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  1. Sam.is.sassy

    July surgery buddy

    Hey guys! I am looking for a surgery buddy! I am being revised to RYN on July 9th due to Gerd
  2. Hi there I can't seem to get an answer about converting from the Sleeve to the RYN. I am needing it done do to GERD I also have a hiatal hernia. I am curious to know what the weight loss is like with a revision. I have already lost about 160 lbs but would like to lose 60 more. I need to lose 80 to be a healthy BMI
  3. Sam.is.sassy

    July surgery buddy

    Does your surgeon think you will have a good weight loss with the revision? It seems to be missed opinions about what to expect
  4. Sam.is.sassy

    July surgery buddy

    what is a MGB? and why are you being revised? GERD?
  5. Sam.is.sassy

    Bariatric surgery was a big mistake

    Out of curiosity how long ago did you have surgery and how much have you lost as a result of the surgery. I have had multiple surgeries, I had lapband in 2012 and then revised to a sleeve due to complications. Fast forward to 2018 I developed GERD and a Hiatal hernia and in the next few months I am going to be revised to RYN. Even with all my complications I would not change my journey I have learned soo much about myself and it has truly changed my life. I have lost over 150 lbs and now get to live a full life!!
  6. Sam.is.sassy

    Revision to RNY

    Chances are that the Gerd would not resolve and being a single parent I don't have the luxury for being down for too long Also there has been a study that shows without the revision the hernia will return in 2-3 years
  7. Sam.is.sassy

    Revision to RNY

    For me I developed GERD 3 years post op, when I had testing done it also shows that I have hernia that is push my stomach into my lungs.