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  1. johnedwin

    8 months in

    i have lost 110 pounds in 8 months i was 347 surgery day i am happy...
  2. on occasion i do have a treat but can't eat much due to restriction of my stomach..
  3. johnedwin


    i drink diet soda every day no issues. and still losing weight...also i take nexium every day... just in case,,for any heartburn issues...my bariatric doc said i can drink diet soda i have to live my life he said.. just don't overdue it.. he also said on occasion i can take nsaid for pain..i had the sleeve 8 months ago...
  4. johnedwin

    Just not hungry...

    trust me your hunger will return ...
  5. i was watching the latest episode of my 600 pound life and a woman whop had a sleeve 8 years ago.. and regained weight had a sleeve revision to a sleeve again.. that something you don't usually see...
  6. johnedwin

    First Six Months

    insane weight loss for 4 months i was 347 surgery day and i lost about 100 pounds in a little over 5 months.. i don't see how you can live on that by that time your hunger must have come back
  7. johnedwin

    First Six Months

    i had to stop taking shakes less than 2 months due to side effects lol..
  8. johnedwin

    When can I have some rice? Lol

    i tried some rice with small portions of beef first time after surgery some 6 and a half months later lets just say 6 or 7 spoons and i was full ... i use to remember before surgery eating a whole plate of rice and meat and never feeling full lol...
  9. johnedwin


    same with me only 6 months out while i can't eat huge meals like before surgery i am snacking more often then before and because of that my weight loss has slowed down to a trickle...
  10. johnedwin

    When can I have some rice? Lol

    in a few days it has been 6 months out for me..
  11. johnedwin

    Eating Meat

    well even 6 months out i only ate meat a few time since on thanksgiving could be lack of meat made you give it up your preference..
  12. johnedwin


    my doc said i can occasionally take nsaid with the sleeve..i only take it when i am in pain due to back issues i have..
  13. johnedwin


    that is why i chose the sleeve evwn though i was diabetic and had gerd.. for that reason i depend on nsaid for all my aches and pains related to the obesity i carried for more than 25 years
  14. johnedwin


    if you do research you can tolerate nsaid if you have the sleeve.. the bypass you cannot take any nsaid..
  15. johnedwin

    Gastric Sleeve and Back Pain

    i have had back for years before my surgery even after losing 100 pounds.. my back pain is as worse as it ever has been..
  16. johnedwin


    my bariatric doc and surgeon said i could take nsaid occasionally i use naproxen which is better then ibupofen
  17. johnedwin

    Gastric bypass or sleeve

    gerd can be controlled with meds.. i am living example.. i rather have that then the risk of ulcers stomach perforations nutritional deficiency and other issues related to the bypass
  18. johnedwin

    Gastric bypass or sleeve

    your more likely to get hiatal hernia from bypass surgery stomach ulcers or perforation etc etc etc. from the bypass..
  19. johnedwin

    Gastric bypass or sleeve

    i have taken 3 nsaid the last few weeks due to some nagging back pain issues no problem btw way my bariatric doctor and surgeon said you can occasionally take them thank goodness i choose the sleeve over the bypass
  20. johnedwin

    heartburn is back

    i been on nexium for a few years now and that has kept my gerd under control pre and after surgery
  21. johnedwin

    5 days post op

    the stomach wll keep rumbling lol it still does for me almost 5 months out ...
  22. johnedwin

    5 days post op

    i had extreme stomach area pain for 10 days post op my stomach area was all red i had to take narcotics 4 pills a day after that over time the pain subsided as the bruises were healing..
  23. johnedwin

    Weight loss

    so far in a week short of 5 months i have lost a total of 94 pounds not shabby
  24. johnedwin

    Weight loss

    i lost 18 pounds first 16 days i was 347;4 surgery day..then next time i was weighed i lost 35 pounds in 41 days.. then i lost another 24 pounds in 48 days.. then i get weighed tomorrow been another 39 days since i was weighed last ..
  25. could be venous insuffieincy in legs or peripheral neuropathy if it is not restless legs..