm hoping the Doctor is ok with moving forward.
  5. Mickeygmg

    Is there something wrong?

    I had to work to get 70protien. I mostly focused on that. Looking back in my records my calories ranged from 400 to 550. I too was able to eat a quarter cup of mushy food easily. And liquids weren't a problem. My first 2 weeks I felt hungry, alot. But then it went away. Havent felt hungry since. My surgery was June 5th.
  6. I have been able to eat shrimp, fish, soft chicken, and chop meat. The chop meat sits the best for me. I asked my doctor about it, knowing the chop meat isnt the best choice. He said it's fine as long as I use the 90 or 95% lean meat. I also have had a baked turkey lunch meat that also sits well. I know it's not meat, but string cheese also sits well. Tuna hurts my stomach. I havent tried steak or roast.
  7. Mickeygmg

    Quotes & Inspiration

    Happiness is when we stop comparing ourselves to others.
  8. Mickeygmg

    breezing by the plus section

    Congratulations!!!! I cant wait till I too can pass by the plus sections.
  9. Mickeygmg

    Weight gain

    I had the gastric sleeve done a month ago. I have been a scale slave. I lost about 10 pounds asap!!! Then over a week of nothing. Then the next week 4 pounds. I am 24 pounds down since the surgery. And it's been the same pattern with every pound. My advice to both of us, follow the instructions, take vitamins, get required protien, and stay off the scale! 😋
  10. Mickeygmg

    Three weeks post surgery

    I am a month out. I have experienced the brain fog a couple times my first week. Are you keeping track of your food and liquid intake?? If so, review it, if not, start. I was low on calories, protien and very low on liquids. Once I made it a point to never go to bed lower than 500 calories, 60 protien or 36 ounces of water (still not enough water) i have yet to get brain fog again. Best of luck.
  11. Mickeygmg

    Getting Sleeve Done in Two Weeks

    Try different flavors. I found it helpful to alternate flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, clear fruit protien drinks, a lemonade drink, beef broth, chicken broth. Sweet, sour and savory. Hang in there. Try to remind yourself of the reasons you are here. I wish you the best.
  12. Mickeygmg

    Before and After Pics

    I am only one month out. But I wanted to post. I dont have many pictures of me pre op. I avoided the camera. Starting weight- 252 Pre op weight- 244 One month out - 220
  13. Mickeygmg

    Stomach doesn’t feel smaller

    I am a month out. I felt the same way. I can drink more liquid than they said I'd be able to. I didnt get a full feeling when I drank. But around week three, I started to. While I can feel satisfied with liquids now, I still can get more in at a time than they said. I dont know why it took a couple of weeks to start feeling it. And solid foods, even mushy, was a different story. A few bites and I have to sit back and wait before I can attempt more. I also felt hungry the first 2 weeks. After the second week, nothing. I dont feel hungry nor do I really desire to eat. I have noticed at times I envy something someone is eating, and I think I really want it. But I have recently realized that it's in my head. I only think and tell myself I want it. The actual craving isnt there. Best of luck.
  14. Totally normal!!! I'd be more concerned for a person who didnt get the jitters at all. I told my husband, on the way to hospital, if we get held up in crazy traffic or an accident, we are going out to breakfast instead. 😋 Dont bother bringing too much with you to the hospital. I brought my comfortable sleepwear, slippers a brush, toothbrush, my phone and phone cord. Be confident. Remember all the reasons you chose this path. Best of luck.
  15. Mickeygmg

    Chopped Salad?

    I am one month out. I love a good salad. Hard to believe, being heavy and all. But... yum. I am craving salad more then ever. But, I havent given in. Not only was I told that I am not ready for raw vegetables, but that I need to focus on protien first. It's more important, right now, to focus on protien. I wish you the best.
  16. Mickeygmg

    Embarrassing question

    I have had constipation from the start. Definitely ask your Doctor what he/she would prefer you to take. Mine said to use a stool softener and if I go 2 days without BM to use a mild laxative. If I miss a second day I take the softener and mild laxative. I am one month out and I have about 4 BMs a week. About 2 are... difficult. I was told in time, after I start eating more regular, that may resolve. Best of luck.
  17. Mickeygmg

    2 weeks Shake Diet

    Try different types of protien drinks. Isopure has a lemonade and fruit punch protien drinks that I really like. They are a great alternative to the thicker milky shakes. And Unjury has some good protien soup mixes also. They are good to get some savory flavors in. Hang in there. I wish you the best.
  18. Mickeygmg

    I give up on protein :(

    I think you are over estimating your ability to eat enough protien. It will be a couple of months before you can fit 70-100 grams of protien in throughout the day. I am a month out and i still need a protien drink to make up for what I cant eat.
  19. Mickeygmg

    I give up on protein :(

    I think you are over estimating your ability to eat enough protien. It will be a couple of months before you can fit 70-100 grams of protien in throughout the day. I am a month out and i still need a protien drink to make up for what I cant eat.
  20. That's good to hear. I had that last minute freak out and almost backed out. I kept thinking, but I want to eat a small piece of cake with my kids on their birthday, without having to race to the bathroom. Or even go out to lunch with my friends. And not have to worry about something embarrassing.
  21. My surgery is tomorrow. I'm curious, do you have problems with bad gas or diarrhea? Especially eating taco bell?

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